TestMarket - Hurry! Solar Security Camera Wireless Outdoor with Solar Panel - Amazing 48% Off

Hurry! Solar Security Camera Wireless Outdoor with Solar Panel - Amazing 48% Off

Jan 14, 2024 10:06 pm
Hurry! Solar Security Camera Wireless Outdoor with Solar Panel - Amazing 48% Off
Brand Name: GMK
Category: Bullet Cameras
Seller Name: GMK Mall
Rating: 4.40
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New Offers to Score! Get this incredible Solar Security Camera Wireless Outdoor with Solar Panel at an exclusive discount of 48% off. With its 1080p WiFi Night Vision and Indoor and Outdoor Motion Detection, you can keep your home secure day and night. The 2-Way Talk feature allows you to communicate with anyone near the camera, providing an extra layer of protection. This camera is IP65 Waterproof and comes with an Alarm function for added security. Store your footage in the Cloud or SD Storage for easy access. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer and save a whopping $43! Hurry, the stock is limited!

Title: Great price and quality!
Content: Great camera and a very reasonable price. It has a clear image, the night vision works great! It’s simple to set up and the app is very user friendly. Over all a great deal
Title: Great camera if you need wireless installation
Content: I needed to monitor my back patio area and the adjacent parking lot nearby. I did not want to run power and data wiring to this outdoor location. It shipped in a nice box with great packaging and an instruction book that is well written. You need to install the Vicohome app and that is easy to do. The wifi setup for use in the home is typical and went smoothly. Note: it only works on the 2.4 Ghz Frequency. Installation was stupidly simple. I used a cordless drill/driver and a step ladder. I put three screws thru the mounting holes and into the trim on my home and attached the camera. I charged the camera overnight and even though it arrived at 50% power, it took hours to get it charged 100%. The camera attaches to the mount very simply with a threaded stud and a locking ring. This whole process is super DIY friendly. The videos are captured when motion is detected. Each video is 10 s and I think that is adjustable but it is fine with me so I left it alone. The motion sensitivity is adjustable and I have it on medium. I tested it by walking around the perimeter of my yard and it catches all motion inside my yard and beyond to the parking lot behind my home (apartments). The videos are stored in the cloud and available to view or download through the app. I can also store them redundantly on a micro SD card - I chose not to use that. Installed for one week and taking about a dozen videos per day. Battery is at 94%. The battery in this camera is not removable. You either have to take the camera down to recharge it or bring a charging cable to the camera. I plan to rig up an extension cord with a charging cable when I need to charge the battery. This camera has extra features and additional cloud storage for a fee. I don't use any of that. I get 7 days of unlimited cloud storage for free. After a full month, if all goes well, I plan on getting another one for the driveway beside our home. My only other experience with security cameras is the Skybell doorbell camera (also no fee for cloud storage). This VicoHome camera streams faster with the same resolution setting. I am satisfied with it. Pros Great package and instructions Easy installation Nice App Excellent video - I can zoom the live feed if I want to check something out real time. I can view live feed and recorded videos from anywhere. Works great! No Cloud Storage Fees Cons I wanted to set up my wife's phone so that she can see the videos. Instructions for that are included but I could not get it to work. I have not called support about this but I will sometime. This is a small inconvenience at the moment for us. I removable battery would have been nice.
Title: Motion lag is a little slow.
Content: For the price, these are really nice cameras. I live in an apartment complex and have one by my front door, and one off my patio window. They are durable plastic and work well. Charging is easy and so is the ease of use. Please be aware if you want cloud storage (the ability to pull up an older video on demand/on the fly) you need to pay for their service which is extremely affordable at $3/mo. The object detection is a little off. Thus the 3 stars in that category. It often times mistakes smaller stationary objects as animals. Didn't like that. There's also a couple of second delay before the motion sensor kicks on and the recording starts. Another reason for the 3 stars in that category. Overall, the image quality is totally fine. Both night and day. The sound is a bit muffled from a distance but very clear when someone is within about 5-10 feet of the camera. I would buy this product again. However if I wanted or needed faster motion/recording time, I'd suggest trying something else. For the layperson and someone who wants to put pause on porch pirates or anyone snooping around it's a great option.
Title: Easy setup, clear video, great sound!
Content: I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of these cameras for the price I paid! Took less than 10 minutes to set up and install multiple cameras outside. The picture quality is amazing and the sound is very clear. It’s pitch black out and the picture is still great! The alarm function is great. Light on camera is bright. You don’t need a subscription, but there are options for additional features ranging from $35-95 a year, so inexpensive. Hopefully the battery life is equally as good, stay tuned…
Title: Outstanding performance
Content: I was truly not expecting a whole lot from these little cameras. I got them yesterday and thus far they have wowed me. I can't imagine better cameras at this price point. Setup was incredibly easy...the easiest I have run across when trying to set up ANY new electronic device. I did note that they are rated for 2.4 GHz only but I do not have access to 2.4 GHz and the distance from the cameras wouldn't be a huge distance away, so I set up one just to see if it would work with my 5 GHz. EDITED TO ADD: I have been told by someone that my router may have mixed 2.4/5Ghz technology inside even though I do not have access to see that listed separately when I look at available wi-fi connections. I do not own the router; it is simply what is provider by my internet provided. It did and it does...flawlessly. One of the cameras is just outside a window about 15 feet from my wireless router. The other camera is at least 25 feet away on my back patio...with a brick wall and 2 interior walls between the camera and the router. I, of course, cannot promise that others will have the same experience...it may have to do with the fact that my router is placed up near the ceiling and that the fiberoptic service I have is overall stellar. Both cameras perform equally well on my 5G. I tried one camera just facing out my front window and it performed great through double-paned windows with a screen on them. Night vision was not so good because of the glare (which is well noted in the documentation provided, I just wanted to give it a try). So I just raised the screen a bit and used super strength Velcro to attach the camera to my window ledge and night vision was great. Just to note: I do live in a condo complex and there are security lights around all the buildings, so my cameras are not operating in total darkness or extremely low light situations. I am still fine tuning my activity zones, alerts and such. Some folks say there is a lag between detection and notification. There is a several second delay but nothing excessive on mine anyway. But I truly only want/need the cameras to capture/record things so that I can go back and look if anything seems amiss around my place. The battery life seems very good thus far. The front camera gets a lot of activity, some of which in the past 24 hours is because of me messing around with the camera. From a 90% charge, in roughly 24 hours, the front camera is down to 61% and the rear camera is down to 70%. I am fine with charging the batteries every few days because it means I do not have to worry about running a cord to a plug. I believe a person can purchase solar panel power but this is just a monitoring thing for me, so if the batteries run down and the camera misses something, it is not a huge deal to me.

