TestMarket - Limited-Time Discount: XHF 5/8” Adhesive Cable Wire Clips - 60pcs

Limited-Time Discount: XHF 5/8” Adhesive Cable Wire Clips - 60pcs

Jan 14, 2024 03:33 pm
Limited-Time Discount: XHF 5/8” Adhesive Cable Wire Clips - 60pcs
Brand Name: XHF
Category: Cable Straps
Seller Name: XHF2018
Rating: 4.50
Total Rating Count: 2521
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Secure Your Deal on XHF 5/8” Adhesive Cable Wire Clips - Limited Offer! Don't Miss Your Chance to Save. Claim Yours Now! Organize your cables with these outdoor cable management wire organizers. Suitable for under desks, cars, walls, TVs, and PCs. Made of high-quality material for long-lasting durability. Old Price: $8.99. New Price: $6.39. Save 29% with this exclusive promo. You'll save $2.6 on your purchase. Act fast and snatch your discount today!

Title: Cable Clips Adhesive Cord Management: A Neat and Tidy Solution
Content: Cable clips with adhesive backing have become an essential part of my life as I strive for a more organized and clutter-free workspace. These little wonders are a simple yet effective solution for keeping cords and cables in check. Here's why I find them to be a valuable addition: **Easy Installation (5/5):** These cable clips couldn't be easier to install. The adhesive backing sticks securely to a variety of surfaces, and it only takes a few seconds to get them in place. No tools or drilling required, which is a significant convenience. **Cable Management (4/5):** As a cable management solution, these clips do a commendable job. They keep cords neatly organized and prevent them from tangling, which not only makes my workspace look cleaner but also simplifies the task of finding the right cable when needed. **Durable Adhesive (4/5):** The adhesive backing on these clips is durable and long-lasting. I haven't experienced any issues with them falling off or losing their grip over time (I even have them on the ceiling!) **Improved Aesthetics (4/5):** Perhaps the most significant benefit of using these cable clips is the aesthetic improvement they bring to my workspace. No more unsightly tangles of cords and cables cluttering my desk, which results in a cleaner and more professional appearance.
Title: Adheer well
Content: Used to stick thick/heavy cables to back of several desks. Seem to have stayed stuck which is usually the cause of failure for these types of clips. Adhesive is marked as 3M - don't know if it really is, but still works well
Title: Clear Winner
Content: This is why I gave the product a solid 4.8 stars. It does a fantastic job of blending in and hiding my long white network cable against the wall. The only difficulty I ran into was trying to separate the adhesive strip's plastic cover from it. It took some effort and quick fingers to get it off. However, after installation, this cable organizer performs flawlessly. It helps to maintain a space that is cleaner and more visually pleasant by keeping my ethernet cable neatly organized and out of sight. Despite a little issue with the adhesive strip, the setup's overall performance and look make the purchase worthwhile.
Title: Easy to Use and Sturdy
Content: I use these clips to secure wiring for a dash cam I have. They’re compact and discreet. They’re clear so they blend in on the windshield so you can’t see them and aren’t distracting The adhesive on the clips is sturdy and holds up to hot temperatures. It’s as simple as peeling off the sticker on the back and sticking it to the surface you want to attach I have no complaints and these clips are better quality than Command strips. The adhesive is stronger and more durable
Title: Used on a boat and worked fine.
Content: The adhesion is good, but I let them adhere with no wires through them for a full 24 hours before putting any stress on them . If they do loosen up some day, I will just use some superglue or something like that. But so far, they are working great, even the ones with a lot of wires passing through.
Title: No morec able mess.
Content: These are just the right size for cleaning up the power, HDMI and Ethernet cables behind our TV set. The stick much better than some generic types I bought at the store. And the clip is well designed to be easy to use and also keep the wires in place.

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  • High quality material:XHF Adhesive Cable Clips are manufactured from 3M Strong Adhesive and PA66 nylon.
  • Widely used: USB Cable, Ethernet Cable, Outdoor String Lights, LED Strip Lights, Tachograph Cable, TV Cable, Desk and under Desk cables, etc.
  • Size: Base 0.63" x 0.66", inner diameter of buckle 0.4" x 0.26".
  • Suitable for a variety of object surface: whether glass, wall, ceramic, wood, metal, plastic, they can stay firmly on the surface.
  • No residue: even if you want to remove them, it can easily tear the whole piece of glue, without any stain.
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