TestMarket - Hurry, Save 28% on FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converter - Limited Stock!

Hurry, Save 28% on FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converter - Limited Stock!

Jan 15, 2024 11:28 am
Hurry, Save 28% on FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converter - Limited Stock!
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Hot Savings Alert - Shop Now for the Best Deals! Get the FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converter 40in Sit to Stand up Desk Riser Height Adjustable Computer Workstation with Spacious 2-Tier Desktop Black Black 40''. Old Price: $179.99. New Price: $129.98. Limited-Time Discount of 28%. You'll Save $50.01! Don't Miss Out, Grab It Now!

Title: Flexispot Standup Desks are game changers!
Content: I love FlexiSpot products so much that I wanted to add the FlexiSpot 35” Height Adjustable Standing Up Desk Converter to my home office. FlexiSpot standing desks and desk converters are the ultimate solution to revolutionize your workspace and boost your productivity. The ergonomic design eliminates the discomfort of sitting for prolonged hours! This standup tabletop desk converter is thoughtfully designed to promote a healthier posture, reduce strain on your neck and back, and increase overall comfort. Whether I prefer standing, sitting, or something in between, this desk caters to my needs! I can effortlessly adjust the desk height to find the perfect level that suits my height. I can create my dream workspace with ample room for my laptop, a monitor when needed, notebooks, and other essentials. It's ideal for multitasking and keeping everything I need within easy reach. The desk effortlessly glides up and down with zero noise and wobbling. I can transition between sitting and standing positions smoothly and without disrupting my flow. The standup tabletop desk converter’s compact footprint ensures it fits perfectly into any workspace or home office without dominating the room. The desk is extremely easy to assemble. This standup tabletop desk converter isn't just for work; it's perfect for crafting, drawing, and reading. Standing while I work encourages better blood circulation, increased energy levels, and enhanced focus. I’m so much more productive and creative throughout the day! This product is a game-changer. I highly recommend you take the leap and invest in your well-being, productivity, and overall happiness!
Title: This desk riser made me famous
Content: Good news travels fast, especially theough the office grapevine! Since I set this up in my office, coworkers who have never even spoken to me have stopped by my office to see my new desk riser. Everyone remarks on how beautiful the brown wood tone color is. I agree. It is striking. I chose it because it's a beautiful color, and will not show dust as much as a boring black one. I will mention, though, it is a textured surface, that mimics real wood, so is not a good writing surface. My coworker has a black one that looks smooth at first glance but, she pointed out to me that it is not really smooth either. It has really tiny "pimples". So, it's not really a complaint, just an observation. It weighs about 45 pounds and is in a long box that's rather awkward for one person to carry. It actually has a note on the box that it requires a 2-person lift, but I'm not the type to ask for help and nobody was offering their assistance, so I managed to get it from my car into the office by myself. The handles on each end of the box were a tremendous help with that! Our IT guys had offered to help with setup, but we had a huge internet outage that day so they were busy. Patience is not a virtue I possess, so I set it up myself. Since it basically was delivered fully assembled (hence the huge box), setup was a breeze. I am an out-of-shape middle-aged woman with shoulder issues so my coworkers were shocked that I was able to move it and set it up by myself. I am mechanically-inclined, but that wasnt really a necessity as the only thing I needed to do was insert the keyboard tray into the slot on the bottom of the main component. There is a clasp on each side to lock the tray in place, so it doesn't slide out unexpectedly but that step isn't even necessary in my opinion, which I see no situation where a keyboard tray sitting on a flat surface would slide out on its own. By the way, the keyboard tray is NOT retractable - as in, it doesn't slide in and out to quickly/temporarily use your desk as a writing surface. It is, however, easily removable so you can pull it out and stash it to the side if you need your desk surface for an extended period. Then easily insert it back into its slot when you need the keyboard again. So, it's either in or its out - no in-between. It is easy to adjust from sitting to standing height by squeezing the lever on the right side of the riser to activate the hydraulic lifts. It is a smooth, controlled movement - not jerky at all. I'm 5'6" tall and it goes higher than I need it to be. It can be adjusted to go all the way down, flush with the desk, so I can comfortably rest my wrists while typing in the seated position. I purchased the 40", which comfortably fits 2 monitors, with room for a small fan in between. Before ordering, my office's IT manager sent me links to 3 risers he recommended from Amazon. This was one of them. He recommended a 42" to fit the dual monitors, but I went rogue and ordered the 40" because I measured my desktop and found the 42" would extend slightly beyond the edge of my desktop. I thought that would be uncomfortable. My coworker has the 42" - it does hang over rather edge a bit, but she says that doesn't bother her at all. Now my IT guy is telling me I should have ordered the 42" because they are going to be adding a laptop dock to my set up within the next year so I might need the extra space. I thought about exchanging but #1- it seems like too much trouble to box it up after having already set it up with all my monitors and other accessories AND disposed of all the packing materials, and #2- the 42" doesn't come in the brown wood tone color. So, I'm keeping the 42" brown one. According to the product photos, a laptop can be set up on the keyboard tray, so there's that option. Or, I will bring the brown one home for personal use, and buy a second one of this item (but in the 42" version) for my office. Shipping was slow, but that was disclosed during the ordering process prior to checkout. Trust the date they give you, even if it seems like a ridiculously long time for delivery. It took about a month for mine to arrive, but it arrived well-packaged and free of damage. The huge outer box is sturdy, and has made a great "playpen" for my cats!
Title: Perfect for desk organizing!
Content: The Standing Desk Converter was super easy to put together, and the instructions were clear. Although I have to admit it is a bit heavy, adjusting the height is actually a breeze, and I can find the perfect ergonomic position for my work without any hassle. The desk has two tiers, giving me plenty of space for all my things. It also has a handy tray for my keyboard, but since my desk is a bit small, the converter itself can do the work! Overall, this desk converter has made a huge difference in my work routine. It's comfortable, and flexible, and has helped me be more productive. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and versatile standing desk option.
Title: I LOVE This Thing
Content: This riser came pre-assembled! The only piece to connect is the keyboard rest and it takes two seconds and no tools. It is sturdy and easy to lift. The track is well oiled and I have had this for a couple of months now and it is still sliding up and down easily. There is one lever on the right that allows you to do that. It is not cumbersome and there is enough space on my desk - aside from the riser- to sit my water for the day. On the actual riser I have a laptop (that sits on a wooden riser with drawers), a monitor, and a couple of decorative items- yet it is NOT cluttered. I love this thing!
Title: Easy to assemble, fit my small desk area, love it!
Content: This is a great product, comes almost fully assembled, I had my workstation with two monitors configured in 25 minutes. They even include cable ties/cord wraps/tiedown for proper cable management. Smooth, hydraulic assisted up and down motion, yet very stable. Thanks for making a great product!

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  • Spacious 2-Tier Design: Our 2-tier design offers ergonomic excellence for reading and typing! The 40'' width of the top tier holds a monitor up to 27'' with ease, the roomy base tier of 12.1'' depth holds a standard keyboard and mouse or a 13'' laptop
  • Comfortable Workstation for Home Office: Sit or stand freely while you work with our standing desk riser. It turns any desk into a standing desk so you can adapt postures for max comfort, relieve wrist pain and improve productivity
  • Freely Height Adjustment: Go from sitting to standing with single-lever and allows a smooth height adjustment from 4.7'' to 19.7''. The powerful gas spring system holds up to 44 lbs while the keyboard tray holds up to 4.4lbs
  • Ready to Use: Ships are almost fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box! Just attach the optional keyboard tray (if desired) in one easy step, and you're prepared to customize the way you work
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