TestMarket - Hurry! Get Your Exclusive Savings on the ANCEL PB100 Automotive Power Circuit Probe Tester

Hurry! Get Your Exclusive Savings on the ANCEL PB100 Automotive Power Circuit Probe Tester

Jan 14, 2024 06:30 pm
Hurry! Get Your Exclusive Savings on the ANCEL PB100 Automotive Power Circuit Probe Tester
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Title: Probe
Content: I haven't used it yet but it's really nice and great price..
Title: Works
Content: This company makes good stuff. Second product I’ve bought.
Title: Compact and reasonably good quality
Content: Plenty of cable and extension
Title: Simple to Use - Bright LCD - Audible and Visual Notifications
Content: This is the second circuit tester kit I have purchased. The first one I found very useful in tracking down pesky electrical problems, but usually didn't have it handy when I was traveling and visiting repair shops while at work. So, I bought this ANCEl PB100 Vehicle Circuit Probe Kit to carry with me while the other stays at home. Included in the circuit tester kit were all the items included in the description including: *1 PB100 Circuit Probe *1 Probe Tip *1 Extension Cable (20ft) *1 Set Battery Clips *1 12-Volt Adapter *1 Case *1 User's Manual The PB100 is powered from the battery voltage of the circuit you are testing so no internal batteries are needed. To use you just clip the alligator clips to the source battery or use 12-Volt Adapter and DC Voltage immediately shows on the backlit colored LCD screen. (To verify source voltage just touch the probe to the positive lead of the vehicle's battery or press the toggle switch forward.) Pressing the orange button on the tester toggles between the different functions of the tester. 1) DC Voltage (with a resolution of 0.1 volts) 2) AC Voltage (shows Max. Voltage, Min. Voltage, and frequency) 3) Resistance Mode (Ohm's, for reading resistance between the probe tip and auxiliary ground lead) 4) Diode Mode (for checking forward and reverse bias) There is also a toggle switch that is used to apply source voltage to a circuit (press forward) or provides a direct ground (press backward). I would caution anyone to use extreme caution when using this function as it would be easy to destroy electronic components if used incorrectly. A couple of thing I like about this tester is the two LED work lights on the front come on automatically when the probe is hooked up to a 12-volt power source. This tester also gives you an audible notification when testing circuits along with a visual notification. (explained below) *Red Light / Single Beeps: Near source Voltage is delectated or source Voltage (toggle) is being applied. *Green Light / Mutiple Beeps: Less than source Voltage is detected or a Ground (toggle) is being applied. Overall I like this ANCEl PB100 Vehicle Circuit Probe Kit very much, this type of tester should be part of any mechanic's or electronic tinkerer's arsenal. If I experience any issues I will update this review.
Title: Great power probe!
Content: Worth the money. Save me at different occasions and especially the time that I will sent trying to figure out the problems. The quality is great it will fall off engine bay to the ground and step all over it held up pretty good.
Title: A valuable automotive tool
Content: I rarely review items, but thought I would take the time to say how impressed i am with this product. Not only is it easy to use, but it can trigger + and -, it has extensions and folds up really nicely. I cannot think of a single thing I would change with this product.

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  • 【What is a PB100 Probe Tester?】With the PB100 probe tester, you can check voltage and ground signals in a typical DC circuit. However, the kicker is that you can also use it to send voltage and ground signals. It works like a test light that can power circuits or provide a good known ground. This way, you can effectively test components and circuits without having to break out the old alligator clips and jumper wires. You can power or ground a circuit directly through the top of the device.
  • 【What does it do?】The PB100 is an essential tool for automobile user. It is needed for testing components on and off the vehicle, checking for the good and bad grounds, testing for continuity and diagnosing circuit failures. For example, you can use it to turn on a blower motor. You can run power window motors, windshield wipers, and even rear window defrosters. If the vehicle owner keeps it in his car he can check system failure on his own way no need to go to technician.
  • 【Easy to Use】ANCEL provides how-to guides and video tutorials to help you easily complete your repair work. With the press of a switch, you'll have an instant hot lead or ground lead. Use the probe tip and ground lead simultaneously to power up components right in your hand. Instantly check components for continuity as well as identify positive, negative and open circuits. Locate shorts without wasting fuses. 👉TIP: The probe is on the back of the device.
  • 【Voltage Indicator】The LED indicator on the front of the unit will show you the battery voltage when it is connected. You can use it to determine a whole range of things. You can even do a quick check of the alternator by plugging it in and starting the car. The voltage should go from about 12.6 volts to 14.0 volts. This is also useful if you have a situation where a power supply has a large voltage drop, if you notice low voltage on certain branches when checking fuses, etc.
  • 【Circuit Protection】The PB100 has a built-in 8-amp circuit breaker to prevent circuit overload and overheating. Unlike a normal test lamp, this device can conduct direct battery current into the circuit you touch with it. Any time you backfeed a circuit, you need to know what you are doing. The breaker will protect the circuit, but 8 amps is still enough to do a lot of damage with the wrong wire.
  • 【Trailer Wiring】A recurring source of frustration for technicians across the country, especially those who service trailers exposed to road salt or salt water. ​The PB100 Circuit Tester features a long 20-foot cable that allows you to make the initial connection directly to the vehicle's battery, while providing easy access to connect the trailer harness at the rear of the vehicle.
  • 【Accessory Replacement & 1 Year Warranty】If you lose the parts of your PB100, you can contact ANCEL customer service for a replacement. We provides 1 Year warranty, 60 Days No-Reason-asked Return for refund. And there is a technical support for timely and effectively solving the quality problem within 24 Hours.
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