TestMarket - Go, Shop Now for the Lowest Prices! Blenders for Kitchen - Professional Smoothies Blender with 68oz Container

Go, Shop Now for the Lowest Prices! Blenders for Kitchen - Professional Smoothies Blender with 68oz Container

May 20, 2024 11:07 am
Go, Shop Now for the Lowest Prices! Blenders for Kitchen - Professional Smoothies Blender with 68oz Container
Brand Name: UneedMe
Category: Countertop Blenders
Rating: 4.20
Total Rating Count: 1190
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Title: Super functional, fancy, easy to use/clean & is a powerful blender!
Content: The media could not be loaded. First impression - This comes well packed & no assembly is needed. It is fancy as well in the design. We have used a nutribullet blender for 3 years and another brand blender for the last 6 months. I had to get this one to replace the current blender whose jars got deformed. This product works great overall. Does the job of blending very well. I used it a couple of times and was satisfied with the product. My 2 cents below : Pros: - Blending capacity is good. I tried fruits and also frozen ones along with almond and cashew nuts, all worked with great efficiency - Makes a very smooth paste as it has a powerful motor - Has multi-speed controls giving more options as per your preferences. Also, had a pulsing blend mode too - All the parts are properly made and fit very well. None has sharp edges or something so no chance of hurt while using or cleaning - Rotations knob & buttons are clicky and very intuitive to use - Glass jars feel very durable. Build quality is very good - Easy to assemble, use, and clean - BPA free parts material - Manual comes with all the needed details - Comes well packed and no assembly is needed out of the box - Reasonably priced in competition Cons: - I wish it comes with 2 types of blades and 2 size jars too to suit various needs. It comes with only a 64oz jar and that is not very useful for blending small quantities of anything - The jar fits well but it does not lock (Just align on the rotary clamp) as such and does not give me a sense of confidence in leaving the jar without any manual assistance Even though I mentioned a couple of cons to this product, it is still a recommended product because it is a super fancy and very functional product. My cons are recommendations to the company for the new upgraded model in case they have any plans.
Title: It does everything it says it does!!
Content: Love this blender. It has a lot of power and does everything the expensive Vitamix Blenders do ....Except!! with out the expensive price. I like using a lot of dry spices when I cook and it blends them, purees them perfectly. Black peppercorns, cumin seeds ....even Mexican Chocolate- Ibarra breaks down easily and blends down to make wonderful hot chocolate or Mole!! Will be getting one for my daughter soon.
Title: First Impressions - Not Very Impressed
Content: UPDATE 03/04/2024: While it's true this blender will never win any beauty contests for its cosmetics, its performance has withstood the test of time. This thing is a beast! (As a precaution, I did open up the main housing to see what was rattling. It was a piece of plastic which appeared to be a random piece of scrap material. It wasn't the nightmare scenario it could have been but that debris still had no business in an outgoing finished product. On the plus side, I was happy to see that the internal configuration is actually sensible, from an electrical safety standpoint (assuming no errant metallic bits end up inside), meaning a leak, up-top, likely won't lead to catastrophic shorting or shock-hazard.) We've made countless smoothies, as well as soups, sauces, and salsas in this blender and it hasn't missed a beat. The blades seem to be holding up very well and there have been no issues with the jar (leaks, etc.). I'd pit this blender against a much costlier brand any day. My money says it would at least match, if not surpass. *************************************************************************************** Just received this unit today. After a quick washing of the food contact surfaces and a general wipe-down (damp cloth) of the rest, here is what I see (in ascending order of severity): ** SELLER: Please share this information with your Manufacturing Department and your Quality Department (if you have one). ** • Molding defects in components - Prominent sinks on 'A' surfaces (top right of main housing and bottom edge of control panel faceplate) - Flash (untrimmed gate?) on timer knob - Flow lines in the area of the graduations on the blender jar (wet and/or contaminated material? molding parameters improperly set?) This gives the appearance that there is residue of some sort in or on the jar but there isn't; it's molded-in. True, these are all primarily cosmetic issues but a company trying to portray itself as "above average" would never let these leave their manufacturing plant (and would have a Quality Program in place that is robust enough to ensure that they don't). • Assembly/Fit & Finish issue - The front control panel faceplate is cocked in the anti-clockwise direction so that the left side is flush to the surrounding areas (as it should be) but the right side is proud (2mm at top-right radius and 1mm along the right edge), creating severe gapping (which, at the very least, could negatively impact cleaning, or even allow liquids to enter the main housing where the motor and electrical components are - i.e., this is, potentially, a very serious safety concern about shock and/or fire). This also causes a gap between the bottom edge of the faceplate and the main housing, which gets progressively worse going from left to right, with the max (at lower-right) being 2.5mm. (All measurements were made with a digital caliper/depth gauge.) Without tearing down the unit (which I am not going to do), it is difficult to say whether this is strictly a case of mis-assembly, a manufacturing issue with the faceplate and/or housing, or some combination of all of these. (Note that applying moderate force to the faceplate does nothing to properly seat it.) • Mechanical issue with potentially very serious safety implications - There is something inside the main base housing that is rattling. Not sure what it is - plastic or metallic - but if it's metallic, it presents a very serious safety issue as this could lead to electrical shorting and, worst case, a fire. If it's plastic, it may indicate assembly damage which could lead to premature failure of the unit. In any case, there should not be anything inside there that is freely rattling about, for what should be obvious reasons. Please refer to the attached photos which illustrate the issues described above.
Title: Always get a service plan! 4 years worry-free
Content: What I dislike about it is the container don't lock your place. But the centrifugal force keeps it in place along with the weight of your food. The blessing container is not as heavy duty as my last two blenders. That's my only complaint it works very good it has a very good vortex. Is very powerful. When you put it on low speed and you put like nuts or ice it has a lot of torque power. I made nut butter no problem!! Don't hesitate to buy for a120 bucks and $25 for service plan..
Title: Great for juicing
Content: Love the size and powerful motor.
Title: Buyer Beware!!
Content: I purchased this blender a month ago. Used it today, removed the pitcher to pour out the contents and ithe bottom of the pitcher and the machine were completely covered in oil. Assuming it blew a seal. This is ridiculous considering I had my last blender for over 10 years! This one lasted a month!!

