TestMarket - Last Chance! Anker 525 Charging Station, 7-in-1 USB C Power Strip for iPhone 13/14, 5ft Extension Cord with 3AC, 2USB A, 2USB C, Max 65W Power Delivery Desktop Accessory for MacBook Pro, Home, Office (Phantom Black) - Only $48.99!

Last Chance! Anker 525 Charging Station, 7-in-1 USB C Power Strip for iPhone 13/14, 5ft Extension Cord with 3AC, 2USB A, 2USB C, Max 65W Power Delivery Desktop Accessory for MacBook Pro, Home, Office (Phantom Black) - Only $48.99!

Apr 07, 2024 08:33 am
Last Chance! Anker 525 Charging Station, 7-in-1 USB C Power Strip for iPhone 13/14, 5ft Extension Cord with 3AC, 2USB A, 2USB C, Max 65W Power Delivery Desktop Accessory for MacBook Pro, Home, Office (Phantom Black) - Only $48.99!
Brand Name: Anker
Category: Charging Stations
Seller Name: Droidz
Rating: 4.70
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Title: Power Hub Perfection
Content: The Anker 525 Charging Station, a 7-in-1 USB-C Power Strip, has truly revolutionized my charging setup. Despite its only minor drawback, this powerhouse deserves a solid five-star review for its impressive features and functionality. 1. All-in-One Charging Solution (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐): The Anker 525 Charging Station is a game-changer when it comes to simplifying my charging needs. With its seven ports, including USB-C and traditional USB outlets, it accommodates all my devices simultaneously. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for available outlets! 2. High-Powered and Fast Charging (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐): The charging speed is nothing short of impressive. Whether it's my smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets, the Anker 525 delivers a consistent and speedy charge. The USB-C port ensures fast charging for compatible devices, adding a level of efficiency to my daily routine. 3. Sturdy and Durable Build (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐): Anker's reputation for quality is evident in the sturdy build of this charging station. It feels robust and durable, assuring me that it can withstand the demands of daily use. The materials used inspire confidence in the product's longevity. 4. Versatility with AC Outlets (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐): The inclusion of AC outlets is a thoughtful touch. It allows me to power non-USB devices directly, adding versatility to the charging station. This feature is especially useful for charging laptops or other electronics that may not have USB compatibility. 5. Compactness Consideration (⭐⭐⭐⭐): The only drawback worth mentioning is that the charging station is a little bulkier than some alternatives on the market. While it doesn't compromise on functionality, users seeking an ultra-compact design may find it slightly less portable. In conclusion, the Anker 525 Charging Station is a stellar addition to any tech enthusiast's arsenal. Its seamless integration of various charging options, rapid charging capabilities, durability, and versatile design outweigh the minor concern of bulkiness. If you're looking for a reliable and efficient charging hub, the Anker 525 is a clear winner. A well-deserved five stars!
Title: Exactly what I needed
Content: Perfect fit for my nightstand. Dual Type C ports were exactly what I needed for my smart phone and watch. The 3 outlets on the back also come in handy for my Echo Show and Lamp. Plus it has two standard usb ports on the front. Clean design and quality is excellent. Very simple to install. Charging power is top notch. Would buy again!
Title: Great quality fast charging
Content: The Anker 525 Charging Station has become an invaluable travel companion for me. This 7-in-1 power strip is incredibly versatile and has all the ports I need, making it a breeze to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Whether it's my MacBook, iPhone, or Apple Watch, this charging station handles them all with ease. It's especially handy when staying in hotels that often have limited outlets. The 5ft extension cord provides ample reach, and the Phantom Black design adds a sleek touch. It's compact and easy to pack, making it a must-have for any traveler. If you're on the go and need a reliable, all-in-one charging solution, the Anker 525 Charging Station is an excellent choice. It's made my travel experiences more convenient and hassle-free, and I couldn't be happier with its performance.
Title: Power delivery on the next level for modern electronics
Content: They advertised that it will charge a MacBook Pro 71% faster than the default charger it ships with and I can confirm that. Charges all your devices extremely quickly. Also, it’s a tidy looking thing very efficient. There’s a lot to like about this charger. maybe the only drawback it’s missing is a power off button and if you’re charging multiple big devices AC and you’ve got to a standard computer plugged into the AC outlets AND USB combinations a couple times it got so hot it was dangerous. Disclaimer : I’M THINKING NO WAY YOU’RE RUNNING THIS THING HEAVILY LOADED EVERY USB SLOT USB C and USB3 AND 3 AC ALL AT ONCE. I DON’T THINK IT’S DESIGNED FOR THAT. That being said, Like many powerful devices in this category all you have to do is keep it cool. Also, This isn’t one of those devices you plug some stuff into it and throw it behind a dresser or tv where there’s no air circulation. Anyways, this thing is gold standard for portability. Mac and iOS users, as well as musicians will love this. Nice job and well done Anker!
Title: Small size and functional
Content: Great size and the right set of ports. Not as happy with the flat wall plug, the angle almost interferes with the plug below. It works great and meets my needs. Replaced a huge power bar.
Title: Great device except for one concern
Content: First the positives. The front charge ports are great and I have all four in use. This has been a great feature in keeping my devices all charged, or can quickly charge them. The length of the cord really provides the ability to place it where ever you want. All in all it is a pretty good device. Which leads to the one concern I have with this device. If you want to use the three power outlets with a cord that is not a standard plug you are not going to be able to get many things plugged in. I plugged an echo dot into it and I could not plug any other larger plugs in . I could not use the over sized plug in the outlet by the cord because there is not enough space, and if that plug is used on the outlet furthest from the cord it still crowds the middle outlet. I was able to plug my laptop adapter in around the bigger plug though so that is why I only took one star off. I think this product could be even better if the power cord was moved to a different location and spacing the outlets out just a bit. The would maximize the use of the product. Other than that I love using this product.

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  • 7-in-1: Power up to 7 devices simultaneously thanks to 3 AC outlets, 2 USB-A ports, and 2 USB-C ports.
  • Fast Charge 4 Devices: Use the 2 USB-C ports and 2 USB-A ports to charge your phone, notebook, smartwatch, and earbuds at high-speed—all at the same time.
  • Clutter-Free Charging: The AC outlets are all on the back so you can direct power cords behind your desk while having simple, clutter-free access to the front-facing USB and USB-C ports.
  • ActiveShield 2.0: Anker's proprietary technology enhances protection by intelligently monitoring temperature over 3 million times per day and adjusting power output to safeguard your connected devices.
  • What You Get: Anker 525 Charging Station, welcome guide, 24-month warranty, lifetime* $200,000 connected equipment warranty, and friendly customer service.
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