TestMarket - Save Big on the TP-Link Tapo 2K QHD Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System - Limited-Time Offer

Save Big on the TP-Link Tapo 2K QHD Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System - Limited-Time Offer

Jan 14, 2024 09:19 pm
Save Big on the TP-Link Tapo 2K QHD Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System - Limited-Time Offer
Brand Name: TP-Link
Category: Bullet Cameras
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Rating: 4.00
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Title: Good battery life and great night vision
Content: The C420 system is incredibly easy to use. Once the H200 hub was connected to the router the setup was very straightforward and connecting to my account and the tapo app took only a couple of minutes. I've been told by support that they are adding wifi support to the hub, but for now it requires ethernet. This was not personally a big issue as my router is central in my home and had extra ethernet ports, but if someone does not have an extra port this could be a hurdle requiring extra hardware. The cameras themselves were equally easy to set up. I did initially put the batteries in backwards and spent a minute or so wondering why the light was not flashing like the app said it should be, but that was user error. The batteries charged relatively quickly, about an hour each, and seem to be holding a good charge. In the 2 weeks since I've turned the cameras on they've only dropped about 1%, though I am not actively using all of the detection features. Access through the app is easy and connecting to the cameras seems to be just as fast on any fast wifi network as on the same network as the cameras. The signal latency is also quite good. I found the picture is only about a second delayed from real time. The detection settings work well and the detection zone drawing tool and privacy zone tools provide a good level of control. The AI detection did notify me when it saw a car in my driveway. Picture quality is very good in the daytime. The image is very clear and detailed. Picture quality at night was very impressive. With some light in the scene, I did not need to have night mode enabled to see clearly. Multiple times when checking the camera at night I thought the picture was frozen because of how bright it was. It was not frozen. The range of the wireless cameras is strong. With the hub in a central location in my home, both cameras could be placed anywhere without signal loss. For an average sized home, I don't think there would be any issue regarding placement. The media from the camera saves to either the internal storage or Tapo Cloud. There is no FTP or ONVIF support. Overall, for where this camera is priced, I think it is a good value and would recommend it to someone looking to add some easy and basic cameras to their home.
Title: No NVR support
Content: Generally happy with these cameras (with caveat) and with the Tapo brand. Positives: wide angle, good motion detection and notification, easy-ish set up, good battery life (so far - down to about 85% after about 3 weeks -- although there is slight difference in capacity between batteries). Two negatives for me: 1. There is no NVR recording available. This is because the cameras are actually controlled by a hub which takes a SD card. 2. The cameras talk/record to the hub, but not via WiFi. So the hub has to be in close proximity to both cameras to get good reception. I bought a WiFi extender only to find this out, and had to move the hub that was wired to my router closer to both cameras. Still not get great reception from one camera through a couple of walls. So far impressed by the battery life (I didn't have an easy electrical wired option), and the image quality is pretty good.
Title: Easy setup, well built, and great picture.
Content: As the title says it’s very easy to set these cameras up. Connect the hub to your router, sync the cameras, mount, and done. It’s that simple. Being a TP-Link product, I am not surprised as to how well built they are. Solid construction, sturdy mounts, and completely weather resistant. If that wasn’t enough the picture quality is amazing. Let’s go a little deeper now, the setup is similar to quality a few others on the market, The hub supplies to internet connection to the cameras. This make setting the cameras up very simple, because all you have to do is sync them with the Hub. The hub has about 30ft range for the most reliable connection to the cameras. In my use, one of my cameras are around 40ft with multiple walls in between, and for the most part I don’t have any issues with it. Out of the box, it’s highly recommended you charge the cameras. I didn’t initially do it, since they were around 50%. Within a few days they were dead and I had to charge them anyway. I didn’t have high hopes at that point. Since charging them, they have been running for about 20 days on battery and currently sitting at 96%, so yea, charge them out of the box. The Spot lights on the cameras are okay but I found the night vision view to be much better without the need of the spot lights. The hub is also where the SD card would be install, as the cameras detect motion events they, will record to the SD card for local storage, no need to worry about your data being peeked at. There is an option for cloud storage, but I didn’t have a need to use it. The Tapo app itself is well designed and easy to use. If I had to give any negative marks, the big one would be that the hub HAS to be connected with an ethernet cable. So if your modem and router are in one corner of the house, you may not be able to place the cameras exactly where you want. If the Hub also had a WiFi Option it could be placed more centrally and because it’s small, it wouldn’t be in the way. Centrally locating the hub would give you more flexibility in where you can place the cameras. The Hub also has a nifty doorbell chime you can activate in app. This really doesn’t help much since there’s no button included to be able to trigger it. Even if it was just a basic battery powered button similar to what wireless doorbells use. You can use it in an event that you want a doorbell, but can’t have a camera at the door, in let say an Apt building, or office building. The batteries as great as they are, limit you to how high you can mount the cameras. Eventually you’ll need to remove the battery, or take the camera down to charge it. If there was a wired power option, it would broaden where they can be placed, and would even allow them to be a set and forget it setup. Even with those cons, I would still highly recommend these cameras to anyone that wants a simple security camera setup and don’t mind the once in a while charging. The cameras show the battery % right in the window of the app, so if you monitor them frequently you’ll never worry about them being dead.
Title: practico y funcional
Content: la imagen se ve muy bien. las pilas duran meses sin necesidad de recargarlas. son muy eficientes. la app es facil de usar el precio es lo mejor. vale la pena al 100%
Title: Me gustó
Content: La carga de la batería sí que dura lo que dicen
Title: La grabación dura poco tiempo
Content: Solo puedes grabar hasta 30 segundos por cada vez que de activa el sensor de la cámara y hay ocasiones que no detecta movimientos.

