TestMarket - Unlock the Future of Entertainment with XREAL Beam! Limited-Time Offer - Save 15% Now!

Unlock the Future of Entertainment with XREAL Beam! Limited-Time Offer - Save 15% Now!

Jan 14, 2024 07:16 pm
Unlock the Future of Entertainment with XREAL Beam! Limited-Time Offer - Save 15% Now!
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Experience a whole new level of visual immersion with XREAL Beam (formerly Nreal)! Transform any video content into a breathtaking spatial display right before your eyes. Connect seamlessly to your smartphones, gaming consoles, and PCs for an unparalleled entertainment experience. Don't wait - grab yours before it's gone! Old Price: $119.00, New Price: $101.15 (Discount: $15.00, Saving: $17.85). Act now and unlock your savings!

Title: Pretty much required for Xreal owners.
Content: I could see how this not being included with the glasses might get under someone's skin because it is so useful it feels like it must be standard. I've had my Nreal glasses since before the company became Xreal and if it weren't for this product getting such low reviews, I would have bought it a long time ago, instead of waiting for a sale like I did. If you don't knkw anything about casting, mirroring your screen, this product is probably not for you because that is what it does. For me, this was the missing piece to connect to my awindows comouter wirelessly. It wasn't difficult but it was confusing because there should be 3 seperate ways to get this thing to work, wifi, Bluetooth, or wired, but the only way I am able to get it to work is as an external display, which is fine, because it works. Sometimes reviews can be frustrating because this thing is exactly what it says it is, it's a huge improvement from operating the glasses without it, and $100 isn't that insane considering it turns your glasses into a wireless display. The unit heats up hot enough that it has a fan... like a computer fan... thing gets hot enough to use as a handwarmer... or personal space heater... but I wouldn't say that makes we want to deduct a star from the review, just don't leave it covered, it's gonna need to stay exposed to air. Good product, wish it did come with the original glasses but oh well.
Title: This is worth the price only for very specific users.
Content: The real thing you need to knwo is that this is a closed up box, unlike the android add-ons for any other pair of AR glasses, and the XReal software is a not a great schoice right now. It doesn't have the Google Play store. It's a walled garden, and a tiny one at that. An example: it's made to be used only with the XReal glasses, which have a 16:9 aspect ratio, but the UI they provide in the Beam is 9:16 ratio. They put it in portrait mode for a display that only is landscape. Now the rest: I'm a long-time user of head-mounted displays, and have tried several of the current generation of products. In my opinion, the XReal Air 2/Air 2 Pro may be the best set of glasses available at the consumer price point, but this adaptor and the fact it's basically required for some functions you may want, is a problem. Software seems to be XReal's achilles' heel and you will prefer being stabbed in the foot to operating the XReal Beam. You might buy this if you *need* to have the screen in the XReal glasses slowly move to your gaze so you avoid motion sickness, or if you like the idea of sitting in one place and having the screen stay put "in the room" when you move your head. But there are better options for pretty much everything the Beam provides; including those. For the same price as this Beam, you can get a far more powerful and quiet, cool Android phone that supports DP ALT and can turn it's screen off while being used with an external display. Most of the Samsung flagship line does, for instance, a used S10 will cost the same as the Beam and do everything the Beam does* and far, far, far more, while being nice to use, nice to look at, and open to run your own software. None of this can be done by the Beam. *The one thing a DP ALT supporting Android phone won't do is pass through the signal to another device, such as a Nintendo Switch or Playstation, while allowing you to charge, so you can use it indefinitely. For that, you want to buy a simple $25 USB-C/HDMI/charging cable. Or you can find some specialized devices that support the passthrough and power with DP ALT but they are far, far more expensive as of this writing. I've a couple cheaper options for that on order, we'll see. However, it's worth mentioning if you go the Android phone route, you can install e.g. Moonlight, Chiaki, PSPlay, etc and stream games to it at full resolution and framerate, so the passthrough at that point is redundant. The only console that I'm unaware of having this option is the Switch.
Title: Incomplete, inconvenient, poor implementation, poor support.
Content: I have Air glasses and a Beam. My experience with Beam was "Why the heck did I buy this?" I saw why: The ad showed it connected to a Switch, but it's not possible to use a Switch in that mode with the glasses. It requires the Switch to be docked and wired to the Beam and then the Beam to the glasses. And then it requires you to use disconnected Joy-Cons or a Pro controller (not attached controllers) to work. The fan onboard is noisy, and the battery life is poor. There is no option for fixed (not smooth) mode in your visuals. This means you will not get the full 1080p of a display unless you keep your head PERFECTLY STILL because any movement will push the "screen" out of your field of view until it catches up, and even then you'll spend more time missing parts of your screen than getting the full image. Movement causes issues too. Look up "OLED Smudging" It is honest: Watching movies with DRM is not supported while casting. Only while tethered to the device you wish to use, so you need to carry the glasses, Beam, and the broadcasting device. What that doesn't tell you: ALMOST EVERYTHING WORTH WATCHING HAS DRM. I haven't needed to contact support for anything regarding Beam, but I contacted support over Email for Air over 3 weeks ago and haven't heard a reply. Skip this, and skip the whole company until they get their priorities straight.
Title: This Beam works ok, but has some flaws.
Content: It's interesting to watch Netflix with only this device and the Xreal glasses. I like it a lot. But... This thing becomes so hot I have a hard time keeping it in my shirt pocket. Also, for whatever reason, playing games from my gaming laptop through the Beam is next to impossible to play. It's like playing in 20 fps per seconds. The image is so choppy... But the laptop itself plays all games very nicely, so the problem comes surely from the Beam. Netflix and gaming were the most 2 things I wanted to do with it. So, kind of a bummer for me. Anyway... I guess I'll keep it even if I'm not totally satisfied with it because watching movies with this thing is quite nice.
Title: Works well but not with apple
Content: worked as expected but issues switching between devices and using multiple devices. Also frustrating there is more adapters need for apple. Already had to get the glasses and then additional the beam just to connect to anything... but the beam itself needs more adapters... For the price it should come with proper adapters for any device.

