TestMarket - 🚨FLASH SALE ALERT🚨 Klahaite Bug Zapper: 50% Off! Grab Yours Now!

🚨FLASH SALE ALERT🚨 Klahaite Bug Zapper: 50% Off! Grab Yours Now!

May 20, 2024 08:54 am
🚨FLASH SALE ALERT🚨 Klahaite Bug Zapper: 50% Off! Grab Yours Now!
Brand Name: Klahaite
Category: Bug Zappers
Seller Name: Klahaite
Rating: 4.20
Total Rating Count: 6698
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🪰 Say goodbye to pesky bugs with the Klahaite Bug Zapper! Shop now and save 50% on this Electric Mosquito Zapper. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer, get yours for only 29.98$ and save 30.01$. Act fast before it's gone! 🦟

Title: Great value.
Content: Very good product, easy to use and very effective, you can use it outdoors and leave it for a week, it will gather a lot of pests. It works.
Title: Works great
Content: It's a good bug killer. It opens without any problem. The protective doors are a plus because the blue light has an interesting look. I like the bottom disconnect so you can empty the bug tray, all in all, it's a good product
Title: Works well but dogs don't like it
Content: I bought this to replace an older zapper that was no longer effective (now I know you're supposed to replace the bulb at least annually). The old one, even when it did attract flies, usually only stunned them instead of electrocuting them. This one is EVIL! it really attracts flies, and kills them with a loud pop - sometimes even a sustained zapping noise as it burns one to a crisp (which leaves a noticeable odor in the room). The problem for us is we have a golden lab & 3 cats. The dog won't even eat if it's plugged in, and one of the cats stays out all night rather than be inside with it - I suspect an ultrasonic hum that I can't hear but they can. If you don't have pets you'll love it.
Title: Excellent customer service
Content: Got this several weeks ago and it worked well right out of the box. This past week the light died , which was odd being so new , but I contacted the business and showed them the item and my order and they rushed me out a new bulb and I was able to get it working again quickly. I very much appreciated the assistance and pleasant knowledgeable customer service person. And am happy to be purchasing again in the next few weeks. (Lots of bugs this year,need a few to keep up with them all on the property) Updare: new light works great. Doesn't Zapp anymore but is still collecting bugs that are drawn to the light. I just empty once daily.. not great but not awful either.
Title: Bugged!
Content: For some years I used a DynaTrap indoor bug trap that uses UV light, some kind of chemical attractant, and a fan to suck in flying insects and kill them by dehydration. Though the DynaTrap worked pretty well, it was expensive, somewhat fragile in construction, and hellishly difficult to open up and disassemble to change the bulb. So I thought I would try this bug zapper instead, which costs much less and probably kills insects in a more humane way, with an instant electric zap rather than the slow process of dehydration. Unfortunately, the bulb that came in the unit died after just two months (60 days) on the job. In theory, it's supposed to last for 5,000 hours or 208 days. BIG DIFFERENCE! Aside from the bulb, the unit seems well made, with a long thick power cord. The device has no on/off switch; you just plug it in, and you're good to go. The bulb changing procedure is indeed easier than that of the DynaTrap, but still not without some difficulties, which I'll get to in a moment... The manufacturer also includes a plastic brush you can use to clear insect remains off the zapping grid. So far I haven't caught enough "customers" to need to do this cleaning. But they tell you to turn off the unit for two hours before cleaning, to allow the grid to discharge for your safety. I have deducted one star for two reasons: 1) I don't know if I will ever get used to the noise of bugs being zapped. On the one hand, it assures you that the trap is doing its job, but the sound never fails to startle me. It's loud, and the sound of a larger bug getting zapped resembles the noise of police officers discharging their tasers in a station house. Yikes! 2) The bulb is VERY bright. If the trap will reside in your bedroom (recommended practice), you may find the light distracting and need to wear an eye mask. I ordered a spare bulb from the manufacturer but may see if I can find the same bulb in a darker UV configuration next time around. I have also deducted a second star for the premature bulb failure. Further compounding the bulb problem is the fact that replacement T6 bulbs are NOT all the same length! This particular bug zapper needs a bulb that is 7.5 inches in length (not including the electrode pins); many replacement T6 bulbs extend to 7.76 inches. It is possible you might fit one of those longer bulbs in this zapper by leaving off the stabilizing cover under the bulb (which, on my unit, detaches with ONE screw, not the two cited in the instructions). I can't predict how this would effect the bulb's performance or life span. The first replacement bulb I ordered, from Klahaite itself, is the correct length. I'll report back if the second bulb I just ordered is the wrong length. And though the bulb replacement process is fairly straightforward, it still requires some care. In particular, it is hard to see if you are seating the electrode pins in their holes properly. It took me a few tries to seat them so the bulb stabilizing cover fit in place correctly. In summary, these bulb troubles have made me question whether the Klahaite is the indoor bug zapper of choice. On the positive side, I like the lantern form factor, with its compact footprint, and I like the 4,200-volt zapping power. (Reviews said that a boxy Black & Decker zapper with 2,400 volts didn't do the job.) But I would prefer a zapper using bulbs that: a) are easy to find and come in a uniform size; b) give off a darker blue light rather than the bright white of these bulbs.
Title: That it should work for all bugs
Content: Easy to carry and also easier to clean because of the twisted bottom, all you have to do is shake it and most of the dead bugs will fall off. It also works outdoors and indoors, and has a small loop that lets you hang it on a hook, so you can put it at any height you want.

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  • Effective Physical Bug zapper: Outdoor bug zapper uses blue-violet light attracts mosquitoes, gnats, aedes, midges, moths, flies, fruit flies, wasps and other flying insects, then the high-voltage grids will electrocute these insects immediately.
  • Eco-friendly and Safety: The bug zapper safe for your family and pet. The designed of the protective housing can prevent people and pet from accidental contact. And electrocutes mosquitoes by physical way, So you don't have to put up with the smell of insecticides and attractants.
  • Wider Range: This highly effective fly zapper built in a 4200V high-voltage grid, and the effective range is up to 1/2 acre coverage. Ideal for backyards, garden, porch, patios, balcony, courtyard etc. Works better at night and darker place.
  • Easy to Use and Clean: You can hang insects trap on the tree or the porch of the house with a convenient ring, then plug-in 120V outlet and work. Built-in a removable tray in the bottom, just remove the tray and use the supplier brush to clean it.
  • Durable Mosquito Killer: This sturdy mosquito zapper is made of fireproof ABS material which could resistant to high temperature and oil, difficult to dissolve and waterproof. Ideal for outdoor and indoor use.
  • 4.6 Ft Extra Long Power Cord: The mosquito zapper includes a 4.6 ft. long cable and a 3-prong plug, just plug in and use, allowing for flexible placement wherever you need it most.
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