TestMarket - 🔥 Hurry! Torn - Limited-Time Promo - Save 14%: Was £14.99, Now £12.89

🔥 Hurry! Torn - Limited-Time Promo - Save 14%: Was £14.99, Now £12.89

Jun 15, 2024 10:24 am
🔥 Hurry! Torn - Limited-Time Promo - Save 14%: Was £14.99, Now £12.89
Category: Contemporary
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Rating: 4.50
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Title: Such a remarkable, beautiful book. Not to be missed !!!
Content: One of my favourite genre is taboo of any kind and this book had been sitting on my kindle since last year. I kept skimming past it thinking I WILL read that one day, and then I read No Tomorrow by this author and I was so hooked on her words I started this one the next day. This book - GAH, the feelings and emotions just oozed from every page and burrowed there way straight into my heart. Carian Cole's writing is just perfect and raw and deep and swoon worthy in every way possible. EVERYONE READ THIS BOOK !!!!! Let me just say I have read lots of taboo books with every possible scenario, this one is of a younger girl and the older man but in no way did this book make me feel uncomfortable in any way. It was so beautifully done, so perfectly executed everything just flowed and fell in place. Kenzi and Tor - oh my what a combination of feelings. Tor is an anomaly of a man, his feelings and thoughts run deep and it was easy to feel this guy's pain which just made me love him all the more. His heart was in the right place though and he stole mine completely; when he hurt so did I, when he was torn so was I, when he loved I felt it right in the depths of my soul. Kenzi is a girl with a mature head on her shoulders, with a kind heart and sensible head she knew exactly what she wanted from life which was impressive. I enjoyed Kenzi immensely, yes there were times she was immature and silly but then that was because she acts so grown up most of the time, you forget that this is what a seventeen year old girl will act like now and then. Also this story revolves around family, yes family is everything in this book, that and close friends which made this book the book it was. This story is a slow build of anticipation, of expectations but that is what it should be, it is so worth waiting for. Told in duel perspective that flits back in time to deliver memories from the past, this is the best way to get all the feels from a book. I adored it !! And let me tell you that cover - absolutely perfection for the characters in this book, I love it when an author gets it right, right to the very last detail and she did brilliantly. Now onto Tied the next book in this series, both can be read as standalone's but with words this awesome why would you not want to delve into both - absolutely awesome work !!!
Title: Grab yer tissues.........
Content: Hmm a tangled web. Ember, Asher and Tor have been besties for years, they started a band together but when Tor's father died he left to support his family but stayed close to Ember and Asher. He was their daughter Kenzie's guardian and her constant companion when they were on tour or out having time for themselves. As time passes and Kenzi grows up those 15 years between them were never more obvious when at 17 their feelings for each other changed. Tor fought against them as he felt he would be judged a child molester but Kenzie, like her father, was steadfast and knew exactly what she wanted. Just after her 18th birthday they become lovers, for her he is her first for everything to him she is everything he has ever wanted, ever needed in his life. They, with reluctance hide their relationship until they feel they are secure enough to stand together. If they cannot accept and be strong together how do they expect others to accept them too. But when it does come out her father Asher is gutted, he cannot see beyond his little girl and the betrayal of his trust by his best friend. Kenzie knows nothing will change so long as she is pushed/pulled between these two men she loves more than life itself, she takes herself off to her auntie's Inn to stay. Months pass and her dad visits but Tor does not. She and Tor stay in touch the old fashioned way with pen and ink, no texting and no phone calls. One day, not long after her 19th birthday her father rings her and says he understands. He has already been to see Tor with Ember's photo album, the one that shows Tor in every picture with Kenzie, whether its wiping away tears, giving her a christmas gift or just watching TV, they have a bond that was obvious to all except those too close to see. The epilogue is beautiful. Loved this - a rather beautiful HEA!
Content: “One forbidden touch, one taboo kiss, and we destroyed who we were.” Can you fall in love with a writer after just one book? Absolutely yes!! Carian Cole has won me over with her incredible #AllTheFeels writing. TORN suck me into an emotional vortex that was so all consuming. I love she uses time play, how innocent past events add to the allure that becomes the story of Toren and Kenzi’s love. Carian’s poetry enraptured me; and how real her characters felt Tor is definitely the kind of BBF to swoon for, he’s sexy, a tattooed biker, who rescues pets and romantic... he seriously would be my dream man, my soulmate... ok I’m getting carried away, but OMGosh he really is so... everything! Kenzi is an incredible young woman, she’s wise and mature beyond her years. She but still she has her insecurities like every woman. And yes- the daughter of his two best friends. This story is told in the most beautiful way, it’s one that brings your heart into a gallop, draws it to full stop and canters off before racing off at full speed. Forbidden and Taboo never been summed up more perfectly: “I think all relationships start with an invisible line, and even though we can't see it, we all know it's there because we can feel it.” Their love is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling love stories that will forever stay with me... “Young love...first love is so innocent. So pure and trusting. So all encompassing.” He was hers, and despite their age difference, she was his. This book will challenge you. This book will make you love forbidden love. This book will leave imprints on your heart and soul. Five AMAZING STARS ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Title: Age Gap te amo
Content: Ufff! Que momentos más hermosos he vivido con este libro. Maneja de una manera divina los temas de familia y diferencia de edad. Necesito un Tor en mi vida jajajaja
Title: Envolvente do início ao fim!
Content: É meu terceiro livro da Carian Cole, e preciso admitir que me manteve acordada por toda uma madrugada! A história se desenvolve muito bem, e por mais que seja um tabu, se desenrola no ritmo certo! Foi ótimo já ter lido outros livros antes e poder esbarrar em personagens que gosto tanto! Então se você está dúvida: vale a leitura! ✨
Title: Amazing
Content: I love how slow burn the book was. It was an amazing and interesting read!!! Loved every single second of this book

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