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  • YOUR ULTIMATE XREAL AIR COMPANION: XREAL Beam turns any video content into an incredible Spatial Display on XREAL Air AR glasses. Built on XREAL's proprietary Spatial Computing technology, Beam can fix a 330" screen in the air, offering a natural viewing experience similar to that of a huge real-world TV. Join 100,000+ fans around the world and engage with our vibrant community of XREAL users!
  • EXPERIENCE THEREE SPATIAL DISPLAY MODES: Whether you are sitting at home, in a vehicle, or moving around, Spatial Display has you covered, with mode options to fix the virtual screen in position, have it move with you, or displayed to one side. Enjoy sharp visuals and vivid colors wherever you are using the most natural viewing experience in AR.
  • MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT, GAMING AND PRODUCTIVITY: XREAL Beam lets you create a personal theater on the go, a gigantic screen for gaming, or an ultra-large portable monitor for work. Enjoy the entertainment you love, and watch DRM content using a wired connection. Spatial Display means enhanced comfort and reduced neck pain, making it a must-have gadget for avid gamers, movie lovers and business travelers.
  • EXCEPTIONAL COMPATIBILITY: Connect to almost any smartphone, gaming console and PC using a wired connection. Connect to Switch, Steam Deck and PC using an XREAL C-C cable (included), or hook up your PS 5, Xbox and iPhone using an XREAL HDMI-C cable (Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter is required for iPhone connections). Explore a wireless casting experience on devices that support AirPlay, Miracast or DLNA. Note: For an optimal casting experience we recommend using a wired connection.
  • EXTRA-LONG PLAYTIME: Enjoy 3.5 hours of battery life, plus two USB-C ports supporting simultaneous charging and playing when using wireless connections. Turn on Depth Control to adjust the screen distance, or turn it off to enhance image quality while extending battery life.
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