TestMarket - Limited Time Offer: Kenmore Elite 81714 Pet Friendly Ultra Plush Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum

Limited Time Offer: Kenmore Elite 81714 Pet Friendly Ultra Plush Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum

Jan 15, 2024 08:57 am
Limited Time Offer: Kenmore Elite 81714 Pet Friendly Ultra Plush Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum
Brand Name: Kenmore
Category: Canister Vacuums
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Get Your Exclusive Savings on the Kenmore Elite 81714 Pet Friendly Ultra Plush Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum. Limited Time Offer, Don't Miss Your Chance to Save! This vacuum comes with a Pet PowerMate, HEPA filtration, an Extended Telescoping Wand, Retractable Cord, and 3 Cleaning Tools. Shop and Save Now to Snag Your Discount Today! Original Price: $399.99, New Price: $349.99. You Save: $50.00

Title: Many hard-to-find features!
Content: I own the same model of this vacuum from 25 years ago. I loved that vacuum more than I can say. Tried to get it repaired, but they no longer sell the parts, which is unfortunate. The newer one, though, has all the features I loved plus one that I really need, but didn't know I needed. I also own a Miele canister vacuum so I'll share some notable differences. PROS 1. This vacuum has a light (and it the light is operational even when you disconnect the powered floor nozzle and use only the part made for hardwood floors). Mieles with similar price points do not have any light, and the light is really useful for illuminating where the dirt is under couches and under furniture, esp if you have pet hair. 2. The suction is incredibly strong and adjustable. Could probably suck up a small cat from about 30 feet away. j/k but it's intense. Miele's has great suction too. 3. The on/off switch is located on the handle, so you don't have to bend down. Miele has the power switch on the canister itself. Ostensibly you can use your foot to turn the switch on/off on the Miele, but I've had to bend down often to get it to turn on, and often the canister is far away, so if you want to turn the suction up or down or turn off the machine momentarily, say to pick something up, the location of the switch makes a big difference. 4. The floor cleaning nozzle is two-in-one (one powered for carpets and one unpowered made for hardwood that just glides effortlessly and picks up everything on the first try). When I have used the (un)powered Miele floor brush attachment, it often makes smaller bits (like cat litter) shoot all over the place. Miele has a similar tool, but you have to bend down to change the nozzle head and it still doesn't pick up small bits on hardwood as well. With the Kenmore, you just use your foot to pull out the floor brush from the motorized nozzle. Easy and quick and no fussing with finding a different attachment and bending down to affix it. 5. All of the attachments (including the powered pet mate attachment) are stored inside the canister with a lid. Miele's storage is flimsy and not contained, so I found that the attachments would routinely fell off their caddy. 6. Power cord is retractable (same as Miele, but the button on the Kenmore is larger and easier to use). 7. Both the suction tube connecting the floor wand to the canister AND the power cord are significantly longer than the Miele's. I have a very small apartment, and this still annoyed me. If you want to be able to clean without having to plug and unplug the vacuum regularly, the extra length is lovely. 8. The floor nozzle on the Kenmore can almost go flush with the ground and the attachment still stays level so it can vacuum under furniture effectively even if it's quite a distance back. The Miele's floor attachment pops up (becomes unlevel with the floor) when you try to make the handle level with the floor. I do have to say, my 25 yo Kenmore could go completely flush with the ground, perhaps even lower and still remain level. So I'm bummed that the new one can't go completely flush, but it's still able to vacuum more flush than the Miele. 9. Kenmore is cheaper than most Mieles. Having enjoyed most of the above features on my 25 year old Kenmore, I was disappointed by the Miele. CONS 1. The canister and wand on the Kenmore are heavier than the Miele. The weight of the canister is annoying if you need to carry it up and down stairs. And although I don't have any stairs, I imagine the Miele would be easier for stairs. 2. The wheels don't work perfectly on the Kenmore (they were fabulous on my older model). So while canister vacuums are always a little clumsy, I find maneuvering with the Miele easier. That's about it. I like having both vacuums, but if I had to choose one, it would no contest: I would go with the Kenmore. If money weren't an object, perhaps the top-of-the-line Mieles would match the features on this Kenmore, but for twice the price or more.
Title: Fantastic buy!