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  • 【2K QHD and Robust Weatherproofing】The Tapo C420 captures every detail of what goes on outside your home with 2K QHD/4MP high resolution. With robust weatherproofing, this Wi-Fi security camera is truly versatile ready to withstand dust particles and heavy rain.
  • 【Starlight Sensor and F1.6 Aperture】Experience clearer night vision than ever before thanks to the highly-sensitive Starlight Sensor that captures pristine high-quality images even in low-light conditions. The industry leading large F1.6 aperture provides more light ensuring better visibility even in darker conditions.
  • 【Full-Color Night Vision】Dual integrated spotlights enable you to see everything that happens at night in vivid color. An included 850nm IR sensor provides extraordinary visibility of up to 49 feet in the dark, making this the perfect outdoor security camera.
  • 【Free AI Detection and Activity Zones】Get instant push notifications when motion is detected, be it a person, a pet, a vehicle, or movement in one of your custom Activity Zones. Your personal sentry to monitor your driveway and beyond. For optimal results, remove any obstructions such as windows or screens in front of the camera. Glare or obstacles will affect the camera’s ability to detect motion.
  • 【Crisp 2-Way Audio With Built In Siren】Featuring a high-quality microphone and speakers, 2-way talk quality is better than ever before. Activate push-to-talk anytime and use the built-in siren and light alarm to ward off intruders ideal for use in near your front door.
  • 【Energy Saving and 180-Day Battery Life】The Tapo C420 works with the included Tapo Smart IoT Hub H200 emitting a low-power wireless protocol. The protocol allows for reduced energy and power consumption resulting in up to 180-days of battery life from just one charge.
  • 【Secure Local or Cloud Storage】Saving continuous footage is not an issue with storage up to a 256 GB microSD card (not included) or subscribe to Tapo Care which saves 30-days of video history and provides additional benefits such as activity notifications with Snapshots, manual clip recording, and video sharing. The hub needs to stay connected to the router via a network cable.
  • 【Works w/ Alexa and Google Home】Fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the home security camera system can also play video on your favorite supported display such as the Amazon Echo Show or Google Chromecast. Easily get your home security footage up on a larger TV display.
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