TestMarket - Exclusive Offer: And Put Away Childish Things: Volume 3 (Terrible Worlds: Destinations) - Limited Time Discounts

Exclusive Offer: And Put Away Childish Things: Volume 3 (Terrible Worlds: Destinations) - Limited Time Discounts

May 20, 2024 11:17 am
Exclusive Offer: And Put Away Childish Things: Volume 3 (Terrible Worlds: Destinations) - Limited Time Discounts
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Rating: 4.20
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Act fast to grab your copy of And Put Away Childish Things: Volume 3 (Terrible Worlds: Destinations) at the discounted price of 16.19£, down from the original price of 25.00£. Save 8.81£ and enjoy a 35% discount. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer - shop now!

Title: bleak but charming
Content: A morose deconstruction of the “lion witch and wardrobe” style fantasy adventures for kids, with a grim twist typical of Tchaikovskys writings, but never veering into the bleak hopelessness that other similar deconstructions take. Well worth a read!
Title: Fun
Content: Another fun romp through Tchaikovsky's imagination! Dark, twisted fairytale creatures, a make believe land and a cbeebies presenter with a link to all
Title: Proper Tchaikovsky!
Content: Such a relief that he's not just writing sci-fi now; because I cannot read the Architects series anymore. Unlike the brilliant "Children of....." series it lacks any sense of grounding in the real world, of big ideas in the hands of small individuals.... Where this is bursting with both. Phew....
Title: Such a fun read
Content: Such a fun read. I had never read anything by this author before and so was not quite sure what to expect, but I loved it. I read this with a smile on my face and an occasional snort of laughter. Harry is a 40 something children's TV presenter whose grandmother wrote a series of children's books about the magical realm of Underhill. But his life takes on a strange turn when he comes across a faun in his garden, he gets kidnapped by a group of middle-aged Underhill fans who tell him he is the heir to Underhill and a PI wants him to look at a wardrobe. This is the book for anyone who has ever wished that they could walk into a magical realm. But the realm that Harry finds himself in is rotting and decaying, the magical creatures old and ragged. This is his kingdom. Set at the start of the pandemic and lockdown, this places side by side a dying world and a world afraid of dying. I loved the humour in the story and the vivid descriptions of Underhill and its inhabitants. But there is also the idea of story-telling, and an author's responsibility both for the stories they create and those that read them. And also the idea that at some point in our lives, sadly we are expected to put aside all childish things. This was a super read and Harry is a narrator that you will love for sarky one-liners and his desire to be brave and do the right thing.
Title: A disappointing novel from Tchaikovsky
Content: When children’s TV presenter Felix ‘Harry’ Bodie took part in a popular genealogy show, it was with the intention of using the programme to launch his switch to serious drama by focusing on his maternal great-grandfather, a captain of industry and politician. When the show’s researchers dig up an unfortunate criminal history, Harry has no choice but to switch the focus to his grandmother, author of the Underhill children’s fantasy novels, a connection he’d been desperately trying to minimise. What he didn’t expect was for them to unearth so much information about her mother – a woman who appeared in London from who knows where in 1916, penniless, pregnant and unable to speak English, claiming to be the Queen of Fairyland. The ideas for the Underhill novels came from the stories she told her daughter during the visits allowed by the asylum and her daughter’s foster parents. Far from relaunching his career, Harry’s angry reaction damages what reputation he currently has. After drowning his sorrows, Harry encounters a strange man loitering outside his house. The next morning, he begins to question his own sanity. Could his great-grandmother’s delusions be hereditary? After all, there was no way that the exceptionally tall man he met the night before could have had horns curling from his hair or have been tottering along on goat’s legs. But when a private investigator tries to tell him that he needs to visit his grandmother’s former home to examine a wardrobe, and then he is kidnapped by a strange group who are convinced Underhill is real, Harry realises that it’s not his sanity that’s at stake – it could actually be his life. Sadly, And Put Away Childish Things was a miss for me, especially considering that it’s an Adrian Tchaikovsky novel. I found Harry to be not only shallow but thoroughly unlikable, and the supporting characters have very little depth. A decent chunk of the plot seemed completely pointless, as it was essentially ignored after it happened. A firm Tchaikovsky fan, for once his writing didn’t pull me in, leaving me indifferent to how the novel would end. I’m giving it three stars purely because it’s not possible to give two and a half stars. This is not a novel that I’ll be revisiting in the future.
Title: Great novella
Content: It’s a novella! I almost finished on the plane on way to holiday. But great fun spin on Narnia set up.

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