TestMarket - Limited-Time Discount: Tangled Up in Blue: The Rise and Fall of Rangers FC - Only 14.69£!

Limited-Time Discount: Tangled Up in Blue: The Rise and Fall of Rangers FC - Only 14.69£!

Jun 11, 2024 09:52 pm
Limited-Time Discount: Tangled Up in Blue: The Rise and Fall of Rangers FC - Only 14.69£!
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Title: Excellent read and truthful facts.
Content: Don’t believe the bad reviews on here about this book cos they are definitely written by the supporters of “scotlands shame” of a club. This is a well written and well investigated and documented book about the rise of a simple football club to the tax dodging , cheating club which eventually liquadated in 2012 due to its cheating which was condemned at the time as “ as close to match fixing as you can get” . Its a history of how outside influences and pure unadulterated bigotry promoted by the church of scotland,the scottish media and various powerful employers influenced a large part of the population to hate others cos they were different. The early years show that cheating and bending rules was not new to this club nor its supporters. Mixed with the masonic and orange influences of Scotland in the governing body drove the club to self destruct and the greed of owners etc to escape punishment for thier actions. The trend still continues today with the new club , leading to absolute corruption of scottish football by the governing body and all clubs spineless owners/ chairmen/ceo’s etc who see thier greed being diluted if the truth was faced. Accompanied by a spineless lying rangers supporting media who will not investigate the biggest sporting scandal in BRITISH sport. This book tells it how it was and still is , a worth while read without people trying it spin it in false ways and the myth of the impossible “continuation” perpetrated by them to the extent that the governing body “awarded” the new club 114 league and cup titles won and owned by the liquated club some 2 years after its “birth” and not a club in bigoted scotland raised a complaint. Read it and recommend it to others its well worth it especially to anyone scottish as it clearly displays the kind if society you are living in the 21st century. Scotlands shame might have been a better title its nearer the truth.
Title: Must Read For Anyone Interested In The Truth
Content: I found this book well-researched, well-written, humorous and informative. I would undoubtedly recommend it and will seek out more of this author's work.
Title: Hard hitting look at the old Rangers though there is balance and a few pulled punches.
Content: A well researched and written book which is no polemic on the old (liquidated) Rangers and though it doesn’t show the old club in a good light that is down to the bigoted ethos of the club rather than the author’s prejudice. One wouldn’t write a book about the life of Dr. Harold Shipman and dwell too much on his charming bed-side manner, would one? If anything the author glosses over some of the worst chapters of the life of Rangers. For example he rightly states that the Ibrox disaster united Scotland in sympathy for those lost in the tragedy and touches on their proven liability for the deaths, but doesn’t mention the fact that the Lord Provost’s Fund which was collected following the disaster was claimed by Rangers in full, or failing this the £50k the club donated to be discounted from any award made against them! This and the offer (later withdrawn) of two tickets by the club to those injured in an earlier disaster in 1969 were more appalling to my mind and of my Rangers’ supporting friend than any tradition of discriminatory practices or Orange links the club had. No mention either of the Smith/Totten fight at Muirton, but on the whole though a good, fairly balanced read.
Title: No spoilers, but the good guys win in the end......
Content: Stunning, simply stunning. The previously murky depths of the nefarious business practices of the Ibrox clubs are finally laid bare in this compelling, insightful narrative. Make no mistake, this is a real page turner and barely a page passes without some new revelation. The cosy relationship with the Scottish press, and their complicity in institutionalizing anti-Catholicism at Ibrox (and in Scottish society) is made clear, as is the ultimately destructive and myopic spending of the Ibrox clubs. There are fascinating, and to me at least, hitherto unknown tidbits about the early formation of RFC, but the analysis of the modern era is no less fascinating. Think you know it all? Think again. There are lessons aplenty within for anyone who cares to learn them - as you will note from the spurious, negative reviews, those who need the lessons most are least likely to heed them. A must read for anyone curious about the insidious nature of bigotry, greed and triumphalism - this stellar work from Mr O'Donnell, like many great sporting books, transcends sport. It deserves a huge audience. Well written, with the ability to raise gasps, winces and smiles in equal numbers - this is one I'll come back to again and again. Bravo Stephen, well played.
Title: Good read
Content: Was recommended this book. I looked at the reviews , only the middle ones 3star, as they’re usually the best gauge to go by.i knew nothing of Rangers early history so found that particularly interesting . The four founding fathers ,who seem to have been forgotten, probably due to their lives after leaving the club made for interesting reading .His research into the early history was interesting, especially the latter18th century early 20 th century , when Scottish football really was the working mans game.Valid observations on the social and economic climate of the time are made.Middle part of their existence until the liquidation and the rebirth under a different name ,threw up some other unpublished, not unknown facts. The author does go off at a tangent at times . Perhaps a bit better editing could’ve remedied that. It didn’t detract too much from a good read. If you like books on football not a bad one to add to your collection. It took 3 days to read and overall was an enjoyable read hence the 5 stars
Title: Contents unknown
Content: This was a gift. I have not heard yet if it was a good purchase.

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