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  • 【Juicer & Blender & Crusher】It's time to upgrade your kitchen system with this latest blender for shakes and smoothies. This is a 6-in-1 multifunctional blender that can make vegetable juices, milkshakes, smoothies, soy milk, hot soups, frozen desserts, cereal powder, crushed ice, and much more! An amazing machine that should be in every home.
  • 【2200W Powerful Motor & 6 Blades】Our kitchenaid professional blender the powerful 2200W professional blender with up to 32000 RPM can break the cell walls of both soft and hard ingredients in seconds. The upgraded 6 lengthened sharp blades makes blending range wider and more efficient.
  • 【Variable Speed & Pulse Control】Our smoothie blender designed with a versatile variable speed control by rotating the knob during operation to achieve your desired textures. Choose pulse mode to crush ice quickly for frozen drinks and cocktail.perfect for making large batches of creamy, frozen drinks and smoothies for the entire family and commercial use.
  • 【Easy-Cleaning Countertop Blender】 Cleaning this countertop blender can be very easy. Add a little dish soap to warm water and run the blender for 30 to 60 seconds can autonomously complete the cleaning process, In addition to the base of the machine, the mixing cup and stirring stick can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • 【2L Big Capacity & Worry-Free Purchase】This food blender with 5 timer settings can help achieve best mixing results upon food assortment. It has a 2L large capacity which is perfect for family meals, entertaining and commercial. We offer warranty service and should there be any questions, we are here to assist you with the best solution.
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