Content: I ordered the Kenmore 81714 Ultra Plush and it came in today. I gave it quite a workout as I've been vacuuming since it's arrival. The kids and I named it Kenny. This thing is so fun. I started out on the hard floors and it handled it just fine. I wish there was a separate power head with a fluffy brush roll to dust the floors, but I do think the suction on this Kenmore is amazing enough to not need it. This is my first canister and I felt a bit clumsy and clanked it everywhere. I think there's a bit of a learning curve to it, but Kenny followed me wherever I needed to go. Then I switched out the power head for the powered pet brush for the stairs. I do not own pets, but I bought this vacuum specifically for this attachment. My old Shark couldn't suck up the sand out of the carpet that the kids track it. I think the Kenmore handled it like a champ. It was a quite a workout using this attachment as I wanted the suction as high as it would go. There's a place on the handle to adjust the suction level. This would make it easier to maneuver on the stairs, but I didn't want to sacrifice suction. I needed a deep clean after using my Shark for years. Again I was a bit clumsy and knocked Kenny down the stairs, but he held on tightly. The hose took quite a yank, but didn't break. The motor didn't skip a beat. Kenny's wheel popped off but it snapped right back on. I decided to take him for a whirl on the upstairs carpet. We have medium pile carpet. I kept the height level on the lowest one to try to get deeper into the carpet. It didn't make it difficult to push, but I could hear all the dirt and dust that my Shark was missing all these years. I took my time with him. I did have to clean hair, thread, and yarn out of the brush roll. This is not an anti-cutting brush roll like my Shark. I feel like if you take the time to clean out the roll each time you use it (we have 4 girls with long hair), then it won't get too bad. After running Kenny for HOURS on my hard floors, stairs, and carpet we needed a break. He was getting pretty hot. I never smelled anything burning or funny smells, but with how hot the unit was getting, I felt he needed to cool down a bit. Finally, I took him around and used the different attachments for dusting. The machine dusted quite well. The suction on Kenny is AMAZING. I was able to use the dusting tool for the windows, wall, ceiling, baseboards, paneled doors, etc. Then I followed around the perimeter of the rooms with the crevice tool. I'm highly impressed with this vacuum. I'm so glad I bought it. I just hope it lasts and doesn't break on me. I bought the protection plan just in case because things just aren't made like they used to be. At the end of the day, Kenny pulled up an ENTIRE bag of dirt, dust, and sand from deep in my carpets that my Shark was neglecting for the past 4.5 years even with daily vacuuming. Gross. Also, really cool to see that Kenny is performing like I had hoped. I have 2 complaints. #1 how hot Kenny got. I was a little worried for him. I understand it's a 12 amp motor and will put out some heat, but it was hot to the touch and could burn skin. I worry about one of my kids touching or the motor overheating and catching fire or melting plastics. He started getting hot on the stairs so I hadn't been running him that long before I noticed the heat. The hot air blowing from the vacuum made a spot on my leg red because I had to wedge him with my leg so he didn't fall down the stairs again. He's a champ, though. #2 I wish the opening for the crevice tool was slightly larger. I had to keep going over the same areas where the baseboard meets the carpet. I may try to find a larger crevice tool to use instead.
Title: Works great!
Content: Plus points - there is a place for all the attachments which is amazing! Vacuum has great suction. With 3 dogs and two cats the hair is awful and it cleaned it right up. The floor attachment is attached to the carpet beater bar attachment. It’s easy to remove it! It’s also easy to reattach. The beater bar does turn off when you move button from carpet to hardwood so you can use either the bare floor attachment or turn beater bar off. The floor attachment works better then turning the beater bar off. The cord is a good length and does retract into base which is perfect. The vacuum is also much quieter than any I’ve used prior. There are large wheels on the base which makes the machine base spin and move easy. Has a long hose which is nice. Downfalls which aren’t too many - the lid over the attachments is a bit flimsy. I’d personally like the cord a few feet longer even though I added that as a plus. The hose attachment is a bit stiff which makes it hard to maneuver the vacuum at times. This is a minor issue. The lever to increase the suction power is too easy to slide. It hit it several times and had to readjust it. It has a light at the bottom of the handle section just above the beater bar attachment. It would be nice if there were lights on the front of the beater bar. I’m giving 4 stars due to the few downfalls but overall the vacuum is great and has all the options I wanted! This is not easy to find!
