TestMarket - Snag Your Discount: Oh, Sister - Save 15% on the Powerful New Novel!

Snag Your Discount: Oh, Sister - Save 15% on the Powerful New Novel!

Apr 06, 2024 05:59 pm
Snag Your Discount: Oh, Sister - Save 15% on the Powerful New Novel!
Category: Contemporary Fiction
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Rating: 4.30
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Snag Your Discount today on Oh, Sister, the latest novel from the author of Another Life. Limited-time offer with a discount of 15% off the original price of 9.99£, now available for just 8.49£. Don't miss out on saving 1.5£ on this exclusive deal!

Title: Great book
Content: Initially it took me a while to get into as the interchanging characters took a while to know which character it was by name. Once I got there though it was well worth the reward. This is a different book to Another Life, which I enjoyed immensely and was maybe transferable beyond the religion aspect. Oh Sister is hard hitting and puts the impact of JW's front and centre. It is hard hitting and lives with you after a while. Would love Jen's ending to be a little more fleshed out but it was perfect on the whole.
Title: This is a story that is resonating and touching
Content: I read Oh, Sister whilst I was on holiday on Kefalonia in June. I read it in a couple of sittings and was so impressed by the author's characterisation, and her insight into the world controlled religion. I know that she used her own personal experiences when writing this novel, and the story seems so authentic. It also induces anger and frustration as the reader discovers how women are treated within this Church. The Disciples of the Lost Days is a religion run by men. Women are expected to be submissive, always doing as their husband dictates. There are many rules that they must follow. Isobel, Jen and Zelda were all members of this religion. They are very different in their outlook but have one thing in common, they have all been disfellowed. Cast out because of their behaviour, and their so-called sins. Ignored by former friends, they each have to make their own way through life. The reader doesn't have to like these women, but my goodness, they will empathise with them. Each one of them is individually crafted with care, exposing their innermost thoughts, their flaws and their grief. It feels like a bereavement to all three of them as they struggle with a new life, one that is alien to them, without the man who has always led them. It's a fascinating process to read about, and incredibly well structured. This is a story that is resonating and touching, raising issues that will make the reader think and ponder on for a long time afterwards. It's a novel that portrays power. The power that organised religion can have, the power that men can wield over the women in their lives and most importantly, the power that women can obtain, through friendships and through personal experiences.
Title: unique story of a religion and it’s impact on its congregation
Content: Great writing again from Jodie chapman. Great characters unique and brought to life. Before and afters. The church rejects those that do not adhere to their scriptures and different women react snd behave differently to this in different stages of their life. To Jen who lost her baby snd had a blood transfusion, to Zelda who was abused by the elders and Isobel whose husband left her - human stories to identify with and enjoy.
Title: Poignant
Content: Jen. Isobel. Zelda. Three women whose lives have been shaped by an unnamed religion. A religion that dictates women must be submissive to their husband's and follow a strict set of rules. Where freedom to be your own person is not an option. Jen. Isobel. Zelda. Three women whose stories will stay with you beyond the last page. God, I loved this book. It made me so angry and it made me cry. The writing is beautiful. I genuinely don't think any review can do it justice. I will have to re-read it just so I can soak up the beauty of it again. The characters themselves are wonderfully written. The strength these women have is remarkable. Chapman imbues each character with such grace and dignity. I wanted to hug each of them at times throughout the book. I honestly think I have learned from all three of these fictional women. Also, Victor and Will both have a place in my heart. They were the perfect juxtaposition against the other men in this book, they were such a balm. Do look at trigger warnings before you read this book however as it does contain some very upsetting parts. Overall I adored this book and its one of my favourite reads of 2023, maybe one of my favourites of all time. I hope this book gets the praise is so very much deserves.
Title: Utterly brilliant, sumptuously written
Content: I adored Oh, Sister - each of the perfectly crafted characters jump off the page and stay in your mind long after you’ve finished. It’s fantastically written - full of resonant moments and inspiring women.
Title: Loved This Book
Content: Would Highly recommend this book and if you loved the author previous book you love this one too

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