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  • [1080p HD Live Video and Full Color Night Vision Security Camera] More advanced lens, 3.3mm focal length, 1920*1080p ultra-HD quality porch camera. Dual light source night vision. Full-color night vision and infrared night vision are two options. Excellent lens and exquisite picture quality, wireless camera will not miss a single detail. (*Not support 5GHz WiFi)
  • [100% Wire-Free & Non-Stop Solar Powered Outdoor Camera] This solar camera with true cordless design. No wire, no hassle. Sustainable solar powered and battery powered, no need to recharge again and again. Environmentally friendly and sustainable energy, inject a steady stream of electricity into your camera. Don’t need to climb the ladder to recharge the battery periodically. (*Not work with 5GHz WiFi)
  • [Smart PIR Motion Detection and Instant Alerts] Infrared sensor technology cloud image analysis ability, this IP camera can be triggered by AI PIR in real-time. Notification would be pushed accurately to your cell phone according to AI cloud analysis results. (AI technology is subscription feature)
  • [Two-Way Talk and Intelligent Alarm] This Surveillance camera has a built-in speaker and microphone, allowing you to make real-time intercom with mobile phones. You could check the live view on your phone. Flashing white lights and sirens will drive away unwanted visitors. The PIR Motion Detection of bullet camera is also triggered to record.
  • [Free 3-Day Video History Cloud Storage and IP65 Waterproof] This smart security camera has dual storage mode. Support SD card and cloud storage, double guarantee for your video. Free rolling past 3-day cloud storage, a 30-day free trial of advanced features, including upgraded cloud memory, AI recognition, and custom alarm areas. Wireless security cam is protected by IP65 weatherproof technology, secure your home despite of rain, snow and shine. (*Only work with 2.4GHz WiFi)
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