TestMarket - Time-Sensitive Deal: Save 20$ on KOld - Limited Offer!

Time-Sensitive Deal: Save 20$ on KOld - Limited Offer!

Jan 15, 2024 11:00 am
Time-Sensitive Deal: Save 20$ on KOld - Limited Offer!
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Title: Great Alternative To Snowchains
Content: These are made with a thicker material than the autosock. They are more durable, higher quality. Easy installation, and removal. Only draw back, is maximum speed is 25mph. Great for use on packed snow.
Title: work pretty well - easier than chains
Content: Product works pretty well. Very easy to put on. Gave decent traction in snow. They don’t seem like they will last very long because after just a few miles I can see wear thin spots. They can be tough (and very dirty) to remove, especially if they are semi frozen. Don’t try to yank it off all at once. Instead, do it a little at a time on different parts of the tire. Remove the front a little, then the middle, then the back, then start over. The first time I tried to remove them I struggled, but once I got the hang of it they came off easily b
Title: They just work!
Content: We have a 2WD Sprinter van with 265-75R16 tires. These fit like a glove and just plain work. We have a house in the Colorado mountains and our street is not maintained by the county. These go on/off VERY easily and make getting around the neighborhood and out to the highway an absolute breeze. Literally 5 mins to put both socks on. A+++ product.
Title: Super disappointed at this product
Content: I live in Southern California. Really excited to use this for a snow trip after seeing the reviews. I really didn't want to use chains/cables to my suv because of the potential risk of damaging something in the vehicle so seeing this option worked out for me. First off the pros, It came in a nice bag. Also, it really was very easy to install (took about 5 mins) and Caltrans accepted it as a legal traction device. Now for the bad stuff. I probably drove with it on for about 10 miles in snowy conditions. Followed the instructions in the bag to a T. The fastest I drove on it was probably 15mph and was letting everyone else pass me. Right when I got to the hotel, I wanted to take it off right away for washing like the instructions said, to prevent freezing. Taking it out is much more difficult because it adheres to the shape og the tire so it requires a lot of force to pull out. Also takes longer if it's really cold, even when using the gloves they provide. Taking one side off took maybe 15 minutes. After taking the first one out I went to the second one and it was ripped and pulling it off made it worse. The whole thing ended up ripping in half. I washed both with warm water and both were extremely frayed and the other one had a hole in it. This is just my first (and obviously last) time using it. Ended up buying chains anyway. Not sure if I recommend anyone getting this but Socal got a lot of snow this week so if really snowy conditions caused this much damage, I'm not sure how it will do when it's slushy ice/mud that you drive these on.
Title: Works GREAT in the snow...BUT....
Content: Works as it should on snow and ice. I went through a snow storm with roads unplowed consisting of at least 6, 8 inches of snow quite well. There were parts of the road I thought I'd get stuck in but these babies went through fine. I did have to back up a bit on a heavily snow filled part and push on through, I made it through fine. There's good traction. I drive a small sedan that is also quite low. It's a little tough to put them on which takes a bit of strength for my vehicle, I can put two on in about 10 minutes. BUT...these guys do NOT last long and will get damaged real easy if you go over 20mph on DRY roads. These are meant to be driven of up to 25mph on snowy and icy roads. On dry roads, you will have to go real slow. My car made a lot of noise from the wheels when I went 30 on a dry road, after parking and checking the socks, they were slightly damaged, I've only used these on about 4 drives. These socks will also catch snow inside the socks which may damage them even further especially with ice. MAINTAIN and GO SLOW with these socks well and they should last longer. If you've been through a lot of snow in one trip, be sure to take them off to dry after your trip is done for the day. These socks are really just meant for more temporary emergency situations really. If heavy snow hits your town, put them on. DO NOT use it for long and highway drivings. This is only good for short distances and in town driving. Go get snow tires if you want to avoid all of this hassle. I give it a 3/5, works very well in the snow but lacks durability and are very prone to damage.
Title: Works great for me
Content: The media could not be loaded. I got these primary for plowing with my SUV. A particular spot in my driveway is pretty steep. Usually when plowing I avoid plowing this spot, otherwise I need to winch myself back out. I didn't want regular chains because they will chew up the driveway. I finally got to test out these socks. I plowed this troublesome section of my driveway first without the socks, and sure enough I had to winch out. I then put on the socks, and viola, I backed right out, a little bit of slipping on the rear tires, which is expected, but the front tires pushed me right up without even a whimper. Wonderful! Granted, I don't need to make any sharp turns plowing my driveway, so I don't know how well they would hold up for more extreme use. But for me, these seem perfect so far ... well, perfect except for the price. They are a bit pricey, but worth it if they hold up over the long run. Also sad you're not supposed to drive over 25 MPH, but I think that's probably a safety thing since these cover the entire tread of the tire, therefore you lose the primary safety features of rubber at higher speeds. But they do feel extremely well made and durable. It took me about 5 minutes, total, to install these which was the first time I tried to do so. I'll probably be able to do it faster next time. I saw in the photo and video that I didn't do a good job with that passenger side, I put it on like that, it didn't slip like that from driving. I'll be heading out in the wilderness with winch and these socks for more testing, but so far so good. For those that may be wondering like many about "how" can these work. I can feel small shards of metal embedded in the material, so these seem to act like studded tires, except the studs per inch is significantly higher than that of studded tires. And they don't protrude so much that they too would chew up a driveway, they are just at the surface of the material. The metal is on the inside too so it can grab onto the rubber as well.

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  • Smart alternative to tire chains and cables: Better traction, improved steering and braking performance. Legally accepted tire traction device for long-distance winter travel. Check the Size Chart in the description.
  • Heading to mountains or ski resorts? Ultimate grip, durable, tear-resistant, washable, and reusable. Emergency travel kit for winter, lifesaver during a blizzard. Tire snow socks for cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans.
  • 5 minutes quick & easy assembly. Includes a pair of snow socks for tires, a zippered storage bag, a pair of gloves, and a wet carrying bag.
  • Safe & Quiet: Does not damage tires or rims. Safe for ABS, ASR, ESC, ESP & TCS systems in your vehicle. No vibration, no rust, no mess. Light & compact.
  • New Technology: Designed in Canada & Manufactured in Europe: EU EN-16662-1 Certified. Approved Alternate Traction Devices (ATD) per Colorado Department of Transportation (Ref #:5501-22). Safe & environment friendly. Thicker and stronger than competitors. Patented and recommended for passenger cars, SUVs, vans, pickup trucks, and 4x4s.
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