Title: Quality Machine, worth the price, works great
Content: I've purchased and used a lot of much cheaper machines from Walmart and other stores. All of them performed just okay when new but none of them lasted very long due to poor quality plastics and pieces breaking. I remembered my mom's Kenmore WhisperTone that she has had for 25 years and it is still running great and looks great too. Here in Canada, Kenmore was available at Sears but there are no longer any Sears stores in Canada. I looked at the Kenmore site and found that I had to buy it on Amazon to avoid paying duty charges. I chose the Series 700 Ultra Plush for its features such as the HEPA bags and filter, the powerhead that steers and does carpets and hardfloors and has a LED light, the tools all fit inside the canister, it has a bag-full LED, an extending wand (that locks at 4" increments), and it comes with the small powerhead that is good for stairs and car floors and it fits inside the canister too. The bare-floor tool and the small brush tool have horse-hair bristles, not plastic. The machine looks very classy with the shiny champagne color. It has tons of suction without being too loud. The rear wheels are big so the whole thing rolls pretty easily. A word about the hose, where it plugs into the canister, it has a nice swivel joint. If you see photos or videos of older machines, the joint often is seen having an elbow, like a 45 degree bend in it and you can tell that it swivels. The photos of this newer version show the joint is straight so I was concerned that it did not swivel which I thought would be stressful on the hose. I'm happy to report that there is still a swivel joint so the hose will not tangle if you walk around the machine. The entire machine and the tools are built well and I expect that this machine will last for many years. Thank you Kenmore!
Title: A classic that kicks ass
Content: For years I owned various Dirt Devil and Shark vacuums. I had uprights and bagless models. But I started noticing that they were all failing after just a few years, which I really disliked because fixing them was very expensive or impossible (not to mention annoying). The other thing I didn’t like with the bagless models was the POOF! of grossness that flew into my face and the air when I emptied the containers into the garbage. I did some research and found out that some allergists actually recommend against bagless vacuums because of this very reason. No surprise there. I started searching online for bag vacuums and could hardly find any. The one I did find that was well-rated was this Kenmore. I remembered that my aunt has owned nearly the same model for 20+ years and loves it, so I decided to give it a shot even though I dislike canister vacuums. What I found particularly appealing was that the bags themselves provide HEPA filtration! Here’s where things get disturbing: We had just vacuumed the house with our Shark vacuum a couple days before receiving the Kenmore. We decided to try the Kenmore anyway and were horrified by how much it picked up. It quickly became evident that our Shark vacuum had only been skimming the surface. I’m not a germaphobe but I was seriously grossed out by how much filth we had been living in. No wonder we were having low-level sinus problems! We vacuumed a couple more times that week and ended up needing to order replacement bags right away because the included bag was already full in days. Having a canister is a little annoying, but who cares if it’s actually vacuuming properly? The one thing I regret with this purchase, though, is not having gone with the longer hose. Having an extra foot or two would be really nice for maneuverability. Once the hose gets old, I’ll definitely choose a longer one when we replace it. As for the sturdiness and overall quality of the vacuum, wow. This thing is built to last. The hose is THICK. I haven’t seen such a high-quality hose since the 90s. I didn’t even think they existed anymore. And the head is just a beast, but in a good way. It’s made with metal to easily survive all the hits you’ll give it over the years. Yes, this makes the whole system a bit heavier, but the lighter vacuums fail so often. I’m tired of handing over money every few years and adding to landfills. Long story short, this vacuum is worth its weight in gold and I wound definitely recommend it to anyone with pets (we have two cats) and/or chronic sinus issues. Going back to old-fashioned bags is the best thing we ever did, and you can’t beat Kenmore quality.
Title: Wonderfully powerful machine
Content: What a wonderfully powerful machine with extremely great suction. Always been a Kenmore fan but now even more so. Have only ever owned Kenmores but this one is by far the best machine of them all with the best suction I've ever experienced. Such a great machine that comes highly recommended. Will not disappoint!

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  • BAGGED CANISTER VACUUM: Designed to clean all areas and surfaces of your entire home, den, kitchen, car or garage quickly and efficiently with multiple attachment tools and swivel head.Specific uses:Carpet and Floor
  • PET POWERMATE: Motorized attachment lifts stubborn pet hair, dander and dirt quickly from surfaces. Unique design eliminates hair from tangling around the brush
  • ULTRA PLUSH NOZZLE: Powerful airflow for a deeper clean. Pile height adjustment is manual
  • HEPA FILTER SYSTEM: Enhanced HEPA filter system traps 99.7% of debris, trapping dander and dust inside the vacuum reducing allergy-induced pollutants in the room
  • ENHANCED FEATURES: 2-motor system excels in suction strength. Exclusive Stair Grip enables unit to rest on staircase
  • TELESCOPING ALUMINUM WAND: Adjustable wand is lightweight and lengthens to extended reach of 10'. Detachable handle is perfect for thoroughly cleaning furniture, car interior, and tight spaces
  • STORAGE: At 22 lbs the compact, lightweight design is easy to maneuver. 26' cord is retractable and all accessories and attachments fit neatly within the vacuum making it easy to store
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