TestMarket - 🍸 Sandy Leaf Farm Gin Making Kit - Create Your Own Gin Bottles - Limited-Time Promo!

🍸 Sandy Leaf Farm Gin Making Kit - Create Your Own Gin Bottles - Limited-Time Promo!

Apr 07, 2024 02:24 am
🍸 Sandy Leaf Farm Gin Making Kit - Create Your Own Gin Bottles - Limited-Time Promo!
Brand Name: Sandy Leaf Farm
Category: Cocktail Mixers
Seller Name: Sandy Leaf Farm Ltd
Rating: 4.50
Total Rating Count: 6870
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🍹 Dive into the world of gin making with the Sandy Leaf Farm Gin Making Kit - now at 30% off! 🌟 This exclusive 10 Bottle Gin Maker’s Set is a steal at just 10.49£, down from 14.99£. Save 4.5£ on your purchase and claim yours before it's gone! 🚨 Act now and unlock your savings today. Limited stock available, grab yours before it sells out! 🏃‍♂️💨

Title: Caution: Create when sober
Content: Well, well, well, where do I even begin with the Sandy Leaf Farm Gin Making Kit? Let's just say my adventure in becoming a "master gin distiller" was a journey full of giggles, spills, and a sprinkle of citrusy chaos. Ingredients Galore: Upon opening the kit, I felt like a mad scientist ready to concoct the elixir of life. The array of ingredients was impressive, and I couldn't help but feel a little like Professor Snape in a Hogwarts potion class. Citrusy Conundrum: I dived headfirst into the "Pink & Citrus Flavour Spice Blends" – a phrase that sounded more like a magical spell than a recipe. As I poured, mixed, and swirled, I wondered if I was crafting gin or accidentally summoning a fruity ghost. The Waiting Game: After the "spell" was cast, I had to wait. Patience is not my strong suit, so I was peeking into the container every five minutes, expecting to see a genie or a citrus parade in progress. The Grand Unveiling: Finally, the moment of truth arrived. I popped the cork (I mean, lid) and took a whiff. To my surprise, it didn't smell like a laboratory disaster but rather a promising bouquet of citrus goodness. Bottoms Up...Or Not: I poured my creation into a glass, feeling like a true artisan. The first sip was like a rollercoaster of emotions – excitement, surprise, and a tinge of "Did I accidentally make a salad dressing instead?" Citrusy Chaos: The citrus flavor was there, alright. It was like a citrus orchestra jamming in my mouth – lemon, orange, grapefruit – all showing off their notes at once. I wasn't sure if I was drinking gin or auditioning for a fruit salad commercial. Gin Quest: In the end, my gin-making escapade was a hilarious adventure that left me with a newfound appreciation for actual distillers. The "Pink & Citrus Flavour Spice Blends" may have turned me into a temporary fruit whisperer, but I'll leave the serious gin-making to the pros. So, if you're looking for a gin-making kit that offers not only a good laugh but also a unique citrusy experience, the Sandy Leaf Farm Gin Making Kit might just be your ticket to a quirky evening of potion-making fun. Just be prepared for a touch of citrusy chaos that's more "zestfully" amusing than perfect. Cheers...or should I say, "Peel's" like a good time!
Title: Recipient liked it
Content: This was a gift so I can only rate on the recipients reaction, which was positive.
Title: Just as described
Content: This is exactly as described
Title: For gin making lovers
Content: Bought as a gift. Checked inside the box and it has many things inside. I was expected smaller box but as it's bigger it's better.
Title: Great ingredients
Content: Super value, you can follow the recipes or create your own flavour. We made our Gin with cheap vodka, its amazing! The flavours are awesome and there is loads left to make more bottles.
Title: Nice kit shame the postage label was stuck to the items packaging
Content: Bought as a gift, was delivered with the postage label attached to the product packing and not in a separate box or bag. Not ideal when bought for a gift. Does look like a nice set just a shame it was ruined as a gift by the postage label.

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  • Always considered yourself a purveyor of the finest gin? With this gin distillery kit you can make up to 10 premium bottles per pack.
  • If your palate balks at the thought of sub-standard blends, fear not, our gin set includes several spices to make multiple flavours including chocolate orange and classic citrus!
  • Our gin kit has everything you need: juniper berries, botanicals, a funnel, a metal strainer, kraft paper, bottle tags, and testing pipettes – just add 700ml of vodka per batch.
  • This gin gift set makes an ideal birthday or ‘just because’ gift. Packed full of delicious spice blends and inventive recipes, it’s sure to get a toast!
  • If you have any questions about our gin gifts for men and women, our customer service team is on hand to help. Cheers!
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