TestMarket - 🌟 Exclusive Savings for You - MindCare Balance Supplement (28% Off)!

🌟 Exclusive Savings for You - MindCare Balance Supplement (28% Off)!

Apr 06, 2024 11:54 pm
🌟 Exclusive Savings for You - MindCare Balance Supplement (28% Off)!
Brand Name: Igennus Healthcare Nutrition
Category: Combinations
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Rating: 4.20
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Check out the deals on MindCare Balance Supplement with Magnesium Glycinate, L-Theanine, Omega-3 EPA DHA. Avail your offer now and save 5.55£ on the new price of 14.44£. Limited stock available, so act fast to unlock your savings! Don't miss your chance to save on this exclusive promotion!

Title: Makes me feel calmer and eyes are less dry
Content: I was impressed at the quality of the ingredients, both the type included (methylated body-ready vitamins that will actually be properly processed in your body) and the amounts included. I'm often put off multivitamins and minerals because there is always a compromise: too much of one thing and not enough of the other, poor quality fillers / binders. Clearly Igennus have put some serious thought and research into this. With this in mind the tablets are free from dairy, gluten, lactose, soya, wheat, yeast, artificial colours and flavours, not tested on animals, non-GMO, suitable for vegetarians, halal and kosher. Nice!! :) MY EXPERIENCE Due to over-work and over-exercise I have been struggling with a severe lack of energy, extremely low tolerance to stress and anxiety / panic attacks for the past few months. I had been taking the Igennus multivitamins & minerals for several months which have helped greatly with increasing my energy but I was drawn to these for their calming properties (via magnesium glycinate & L-theanine). I definitely feel more mellow when I take these in the morning. They aren't drowsy in any way but I just don't feel so on edge. I often get dry eyes (I wear contacts and use my eye intensively as a photographer sitting editing photos at a screen all day). I have found a slight improvement in the moisture of my eyes and hope this will continue. The only downside is that due to the dose being once daily rather than a divided dose to take twice daily (as per the Igennus multivitamins & minerals) I do get a bit of a mid-afternoon lull in energy if I take this on its own. The omega-3 capsule is quite large and can be slightly problematic to swallow but not enough to deter me, just take a big gulp of water and keep drinking until it's gone. The other capsule is standard size with no issues. There is no fishy aftertaste or burps from the oil capsule, which is much welcomed as I hate that effect! It's not an overnight cure as I'm not back to 100% but definitely confident that I'm on the right road. I wish I had found these sooner. EXTRA SUPPLEMENTS I TAKE... I recently found out (through DNA testing via 23andMe) that I have a genetic mutation called MTHFR which, amongst other things, means I cannot process folic acid (the synthetic version of folate). I had low levels on my blood test so need to take extra folate. I top up 300mg via a separate product. To avoid the mid afternoon lull I take separate a methylB12. I also take extra magnesium glycinate throughout the day (I can tell when I'm low via muscle cramps and poor sleep) and a bit of zinc to top up here and there. You will need to decide for yourself or via blood tests whether you require more than what's in this supplement, but I like that the levels are sensible in this multi, so I can take it on an ongoing basis and top up extras where needed. WILL THESE TABLETS HELP YOU? If you feel are going through a period of stress, these could potentially benefit you. Given that it's two products in one I think it provides excellent value for money. I am very impressed with the product and company overall. I will be buying from Igennus for as long as I require supplements.
Title: Yesssss ........It truthfully works
Content: My problem was stress for unexpected surprises, and uncomfortable situation and just nervousness . I wanted a natural solution, instead of pills from the doctor that would bring me unwanted side effects . Frustratingly I wasted a lot of money on supplements and tinctures promising solutions for anxiety . But this particular supplement is the BUSINESS . Saw a change in 6 days, my mood was better, felt more assured , slept better and when I was confronted with a difficult stuck in the mud stance just last week I didn't fret like I normally do. In fact I just felt calm no cold over the shoulder worry that I am most accustomed to when handling something I am not confident or familiar with. It now been two weeks and its still great and best of all each time I take it.... it last the whole day. Just to add the supplement does smell unpleasant but the effectiveness and benefits far outweighs Tip : I take this with my morning Hibiscus tea to the masks the smell or alternatively just hold your noes :) Mind Care Thank You **********
Title: It’s genuine
Content: I have severe anxiety issues, ever since i used this product taking 4 pills a week i’ve felt alot better. It’s like it numbs my heart from racing even in situations i feel most anxious in. However, the effect of it decreased a slight bit over time for me but it still helps me alot throughout my day.
Title: Great product, fantastic even..
Content: I very rarely write a review and as someone who thought I’d never have any sort of anxiety challenges ever I was taken aback when I found myself really starting to struggle. These have lifted my moods, and de-pressurised my mind, with a promotion, I was feeling the heat at work with waves of anxiety screwing up my day - these have been a real life saver (along with dropping sugar, caffeine, bit more exercise and also meditation). I will keep using these until I have got all my ducks in a row and feel at ease with what’s on my plate. My only issue is a I hate swallowing pills and these are quite large. No fish aftertaste though. Thanks!
Title: Good ingredients but horrible unbearable smell from the white capsule
Content: Good combination of ingredients but the white capsule smelled like rotten egg, it’s unbearable. I only took them for two days, but I honestly could not deal with the horrible smell so I can’t really comment on how effective they were.
Title: Use these, not SSRI big pharma
Content: I've been using these for only 5 days but feel significantly more positive and energetic for longer periods. I have clinical depression and generalised anxiety, suspected bi polar, possible BPD. I've been on and off every SSRI they can throw at me for 19 years but the side effects always get worse and your body becomes immune and numb. Do yourself a favour and stay natural, get away from that brainwash. Take these and 5HTP, plenty of water, and get exercise, you'll be just fine. When it becomes less effective, take a week off and carry on

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  • ADRENAL SUPPORT: we've included vitamin C to support the body's increased needs during adrenal stress, and magnesium to provide a feeling of calm
  • HAPPY HORMONES: bioavailable B-vitamins support production of neurotransmitters including dopamine - helpful for stress reduction
  • ANXIETY RELIEF: 150mg of the amino acid L-Theanine has powerful calming effects, especially for nervous tension and stress
  • CORTISOL-LOWERING vitamin D3 - a daily dose of 1000iu provides natural stress relief by regulating stress hormone levels
  • BRAIN-SUPPORTING OMEGA-3s: 80% concentration omega-3 fish oil provides 660mg EPA and DHA for regulating brain chemical messengers
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