TestMarket - Limited Stock: Before I Fall: The official film tie-in that will take your breath away - Now Only 7.11£

Limited Stock: Before I Fall: The official film tie-in that will take your breath away - Now Only 7.11£

Apr 07, 2024 01:36 am
Limited Stock: Before I Fall: The official film tie-in that will take your breath away - Now Only 7.11£
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Title: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
Content: Okay. Wow. I really don't know where to start. Controlling my feelings - and my enormous LOVE - for this book is like trying to get my thoughts together well enough to write a review on Mockingjay (which I still haven't gotten around to doing, FYI). The story is told from the perspective of popular mean girl Samantha "Sam" Kingston. Sam has three best friends who are the most popular girls in school, Elody, Ally and - the ring leader - Lindsay. On the first day, Sam and her friends go to school, receive dozens of roses for Cupid Day, gossip, bitch and talk about the Butterfly Effect (the theory, not the movie). That all seems well and good, and the girls go of to a house party hosted by the not-so-popular Kent, who happens to be an ex-childhood friend of Sam's. Then, Sam dies. Yes. It's that sudden. I won't go into details about how she dies, you'll just have to read the book! Sam then wakes up to her alarm clock beeping, and soon realises that something isn't quite right. Instantly, my mind starts thinking "Oh gosh, GROUNDHOG DAY!" and it turns out I was correct. Sam is living the same day over again. This happens again and again - six times to be exact - and Sam starts to realise that her life at school is far from perfect, and that her and her friends shouldn't really be the most popular girls in school. Sam's personality grows and grows throughout the book, as she lives through Cupid Day again and again. She becomes a lot more mature, and starts to try to correct all of the things that she and her friends did wrong, in just that one day. She soon realises that her actions have a bigger effect on her world than she initially thought. Even little things like taking a parking space before someone else. The ending was more than satisfying, although I have seen some people complaining. Why are they complaining? I don't really know. Lauren Oliver is truly amazing. Her writing - and her book - is sheer brilliance. She captures the personality of a spoilt teen mean girl perfectly, and she is able to show character growth, and the vulnerability of the characters without saying too much. It's just.. Breathtaking. Truly breathtaking. In case you hadn't realised, I'm slightly awestruck at how this book turned out to be. I expected a light, easy read but this turned out to be complex and very thought provoking. I laughed, I cried, and then after I finished I just lay there thinking about the book. This book gets a HIGH recommendation from me, and honestly if you don't read it, then you're missing out. 10/10; because I just couldn't give it 5.
Title: Mena Girls meets Groundhog Day
Content: Before I fall is the story of Sam who dies in a car crash and then wakes up to find that it's the morning of the day she's going to die. At first she has no idea what's happening and kind of stumbles through the day thinking she's just experiencing an amazing case of deja vu up until the point where she dies again and wakes up again at home and it's the same day. This book is kind of like Mean Girls meets Groundhog Day without the comedy element. We see Sam go through many different variations of the same day (7 times to be precise). Each one is written perfectly and we see her experience denial, anger and lastly acceptance. She tries one day to avoid making what she sees as the wrong decisions, also trying to avoid the situation where she ends up in the car. Unfortunately she still wakes up to repeat the same day. She makes bad decisions, good decisions and finally comes to realise that she has something to achieve that will stop the cycle and the end the day. But what will the end of that day be? This was the question I kept asking myself which basically had only 2 answers. Sam was going to live or Sam was still going to die. I went back and forth as to which outcome I wanted and in the end I think the ending was great and fitted with her growth throughout the book. Sam was a very interesting character. We got to see how she became the 'mean girl' she starts out as and how she became friends with Lindsay, Elody and Ally. This is the group who rules their school and who everyone seems to be afraid of. We see her grow and notice her mistakes and try her hardest to fix them. She improves her relationship with her family especially her mother. And I loved the day she spent with her sister - this showed a completely different side to her. I also loved the supporting cast in this book, but mostly Kent and Juliet. Kent saw Sam for who she was and Sam eventually came to see Kent how I really wanted her to. Even though he would never know about some of their moments together Sam carried those with her. Juliet was a major plot point and was written very convincingly. Maybe we should take time to think about what we say and how it might affect that person. From a small incident when she was young (which wasn't even her fault) some mild teasing became years or torment and bullying which drove her to make to some life altering decisions. This was an interesting concept for a book and it came across very well and was extremely thought provoking.
Title: Libro en perfecto y bonito
Content: Un libro en buen estado y con hojas adicionales sobre la película, lo recomiendo al 100.
Title: Surprisingly beautiful
Content: A teenager story, beautiful written, makes you think about death and life. I eagerly recomended , how important its to think today can be our last day , dont waste it.
Title: " I loved the book
Content: "Maybe for you there's a tomorrow. Maybe for you there's one thousand or three thousand or ten. But for some of us there's only today. And the truth is, you never really know." I loved the book. It shows how small our life is. Whatever we do, how hard we try, we can't change the end. Lauren Oliver through her writing carries the readers to a different world. One cupid's day and different events -- her writing is simply magical.
Title: Se ne hanno fatto un film ci deve essere un motivo
Content: Non ho visto il film, ma il libro è davvero bello. L’unIca cosa è un teen book essendo ambientato in high school quindi decisamente per ragazze, ma è talmente ben scritto che piace anche a chi a superato i 30

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