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🔒Exclusive Promo: Lock in the Savings! Old Price: £16.99, New Price: £11.29 - 34% Off!

May 20, 2024 05:23 am
🔒Exclusive Promo: Lock in the Savings! Old Price: £16.99, New Price: £11.29 - 34% Off!
Category: Contemporary Fiction
Seller Name: -
Rating: 4.70
Total Rating Count: 64
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Title: Authentic, funny and moving.
Content: This book turned me into a pitbull snarling at every interruption (kids, cats, parcel delivery ringing phone). I just hated putting it down. It is searingly honest with a refreshing lack of vanity making no attempt to polish the thoughts and deeds of a struggling teenage self. It is hilarious and yet deeply moving. So well written I lingered on several sentences rereading them for the pure enjoyment of the written word in the hands of a skillfull writer. Having been fortunate to hear the author speak (at a local prison a few years ago) of his childhood experiences of racism and time in Jamaica it was painfull to read a more detailed account. The end result is an authentic story founded on real life experiences that grips you in its rollercoaster grasp until the very last page.
Title: Compelling read
Content: I literally couldn't put this book down and the story had me wanting to get back to see what happened next. I loved the story telling, the honesty, the humour, it was like I was there. It is a strong powerful depiction of the challenges faced and the resilience shown by the Author. I also loved the way Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey was woven into the story - a true example of life's journey and the ending message to never give up. I would recommend this book as a strong example of the challenges you have to go through to find yourself, know your own identity and true soul. Thank you Ash for writing your story and sharing it with us.
Title: Most true, down to earth book I have ever read
Content: Wow! what can I say . I was totally enthralled in this book, I could not put it down. . At some points in this book, I actually felt I was on this journey with him ( fortunately not ), as it was so compelling. It left me with mixed emotions from laughter, shock, and sadness. The literacy in this book is spot on, illustrated as it was / is. ( hit the nail on the head ). I really didn't want this book to end. I am so intrigued as to what happened after. Hopefully there will be a follow up, I' l be the first in the queue!
Title: A visceral exposition of a boy's search for identity, experiences of racism and brutal imprisonment.
Content: A tragic adventure of self-discovery and adversity seen through the eyes of a 16 year old boy in the early 1990's; filled with insight, vulnerability and humour. Travelling from north-west England to Jamaica with the hope of finding his roots, our antihero finds racism, poverty, drugs, violence and compassion. Parts of the narrative offer an immersive journey inside the life of a teenage boy, including offensive language, bigotry, sexual exploration and bullying; other threads explore the forces shaping his behaviour and developing mind. At times spine-chilling, sometimes philosophical, hilarious, heart-wrenching, shocking and inspiring - this book is a rare gem that unflinchingly offers the reader a unique pair of shoes to walk in. Would you surrender them?
Title: Brilliant and honest
Content: Loved this book! It’s a remarkable story filled with drama, sadness and also humour. Would totally recommend reading it - you’ll be gripped!
Title: Top read
Content: A young mixed race lad from the outer edges of Liverpool goes to Jamaica to seek his black identity, where all manner of things go wrong. Sometimes grim, sometimes touching, but always hilarious, it is full of drama. Mostly, though, it's about the HUMOUR. And even better, Scouse humour. It's quick, fun, and wonderfully relatable even for those of us that aren't black: the youthful search for identity is something that I think affected us all. We can't grasp it all, but we can get enough of it to feel an affinity. Definitely worth the 8 quid it cost me.

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