TestMarket - 🔥Flash Sale Alert🔥 The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa: Shortlisted for the Nero Book Awards 2023 - 25% Off!

🔥Flash Sale Alert🔥 The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa: Shortlisted for the Nero Book Awards 2023 - 25% Off!

May 16, 2024 02:44 pm
🔥Flash Sale Alert🔥 The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa: Shortlisted for the Nero Book Awards 2023 - 25% Off!
Category: Contemporary Fiction
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Title: good debut
Content: I absolutely loved this book.. The thought of a young Nigerian man fixated on the white blonde women and western culture in general, really made this a fantastic debut.novel. Andy Africa falls for the first white woman he meets There are a lot of cultural references, both African and western which really made the book stand out. And the compexities of his life which haunts him, give a more rounded look to the character. I found it was a bit harder than usual to connect with the character ,but it didnt detract from what is a really good novel. I loved it and could not put it down, which is a good thing. One of my favourites of the year
Content: In this debut novel by Stephen Buoro, we have a 15-year-old, Andrew Aziza better known as Andy Africa, who with his droogs Slim and Morocca give the reader an overview of the state of Nigeria – well at least Kontagora where the action takes place. In sharp contrast to the cultural life of his home country, Andy is fascinated to the point of obsession with Western culture, he has a penchant for blonde women and falls for a blonde arrival in his town – namely Eileen. The underlying issues in Andy’s life are many and complex. Because of his mother he is estranged from his father, his still born brother haunts his thoughts and he is on an awakening trajectory to the impact of colonialism on his and his contemporary’s psyche. Buoro’s novel is rendered with precise observation and caustic wit as if to ease the pain of the inner and external conflict that Andy experiences. He bears witness to the absurdities of life in Kantagora. There is the impact of colonialism with its far reaching and long-lasting effect. There is the sycophantic belief in religion with its outcome of internecine conflict between the peoples of North and South. And there is the cultural hegemony that entices a black African boy to fall for a blonde white European over his long-standing African sweetheart. These themes give the novel a universal appeal. The Five Sorrowful Mysteries is a thoughtful and honest novel. The title itself is an example of Bouro’s thoughtful insight as it acts as an echo of Christ’s suffering and death applied to Andy’s African experience. The narrator takes the reader by the hand and reveals the everyday life of Kontagora. It is also an intense personal story of Andy Africa. So from that perspective the novel is a bildungsroman about Andy. This aspect of the novel is a heart rending and very personal contrast to the harsh reality of life in Kontagora. Andy’s incidental quest to ascertain who is father is takes an intriguing turn as he arrives at an answer to the secret his mother withheld from him. The novel is also playful in which Buoro teases the reader (almost as if to leave the reader guessing) with his proposition of HXVX, a sort of pessimistic overarching cultural philosophy of Nigeria. There is also a mathematical backdrop where the broad structure of the novel is set out in the form of five sections with epigrams and mathematical theorems. Fortunately, not grasping the rules or meaning underlying this playfulness does not detract from an understanding and appreciation of the novel. This is a novel that reminds us of the impact of colonialism on people of colour not just in Nigeria but throughout the world. Whilst many of the issues addressed are not new, nonetheless they are delivered in a fresh and unique voice
Title: Andy's Ambition
Content: Andy Aziza is a Nigerian teenager struggling with the usual teen angst and trying to find his way in the world while labouring under the hated nickname of "Andy Africa". Andy spends his days hanging with his cronies Slim and Morroca when he's not at school or in church. Andy is obsessed with the thought of finding a White Girlfriend and when the arrival of the blonde and beautiful Eileen in his town is celebrated with a church party in her honour he's smitten. That party proves to be pivotal in Andy's life in more ways than one and fate has a lot more in store for him just as he thinks his dreams have come true. The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa is an excellent read, Debut author Stephen Buoro paints a gritty picture of life for the poor in Nigeria,the daily struggles and squalor,the religious divides ,the frustrations and dreams of those with thwarted ambitions who see moving abroad,anywhere abroad,as the only way to a decent life. Andy is far from perfect,he's also far from stupid and aside from his obsession with blonde women he's a fan of complex mathematical theorems. The ending of the book leaves scope for a sequel so hopefully we'll hear a lot more of "Andy Africa".
Title: Snapshot of the life of a teenage boy in Nigeria
Content: The thoughts and experiences of a fifteen year old boy, Andy, living with his mother in a small town in Nigeria. I struggled to get into the story for the first third of the book, which consisted mainly of descriptions of the people in Andy’s life, in particular his friends as they get ready for a party at their local priest’s house. After that the story became darker but more interesting, although very sad. The author creates a vivid sense of chaos and danger, where your future depends on who you know and how much money you have. If you enjoy reading about a different country, culture and experiences, then this book may be for you. Thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing and NetGalley for an advance copy to review.
Title: For Vernon God Little / Catcher In The Rye fans and more
Content: Loved this book. Fell in love with the character and loved the perspective of modern day African youth. A coming of age story for now. I thought I would see it everywhere after I read it , receiving accolades left and right and being front racked in all book shops but for some reason that hasn’t happened. But it should. It’s that good. Really.
Title: Another world
Content: Impressively takes the reader into a world that, other than news headlines, we really know nothing about even though it is the demographic future.

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