TestMarket - Unlock Your Savings Now - COMSOON Bluetooth Receiver for Car, 28% Off! Limited Time Offer!

Unlock Your Savings Now - COMSOON Bluetooth Receiver for Car, 28% Off! Limited Time Offer!

May 16, 2024 01:48 pm
Unlock Your Savings Now - COMSOON Bluetooth Receiver for Car, 28% Off! Limited Time Offer!
Brand Name: COMSOON
Category: Car Stereo Receivers
Seller Name: Comsoon Tech-US
Rating: 4.50
Total Rating Count: 42434
Saving $5.55
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Act Now! Snag Your Discount on COMSOON Bluetooth Receiver for Car and enjoy 28% off the original price of $19.99. Get it now for only $14.44 and save $5.55. Don't miss your chance to upgrade your car audio experience with this Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Car Adapter. Enjoy wireless audio streaming and hands-free calls with a long-lasting 16-hour battery life. Shop now and seize the opportunity to save big! Hurry, limited stock available.

Title: Very impressed!!
Content: Purchased recently for 2 reasons: My 2012 GMC Terrain Bluetooth & Hands Free Calling compatibility completing stopped working & disappeared from my car to where I can't access either of them as if they never existed! Was SUPER bummed, as I don't like to hold my phone at all while driving & speaker phone not good enough sound quality. Secondly, I upgraded to Galaxy 23+ and no longer have Aux- soo I lost my Bluetooth, Hands Free Calling and Aux media playing!! So far, I'm shocked at how well this device works for the price!! I used aux cord that came w/ it & plugged into car aux inside center console that runs through a cord opening GMC designed to be accessible and device sits in a little compartment right in front of console. It connected right away from car aux via Bluetooth directly to phone with no connectivity issues so far. FINALLYY have audio playback through my car speakers & media dash control AND hands free calling again!!! So far, no difference in overall sound quality on media or a call, no complaints so far from anyone hearing me, no issues during call or any interference, static or buzzing sounds. Have not had to charge yet as just bought but I have a USB C plug above Aux so will try that first. The device volume/skip and main source buttons don't matter for me as my phone always on mid volume with ringer turned down low and I've always controlled audio volume through car dials or through steering wheel. You dont need to worry about adjusting volume on device itself for that reason unless quicker or based on personal situation. I use my phone to skip/pause & swipe right/left in Spotify app on phone & answer/hangup calls directly on phone. May be diff for me as my phone attaches to a magnetic car mount by steering wheel. It's neat too if I mute speaker in a call it mutes device mic too. Very curious on all reviews I read to see how long device last as is #1 complaint. Only con for me and multiple people is no auto turn on or auto disconnect when car off & and when you get a call your phone rings on top of device spelling out #, but doesnt bother me, im just glad i even have access to do either things now. I like that a voice tells me im connected without looking for light to Blink. With the amount of reviews and being #1 best seller, it's worth to try based on the quality you get for such a low price and wayy better than FM transmitters in my opinion.
Title: Excellent value!
Content: It works like a charm. No problem connecting to my phone or PC. It surprised me that it can stay connected to both at the same time which is awesome. Also I didn't expect it to work on my 5.1 surround sound but it does! I couldn't be happier this thing is great 👍. I would highly recommend to anybody looking for a solution to going wireless. It even shows up as a sound card on my PC. The battery life is fantastic it's small light weight and hasn't dropped signal once. Whoever made this product gets a high five from me , it's the best 20 bucks I have ever spent.
Title: Fast, cheap, and reliable 😎👍
Content: Purchased to pair with my Walker Razor Slim Ear muffs that have an Aux port but no Bluetooth features. Plugged in the reciever (this product) with my range muffs, and they worked perfectly! At first there was a little static when turning on the headset, but that wasn't due to this product (my headset had problems). Figured it was the cord I had, so I used the one given in the box and it worked flawlessly! No problems with pairing, or device use. It's very straightforward, and I love the fact that it uses USB-C to charge. Would recommend to anyone looking to use for a wired headset, range protection w/Aux cord, or even in an old car without Bluetooth.
Title: works great
Content: it connects very quickly to my Pixel 7. volume adjustments does need more vs. using the Aux cord. only complaint is the blinking blue light on the play button is very bright at night.
Title: Great for retrofitting an old stereo
Content: I have an old stereo in my workshop. It works fine but only has a CD-player and radio. It predates streaming music by at least a decade. I thought about buying a new stereo, but it's a workshop and I'd rather spend money on tools. Then I noticed there was an Aux In jack on the front of the stereo. I got this and now I can stream music from my phone. Setup was very easy and the sound quality is at least as good as the stereo itself is capable of so I'm very happy with this unit.
Title: Great product
Content: I have an old stereo so I needed a Bluetooth transmitter and for that works great. Fast pairing, good sound quality (not an audio geek), good battery life and usb type c port. Sometimes I’ve used it to get calls and microphone is not great, but that’s not a dealbreaker for my so, had one and lost it before and now bought the replacement without any doubt.

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  • 【Enjoy Wireless Streaming Music】This car Bluetooth adapter can be connected to non-Bluetooth car audio systems, home stereos, speakers, wired headphones via the 3.5mm AUX adapter; And equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip for stable connection / fast transmission / wide signal range. Just pair it with your phone and start listening to your favorite music!
  • 【Intelligent Noise Reduction Tech】Our Bluetooth audio receiver adopts the latest CVC8.0 Noise Cancellation and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technologies, which can eliminate echo and block out intrusive background noise (such as wind, traffic, or crowds), providing you with crystal-clear calling sounds.
  • 【Up to 16 Hours of Battery Life】The working time of this aux Bluetooth adapter is up to 16 hours when making calls or playing music. And it takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge the device by using a Type-C fast charging cable (Included in the package). In addition, this Bluetooth music adapter can be used while charging, which is very convenient.
  • 【Hands-free Calling & Navigation】A built-in microphone and one “MFB” button to answer / redial / hang up / reject calls, help you make hands-free calls. And the Bluetooth audio adapter supports broadcasting voice notification from existed navigation App. You don’t have to look down the phone on the move. Make sure you drive safely!
  • 【Dual Connection】The portable Bluetooth stereo adapter can be paired with 2 devices at the same time. You can enjoy your music and never worry about missing any calls. Once paired, the car receiver will automatically reconnect to your last paired Bluetooth devices, as long as they are within the wireless range.
  • 【Warm Tips】①This device cannot be paired with Bluetooth headphones, and can only convert wired headphones to wireless ones. ②After the battery is over-discharged, the red light may not light up in the first 10S of charging, please observe whether the light is on after at least 10S charging.
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