TestMarket - Limited Time Offer: Magnificent 101 Sage Leaf Energy Cleansing Candle - 6-oz Tin Holder

Limited Time Offer: Magnificent 101 Sage Leaf Energy Cleansing Candle - 6-oz Tin Holder

Jan 14, 2024 04:27 pm
Limited Time Offer: Magnificent 101 Sage Leaf Energy Cleansing Candle - 6-oz Tin Holder
Brand Name: MAGNIFICENT 101
Category: Candles
Seller Name: Magnificent 101
Rating: 4.50
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Avail Your Offer Now! This exclusive Magnificent 101 Sage Leaf Energy Cleansing Candle is a must-have for soothing and purifying your surroundings. Made with 100% natural soy wax infused with pure white sage leaves, this 6-oz tin holder candle creates a tranquil ambiance. Don't miss your chance to save! Get it now for just $16.99 (was $17.99), saving $1.00. Limited Time Offer - Act Fast!

Title: A Magical Experience of Cleansing and Positivity - 5 Stars!
Content: I am absolutely enchanted by the MAGNIFICENT101 Pure White Sage Smudge Candle! This product has brought an entirely new level of positive energy and cleansing to my home, and I'm thrilled to share my five-star review. From the moment I lit this candle, I was greeted by a soothing and captivating aroma that immediately set the tone for a cleansing experience. The scent of pure white sage is powerful and invigorating, yet it manages to create a sense of tranquility and peace within my space. It's as if the candle itself carries ancient wisdom and spirituality that fills the air. The design and packaging of the candle are beautifully done, adding an extra layer of elegance to the overall experience. It's clear that attention to detail has been a priority for MAGNIFICENT101, which only enhances the product's appeal. What truly sets this smudge candle apart is its dual functionality. Not only does it emit the wonderful fragrance of white sage, but it also serves as a tool for energy cleansing and purification. I've found that lighting this candle with the intention of cleansing my space has a profound effect on the atmosphere. It's almost as if negative energy is being swept away, leaving behind a refreshed and positive ambiance. The longevity of the candle is also impressive. It burns evenly and lasts for a substantial amount of time, allowing me to enjoy its benefits over multiple sessions. I must also mention that customer satisfaction seems to be a priority for MAGNIFICENT101. Their commitment to delivering a high-quality product is evident in every aspect, from the packaging to the performance of the candle itself. In conclusion, the MAGNIFICENT101 Pure White Sage Smudge Candle has become an integral part of my home's atmosphere. Its ability to cleanse, refresh, and infuse positive energy is truly remarkable. If you're seeking a way to enhance your living space and invite a sense of serenity and positivity, this candle is an absolute must-try. I'm in love with it and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to experience the magic it brings.
Title: Really nice candle
Content: I have bought a few of these. Because I was so impressed with the product and have gained many compliments with how well it works. And it completely fills the room with a beautiful scent. It's not a large candle but it lasts well for its size. I've scooped put the extra on the side to not waste the product and put in a wax melter too with ease!
Title: Excellent product
Content: I have purchased several scents and the sage I’ve purchased 3 times. I’ve gotten other people to buy too. Smells great, clean burn no thick black smoke or anything. High quality product and a great price
Title: Unsure if I’m keeping
Content: The sage part smells wonderful but there it a strong undertone that smells like soap to me. It smells like it’s sage with something else added that I don’t know if I like. Pablo Santo candle from this company smells wonderful. Wish it was a couple of dollars cheaper. Just set up a subscribe and save on this one.
Title: Pleasant aroma candle
Content: Bought as a gift for Daughter in-law.. She was happy with the product, and appearance of this candle..
Title: Best for stress
Content: Best candle ever and it smells wonderful

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  • Aromatherapy and Manifestation Candle: Made of naturally cultivated sage and 100% natural soy wax (no petroleum or paraffin wax), this blend of earthy sage aromas creates a natural harmony in the home and body to help you focus on energy clearing, protection, and blessings
  • Energy Cleansing: Light a candle and begin by cleansing your mind and space of negative energies that are holding you back. It’s a good idea to leave a window or door open. The negative energy needs to be able to leave your space (and go somewhere else) for a thorough energy cleansing
  • Intention Setting: Relaxing and letting go of negative thoughts in a candle-burning meditation ritual improves mental clarity. The scented candle smoke allows you to set intentions and draw in positive energy. Repeat as often as needed until you deeply understand the intention you want to manifest
  • Chakra Healing: Our candles are produced for smudging, purification, stress relief, and restoration. Using candles to support a practice of meditation and intention-setting paves the way for a healthful, energized life. Place decorative and inspiring candles in your home and work spaces to remind you of your positive intentions every day
  • Gifts of Spirit: Love, light, and positive energy go into every product made by Magnificent 101. From reaching for true love and to harnessing the power of the zodiac, there’s a perfect candle to suit every family member, friend, and coworker in your life
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