TestMarket - Unlock Your Savings Now on Game of Thrones: The Costumes Book - Save 31%!

Unlock Your Savings Now on Game of Thrones: The Costumes Book - Save 31%!

Apr 07, 2024 12:47 am
Unlock Your Savings Now on Game of Thrones: The Costumes Book - Save 31%!
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Step into the world of Westeros with the official costume design book of Game of Thrones, from Season 1 to Season 8! Get it now for only 41.47£, down from 60.00£. Act fast to secure your deal and save 18.53£ on this limited-time offer. Don't miss out on this exclusive discount and unlock your savings today!

Title: Fabulous Costume Reference
Content: This is a really great book. I’m a GoT fan and celebrant offering costumed and themed ceremonies, so I got the book to be pretty much screen-accurate when I reproduce the costumes. This book enables me to do that, and so much more. The costume universe of GoT is laid out in detail. Each colour decision, each subtle reference (one character to another) is documented in fascinating depth. Even if you couldn’t care less about the costumes themselves, the stories about the way that each character’s traits are literally woven into their kit is compelling. The illustrations and photographs are comprehensive, detailed and well-reproduced. If you’re looking for a down-side, there are a few characters who aren’t here. No Maisters, no Three-Eyed Raven, no Dead (except for the Night King and his lieutenants) and no Reeds, for example. Some of these are mentioned in the text but obviously it’s the main characters that the book concentrates on. I’d love for there to be a Volume 2.
Title: Beautiful Images and creative storytelling for each outfit
Content: I thought this might be the book out of the three that I least liked because it was all about the costumes but I loved this book! It is a huge heavy slab of an encyclopedia, and it covers the book characters and the individual looks created for them. I had no idea that the costumes told such a story. After a colour scheme and selection of material were chosen for ie the people in the North, the designer then looked at each character. It was explained how for example Sansa began as the girl who wanted to be a princess and queen, dressing better than her sister then copying Cersei at King's Landing, wearing her hair in the southern style as she tried to be a lady. It then explains her changing costumes as her life goes through changes-the death of her family, learning from Littlefinger, marrying Ramsay, becoming Lady of Winterfell and Queen in the North. A story appears giving a reason for the dragonflies on her dress, every bead and piece of jewellery-every single stitch and clasp has a meaning and it was fascinating to read this for each character. I'll never look at the costumes the same way and I'm amazed at the amount of thought that went into each outfit.
Title: Amazing resource for costume enthusiasts
Content: This is fantastic! Detailed pictures of the costumes, original sketches from the costume designer and reasons behind the development of the costumes along with the characters.....well worth the money.
Title: Chonk of a Book
Content: This book is stunning, illustrations, detailed photographs and descriptions about the outfits. Worth every penny
Title: Beautiful AND deadly.
Content: Hefty enough to kill a Lannister at thirty paces or brain a Dothraki at a truly exceptional wedding, the book is a beautiful encyclopaedia of unused art, detailed close ups and the stories behind it all. There are some fold out pages, which I wasn’t expecting. AND it details shoes (I love Missandei’s). Conclusion: whether you’re interested in the actual costumes or just want to pretend to be a well armed Maester at a melee, this is The Book ™️ to invest in.
Title: Autumn/Winter 2020 is coming!
Content: This is an enormous, heavy book packed with thousands of pictures of GoT costumes, as well as close-up shots of all the tiny, intricate details. As with LoTR, there is so much more to see than could ever be glimpsed on screen. Costume designer Michele Clapton shares many of her initial sketches, explains the ideas behind some of the outfits, and even goes into detail about the construction process for some garments. Like the series itself, this book is truly epic!

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