TestMarket - Limited-Time Promo: CRKD Nitro Deck - Professional Handheld Deck with Zero Stick Drift for Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED (Black)

Limited-Time Promo: CRKD Nitro Deck - Professional Handheld Deck with Zero Stick Drift for Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED (Black)

Jan 14, 2024 05:31 pm
Limited-Time Promo: CRKD Nitro Deck - Professional Handheld Deck with Zero Stick Drift for Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED (Black)
Brand Name: CRKD
Category: Controllers
Seller Name: Freemode Go
Rating: 4.00
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Title: Comfortable!
Content: Playing the switch is far more comfortable and feels like a new console. The quality is great, unlike some other grips on Amazon. Definitely recommend this, just make sure you get a traveling case.
Title: Updated Review from 2 stars to 5
Content: The media could not be loaded. I had to come back and update my review… once they put out the firmware 2.0 this thing is now way better then my nexigo(albeit i like the formfactor of the nexigo better still). You can now turn on no dead zone and My god that should just be the standard option, also you can adjust rumble intensity from off to super strong…and you can also adjust your triggers as a quasi trigger stop meaning you don’t have to fully pull em for them to be registered… this is now the only thing i use when in handheld and my nexigo is gonna collect dust….. So a game like MLB the Show is near impossible to pitch in due to the dead zone being nearly half the movement, what i mean is you can move the thumb stick nearly half the distance before anything happens even in menus…also wanna say compared to my Nexigo its no where near as comfy with the thumb stick on the right being directly below…now for things i do like i do like the kickstand i also LOVE where the charge port is located allowing you to play while laying down with a charger plugged in without jabbing you in the chest or belly with the cord….Some other negatives, vibration is loud as can be… i mean its damn loud to the point where it sounds like something broke loose…. D-Pad is spongy AF and the face buttons aren’t much better… all in all i would recommend a nexigo over this every day of the week! To those that say bad reviews are cause we are expecting to much I’m comparing this to its compitor that i have with the Hal effect sticks as well the Nexigo. Which does have dead zones but anywhere near as bad as this thing…
Title: Very good, could be better tho
Content: I have 3 main complaints -The vibration is awful, it's too strong and makes so much noise for no reason, compared to the joy cons vibration which is amazing. -It has a white light that turns on whenever you connect it, disconnect it, stop using the switch for a while, etc, a white light I wish didn't even exist, idk why you can't just turn it off permanently. -the triggers are too easy to press sometimes, in animal crossing in always opening my phone by accident because the triggers have no resistance. The good: The buttons are good, the joysticks are amazing, the grip is pretty comfortable to me.
Title: Mid at best
Content: The other reviews are accurate but I had to try it for myself. The grip is great if you are just using left analog and right face buttons, but if you try to go to left face buttons and right analog you have to be a contortionist. If they made this with the Steam deck button layout it would be the definitive control scheme, but right now it’s just half measure. Unlike other reviews I thought it felt sturdy and made from quality materials, so take that for what it’s worth.
Title: nitro deck
Content: i love this, i went from docked only to now portable only because of this, i would say to don’t believe the videos online this nitro deck dosent kill battery life and the button only stays lit when you have a game suspended it tells you it will in the instructions that no one reads now adays lol and the right joystick isnt in a too low of a spot its in a different spot than usually yes but the extra frame makes it still in a comfortable spot but its not like many nintendo switch games use the right joystick, my main thing is it makes the switch super comfortable in big hands and it looks awesome sitting in the deck, buy it and check it out for yourselves you wont regret it and no it dosent fit in the switches dock or any case other then a crkd case but small price to pay for awesomeness in my opinion it turns the switch in to handheld perfection
Title: Buyer beware check reviews online
Content: Not sure I actually received an official namebrand product possibly a knock off? Official product should come with carrying case and interchangeable thumb sticks. I did not get any of that.. Who designed the right analogic? It is virtually unusable. It is in such a horrible occasion. You cannot reach it with your thumb without taking your hand off the grip.. even using the release lock on the rear. It is very difficult to remove your switch from the dock, as it gets stuck inside the grip. Buttons are very clicky, and many times the button did not even respond.. the buttons are poorly positioned and not easy to access. Programming is a nightmare. The directions are absolutely wrong. You have to look up on YouTube to get a proper tutorial.. look around for a better grip. This thing is overpriced and useless. I sent mine back immediately. But as usual with Amazon, it’ll take me almost a month to get a refund..

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  • MAXIMIZE YOUR GAMING PERFORMANCE - The Nitro Deck for Nintendo Switch delivers ultimate comfort and speed, with zero stick drift, ensuring precise control for intense gameplay in Nintendo Switch games.
  • ENHANCED GAMING EXPERIENCE - With low latency USB-C connection, swappable thumbstick toppers, and re-mappable back buttons, the Nitro Deck offers customizable controls to suit your gaming style and elevate your Nintendo Switch experience.
  • IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE ACTION - Enjoy gyro compatibility and rumble support, bringing your games to life with immersive feedback and enhanced realism on the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch OLED model.
  • UNINTERRUPTED GAMING SESSIONS - The Nitro Deck features pass-through charging, letting you charge your Nintendo Switch while playing, so you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming excitement, whether at home or on-the-go.
  • CONNECT AND CUSTOMIZE - The Nitro Deck connects to the CRKD Companion app, part of the innovative True Collection System, giving you digital proof of physical ownership for your Nintendo Switch games and allowing you to customize your gaming experience.
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