TestMarket - Hottest Amazon Deal Today! Galaxy Projector Star Light LED Ceiling Starry Skylight Night Sea Starlight Ocean Wave Space Music Projection Lamp - Limited Stock

Hottest Amazon Deal Today! Galaxy Projector Star Light LED Ceiling Starry Skylight Night Sea Starlight Ocean Wave Space Music Projection Lamp - Limited Stock

Apr 06, 2024 11:16 pm
Hottest Amazon Deal Today! Galaxy Projector Star Light LED Ceiling Starry Skylight Night Sea Starlight Ocean Wave Space Music Projection Lamp - Limited Stock
Brand Name: ‎One Fire
Category: Children's Lighting
Seller Name: oneFire
Rating: 4.00
Total Rating Count: 10530
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Title: The unit is small, but very good.
Content: The unit is small, but very good. Various light patterns and sound options, including music. Also it can be Bluetoothed to a phone etc. My teenager is very impressed!
Title: Great product !
Content: Amazing product! Have lots of different modes, lots of colours and relaxing music . Love it !
Title: Great light
Content: I have bought 2 of these as I love the ambience. The build quality isn't great, the mechanic to move the light breaks easily but the light still works, for the money it is worth it. My only criticism is that it automatically plays music, it can be annoying to turn the music off each time you turn it on
Title: Quality.
Content: Good quality and value for money.
Title: Basic is an understatement
Content: I know I probably shouldn't have had high expectations for something like this, but every aspect of it seems poorly designed. The visuals are basic. just a rotating refracting disc on a moving arm that attempts to look like underwater caustics. The colour choices are limited with just RGB and some combinations. But worse of all is that each colour option results in wildly different levels of brightness. Red simply has fewer physical LED's and so results in something almost invisible even in pitch blackness. The only one I would consider to be bright is the one that uses all 3 colours, but it doesn't really help with sleep due to the heavy use of blue light. The second big issue is the noise it produces. A constant motor sound interspersed with a clicking of the rotating internal lense. Again, not particularly relaxing and hard to ignore and frankly makes the entire thing feel cheap. There are bizarre design choices too. Like starting up the device triggers loud obnoxious pre-set music and sounds. They have very clear loops and the quality of the audio isn't great to begin with. The device doesn't allow for smart plug switches either. So forget about any hopes of a relaxation bedtime routine. It needs to manually be turned on at the base of the unit each and every time. A refined version of this would be great but even at the price I paid (£17) it feels like it is too basic to warrant it. It honestly doesn't feel far off from something you would find in Poundland for a fiver.
Title: quite underwhelming,
Content: the lights aren't very strong and quite dim, the shape is quite awkard. the range of colours is minimal and ive had cheaper with much more beautiful displays. the blutooth function is good i guess

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  • GALAXY PROJECTOR LIGHT FOR BEDROOM: 24 LIGHT MODES ROOM DECOR projecAESTHETIC: The star projector has 8 light modes & 3 brightness. The 8 light modes of the galaxy projector has many gorgeous colors, creating amazing star projector for bedroom & room decor aesthetic. The galaxy light projector has 3 brightness, u can dim the night light projector down. It's a truly amazing starlight projector & bedroom decor aesthetic! With this galaxy projector, ur kids can admire the space in bedroom!
  • WHITE NOISE+8 MUSIC+BLUETOOTH SPEAKER :The led star galaxy projector has white noise & 8 music, thus a great aid for sleep. Many parents find the led galaxy projector leads kids into sweet dream. The kids admire gorgeous galaxy lamp & skylight of the night light projector before sleep, then fall into dream with white noise of the light projector. The night light projector also has bluetooth speaker, u can play music of ur phone & magnify the music through speaker.
  • STARLIGHT ROOM DECOR AESTHETIC: GORGEOUS & BREATHINGTAKING: The night light projector makes u feel in the space enjoying magnificent galaxy light flowing in 8 light modes. The projection of the star light projector galaxy mount on the ceiling & wall, turning ur bedroom into a wonderland! The galaxy projector is breathtaking light projector for bedroom & room decor aesthetic this way. The projection of the night lights for bedroom can 360° rotate for even greater night light projector!
  • AUTO TIMER + REMOTE: USER-FRIENDLY GALAXY PROJECTOR: The star projector has AUTO TIMER function. The night light projector can AUTO OFF after 2 or 4 hrs. Just set TIMER, no bother to turn the light projector down. The galaxy projector also comes with a remote control, u can control the galaxy light projector for bedroom with ease. No need to get up to control the star projector. Isn't it a user-friendly galaxy projector ?
  • AWESOME GIFTS FOR KIDS: The star projector is an ideal gift: ①The light projector makes kids feel in the space. With the galaxy & stars, the starlight projector makes kids feel an astronaut. ②The night light projector has a 8 light modes & 3 brightness, being gorgeous aesthetic room decor. ③The light projector can plays music through speaker. ④The night light projector can 360° rotate for better projection. Just take the cool star projector for yr kids!
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