TestMarket - Time-Limited Discounts! Score Your Exclusive Savings on Veepeak OBDCheck BLE Bluetooth 4.0 OBD II Scanner for iOS

Time-Limited Discounts! Score Your Exclusive Savings on Veepeak OBDCheck BLE Bluetooth 4.0 OBD II Scanner for iOS

Jan 14, 2024 06:13 pm
Time-Limited Discounts! Score Your Exclusive Savings on Veepeak OBDCheck BLE  Bluetooth 4.0 OBD II Scanner for iOS
Brand Name: Veepeak
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Title: Works well with BimmerCode and Re-Coding a Mini R56 ECU
Content: So I used this device to re-code the ECU/ECM on my 2013 Mini Cooper (R56). For that purpose it worked great. I was able to edit the ECU and unlock a number of features. For example, in the stock configuration double clicking and then holding the unlock button on the remote will wind the windows down from the key fob. However there’s no way to roll the windows back up from the fob. I was able to change the roll down function to pressing and holding unlock just once, and enabled the window roll up feature by pressing and holding the lock button on the fob. I was also able to disable the seatbelt chime for the passenger front seat since that’s where my dog sits and it was incredibly annoying to have that going off the whole time she was up front. Next, I was able to enable some cool lighting features. For example, I enabled a module in BimmerCode that keeps my fog lights on while the high beams are on or while they’re flashed. I was also able to turn off hot and cold bulb warnings for a couple of lights (I have a modded rear bumber with fog lights from the JCW so I needed this to prevent errors from showing). Finally, I made a few changes for quality of life. I turned off the seatbelt chime for the driver seat since I always wear it and the constant reminder was just a little annoying. I enabled the option to automatically fold in the mirrors when locking the car, enabled the mirror to tilt downwards when putting the car in to reverse, adjusted the digital speedometer to show an accurate measurement instead of the slightly modified number BMW shows with the factory settings, and a few other relatively simple changes like that. I never had any issues with connectivity or any other problems with the Veepeak device. It worked flawlessly through all of this re-coding. From what I understand this device will also work with apps like “Torque” where you can connect to a tablet and show gauges like coolant temp, oil pressure, etc., right through the tablet. I believe you can also read codes through it as well with the right app as BimmerCode is able to clear any codes with every re-code. So there’s a wide range of what’s available to you with this device as long as you get the right apps. From what I’ve seen in my personal experience, there’s no reason to buy the more expensive options when the majority of your costs are going to come from the app purchases you’ll need to make anyway. Also, some people have complained that the Bluetooth devices or Bluetooth low energy devices like this have a problem with data transfer speed. I personally didn’t see a problem there. Re-coding was quite fast and I doubt the WiFi versions are any faster as I believe the bandwidth bottleneck is with the ECU/ECM and not with the transfer protocol itself (Bluetooth/BLE/WiFi).
Title: Good choice for a general-purpose OBDII dongle
Content: I spent a lot of time doing online research into different ODBII dongles before deciding to purchase this one, as it wasn't the sort of product I had any prior knowledge about. After using this particular device for a while, I believe I made a good choice. I use this with my 2009 Prius and my cheap old Android phone. I have successfully used both the OBD Fusion and Torque Pro apps with it. I don't fully understand the protocol that allows various third-party apps to communicate with the car via this dongle, though the term ELM327 comes up in my research. Regardless, I prefer this dongle, which is compatible with a variety of smartphone apps, to another dongle that I tried, which only worked with a proprietary app maintained by the device's manufacturer. To my hands, this device feels nice to handle. It comes with a solid storage case that should protect it while being stored in the glove box. I have no trouble getting it in or out of the ODBII port, it doesn't get in the way if I have it connected while driving, and it has a nice blue LED indicator that lights up when it has been properly inserted. It's convenient, and does everything I've wanted it to.
Title: Great device for my Prius!
Content: This little OBD reader device plugs neatly into the computer port of my Prius, and allows me to communicate with the computers to see the entire health of my car. It seems perfectly with the Dr. Prius app, which is a ton of fun with its visual representations of the battery and the engine, I am sure there are tons of different types of information that I could glean from reading the manuals and knowing more about cars but suffice it to say that I am happy with having this device to keep up on my Prius. Great value and great performance couldn’t be any easier , I purchased it because there were a lot of people who said you couldn’t pay more and get it better unit
Title: Ridiculously difficult to pair
Content: I have a modern Android phone with up-to-date software and I am considered the family techo nerd who routinely gets asked to help others with tech issues. But it took nearly an hour of messing around with their pairing suggestions, and frankly I have no idea if one of them could have worked on its own if the right suggestion would have been tried first. But out of frustration, I eventually disabled ALL other BT pairings, turned off all other BT devices in the immediate area, restarted the phone, and spread chicken feathers around the room (OK, that last part isn't true). Finally, it paired. I will say, though, that now that its paired, it has never failed to connect even when switching to another vehicle. All of the functionality seems to work as advertised which is why only 1 star was taken off for the pairing difficulties. I have not tried any of the added cost functionality as I was just trying see if fault codes were being thrown during times of mild shuddering under acceleration. I guess there has to be some downside to being one of the least expensive, yet highly functional, Bluetooth ODB scanners on the market.
Title: One of the best
Content: Connection was easy. Works very good on F-150 Diesel 3.0L. Showed all DPF data automatically on first time it was connected. I use it with car scanner app. There is free version or you can get Pro version for $5 license for life. I bought Pro version and I'm very happy with it. Just get it and you will be very excited and happy that you did.
Title: Find the app that works for you.
Content: Follow the instructions and it’ll work. I have no complaints. Works perfectly for me. Using Car Scanner app and paid the $6 for the premium. So cheap. Worth it.

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  • CHECK ENGINE YOURSELF - Read engine diagnostic trouble codes, reset Check Engine Light, view I/M readiness and real-time sensor readings (O2 Readings, EOT, EGT, Throttle, Boost, MAF, Fuel Trim, etc.) using your phone or tablet.
  • DO MORE – With extensive third-party OBD Apps available on App Store and Google Play (requires separate downloading or purchase), you can get advanced features like enhanced diagnostics and PIDs on selected vehicles, examine the battery in hybrid & electric vehicles, customize and service selected vehicles, etc.
  • WORKS WITH IOS & ANDROID - Latest model with support for more AT commands (requires app support), optimized firmware and reduced power consumption. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets via dual mode Bluetooth 4.0 (Classic + LE).
  • UNIVERSAL VEHICLE COMPATIBILITY – Works with all OBD II / EOBD compliant cars and light trucks (in the United States, vehicles since year 1996 are supported, no brand limitation). Supports all five OBD II protocols: CAN, KWP2000, ISO9141-2, J1850 VPW and J1850 PWM.
  • Easy to plug in & unplug, and won't obstruct legroom. NOTE: a third party App/software required to achieve all the functions (some may require separate purchase). Comes with mini carrying case. Perfect tool for car owners to check their cars at home or on the go.
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