TestMarket - Unlock Savings on REOLINK Go PT Ultra SP - 4K Cellular Security Camera

Unlock Savings on REOLINK Go PT Ultra SP - 4K Cellular Security Camera

Jan 15, 2024 12:08 am
Unlock Savings on REOLINK Go PT Ultra SP - 4K Cellular Security Camera
Brand Name: REOLINK
Category: Bullet Cameras
Seller Name: ReolinkDirect
Rating: 4.10
Total Rating Count: 1464
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Unlock your exclusive discount and seize the opportunity to save on the REOLINK Go PT Ultra SP - 4K Cellular Security Camera. This wireless outdoor camera operates without WiFi, utilizing 3G/4G LTE connectivity (supports Verizon/AT&T). With its impressive 4K resolution, you can capture detailed footage of your surroundings. Don't miss out on this time-sensitive deal and secure your camera now! Save 28.00$ (70$ saving) on the original price of 249.99$ - now available for only 179.99$. Act fast and go grab yours before it's gone! Shop and save now.

Title: Works way better than expected
Content: I have lots of cameras in my home system, so I had a quality bar that I did not expect from this one because instead of running hardwired over ethernet - this uses a 4G network. However, I am pleasantly surprised about how well it works. Setup was easy - you have to got get a SIM card 1st. You cannot do anything without it. I got a pre-paid Tmobile card and everything worked right away. Picture quality is good. The motion detection is pretty good. I strongly recommend you also put a memory chip in it, that way it stores what is happening until you have time to check it out. The PTZ is "ok". If it had preset view points - it would be great. The solar charging is great. It has been running solid and battery is alway saying 100%. The microphone/speaker works - which was a real shock to me. I am able to talk to someone there at the site and we each understand each other. There is a delay - but it is workable. Only reservation is I have had it only a couple of months. Will have to update the review to see how it holds up over time.
Title: So far, awesome ! Works with Verizon !
Content: In test mode still, will update later, as I haven’t put into field testing yet..( will be a game-cam in mountains )… - I want to highlight that despite many reviews -comments to the contrary, it does indeed work with Verizon carrier ! However at the Verizon store where I bought their SIM - data card, they tried a few times, but it wouldn’t accept it. Kept getting non-recognized type messages…they even tried a SIM card already in another showroom activated device…- so I brot it home, tried the SIM from an active hotspot I have and Voila works great ! - I am limited to only Verizon in mountains ( and weak signal at best )- so this was critical. It has incredible functionalities, …!
Title: When it works, it works great!
Content: The view, day or night, on this camera is excellent! However, it only picks up motion half the time and we have had to reset it several times over the course of the last four months because it will quit working or stop charging. It was a good price but it does have issues and we have not been able to discern the reasons for them. It could be satellite issues regarding the motion detection problems.
Title: Not reliable
Content: We have 8 of these cameras on our construction sites. We use the EIOT sim cards with 24GB of data. No one can tell us what the issue is because these never work consistently. I thought maybe we were burning through the data ($60 twice a month for each camera $960/mo to run these....crazy!) so I shut off all of the auto recording that was triggered by motion during the working hours of the day. We have theft outside of those hours so it is supposed to pick that up. EIOT resets their SIM cards (but they are overseas so you only get one interaction/day which is infuriating) and they work for a day or two. So, I email Reolink support....again... They also seem to use overseas people so you can't ever get anything solved in a reasonable amount of time. (Also one interaction/day) I get all companies are trying to save money but 1. It's terrible customer service. 2. It would be a really good idea to offer those jobs to Americans (or whatever country that camera is sold in....the job stays in the same country as the camera). They don't give any good reasons or things to try either. We're so busy and I don't have time to deal with this daily, sooooo.....all that to say.....Would def not buy these again. Huge pain in the butt on all fronts, not to mention way too expensive to keep running.
Title: So far so good
Content: Great images, it does take a couple tries to connect when viewing saved video, cannot find where to connect to set up the cloud, customer service not much help. Picture quality very good. Seems to stay charged even through all the cloudy rainy days. The app is easy to use. Good value for the money. So far....I have had it running for a little over a month. It is on property about 10 miles away that we monitor.
Title: Pet Detection is Awesome
Content: We've had WiFi Reolink cameras since late 2019 and love them. We wanted a stand alone cellular based camera for our remote cabin, to avoid loss of event alert sending in the event of power outage (small solar & battery energy system). The PT Ultra is the best Reolink we have had, so far. The 4k really does make a difference. And the "pet detection" feature works great for us, as the wildlife often trigger the camera. We like to see those clips, but we know we don't need to check the feed immediately when they trigger an event. The only thing I didn't like was the tree strap is WAY too short. But I have a bunch of game cameras that had extra straps and those work just fine. One thing of note if using in remote area with lots of wildlife, like we have, is that night events trigger a spot light, rather than infra red. The video is better, but wildlife will eventually stop coming near it. Pros and cons on that.

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  • Incredible 4K Images Day & Night: The first-ever 4K 4G camera can capture clear images and videos with rich details. Even in the deep night, the color vision and clarity on the screen won’t compromise a little.
  • 3G/4G LTE Network & Forever Solar Power: The combination of the solar power panel and 4G connection on this cellular camera saves you from the troubles of finding sockets or networks outdoors Ideal for country houses, construction sites, etc.Compatible SIM card carriers: EIOT Club, T-Mobile (prepaid data card only), Freedompop, AT&T, Verizon. Note: Before using Verizon, please activate the SIM Card with your phone's IMEI and then insert it into the camera.
  • Pan &Tilt to Overview the Whole: Control the camera to pan 355° & tilt 140° at an adjustable speed to view your world from every angle. Set up the monitor point and preset points (up to 32) to focus more on important areas.
  • Various Smarter Features: The smart camera with advanced detection technologies can analyze the person, vehicle, and pet shapes, and enables you to customize the motion zone to focus on the areas that matter to you. And you’ll get instant and accurate alerts when motion is detected.
  • Secure and Flexible Storage Options: You can save the recordings locally on both the microSD card and Cloud (7-day rolling free video history) and play back the videos whenever you want. We bring you both digital security and convenience.
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