TestMarket - Exclusive Promo: Electric Spin Scrubber Now Only $34.99! Limited Stock - Shop Now!

Exclusive Promo: Electric Spin Scrubber Now Only $34.99! Limited Stock - Shop Now!

Apr 07, 2024 11:09 pm
Exclusive Promo: Electric Spin Scrubber Now Only $34.99! Limited Stock - Shop Now!
Brand Name: PELDA
Category: Brushes
Seller Name: PELDAUS
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 1041
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Your Exclusive Discount Awaits - Get the Electric Spin Scrubber for only $34.99, a 30% discount from the original price of $49.99! Save $15 on this amazing cordless cleaning brush with 6 replaceable brush heads. Limited Time Offer - Act Fast!

Title: Where have you been all my life?
Content: This thing is amazing. I was on the fence about buying this type of scrubber, but due to my extreme dislike of cleaning my shower (the bathroom in general, actually), I decided to go for it. As a note, I originally ordered a different electric scrubber, but was unimpressed by the quality right out of the box, so returned it before using and got this one instead. I could tell this one is built well right away, and the charging port on the handle made it easy to quickly get it charging. Assembly was simple and straightforward, and the extending piece is easy to use and swap out. I started in my shower, where we had that weird orange mineral deposit/hard water, and this thing took care of it all handily. I used a simple blue dish soap and was able to get rid of the grime on the shower floor within minutes. Usually, this chore takes me nearly an hour to do on my hands and knees. This scrubber wasn't able to remove the caked-on hard water stains, but then again, I can't get those off either and am still looking for a way to remove those (probably need a harsher cleaning agent, but I'd personally rather not use those). I also used the smaller head to clean my sink, and the scrubber made the sink sparkle in no time. I do hope they have replacement heads available soon because I can tell that I'll need them. The heads held up well after one cleaning, but I imagine I'll need new heads after doing this multiple times. I already recommended this to a friend of mine. It's a great tool - a real time saver and does a good job of cleaning!
Title: Works well for scrubbing
Content: This scrubber has several brushes and pads which add to its versatility. It makes cleaning so much easier and faster. Great useful product for the money. And battery charge holds up for big jobs.
Title: It’s Good
Content: Just to be clear, it does the job. It’s well built and the accessories allow for a lot of maneuvering in different areas. I meanly use it for the bathtub and it works excellently. Take a ton of strain off my back. It adjusts and angles so you can have some efficiency. It’s simple and makes cleaning a breeze. I had one of these 4 years ago from a different manufacturer and they all seem the same so get a good price for it…paying higher may not get you higher quality
Title: Makes cleaning fun! Worth it!
Content: Okay, my bathroom was on the messy side, so much that I didn't want to embarrass myself by showing it. Pink stains, mold, grime you name it. I never wanted to clean it cause I would have to really get in there to clean and scrape. But with this beauty I can be as far away, no hunch back as I want! If you're wondering about the power, look no further cause this got a kick! It took adjusting a bit for myself to get the hang of it cause it kept wanting to move but as you use it you get the hang of it! Makes cleaning easier, fun, and results are worth it!
Title: It works!
Content: I bought this with some hesitation, because I’ve tried several other brands and not been too happy just yet. Large tiled showers to clean, lots of grout lines to scrub, and some tricky angles, and rheumatoid arthritis plus ugly carpal tunnel syndrome. What I’ve found in trying at least half a dozen of these scrubbers from various brands is that the ideal situation will be: stiff bristles that last for cleaning, long (90 min) battery life, rapid charge capacity, and plenty of power for RPMs, at least 400 rpm. This didn’t meet all those criteria; though the description says 90 min charge, the insert with the device says 60. But it had the nice, stiff bristle attachments, and several kinds, which was really handy, and it spins at 450 rpm. Charged quickly, held charge through a very challenging shower clean, and left all the grout lines and tile looking new and shiny, with just a vinegar/dish soap cleaning solution. So, even though it wasn’t the unicorn I’ve been searching for, it deserves the five star review anyway. It cleaned some seriously tough pink residue (we have a challenging Serratia issue, new neighborhood), got into the grout lines and angles, and got me back the clean shower I was hoping for. It also did a nice job on the porcelain sink. I’m not planning to use it in the toilets, because I’d want separate brush heads for that (or a separate device so I wasn’t worrying about cross contamination all the time), but I bet it would do them quickly; it would splash a lot, though, and we don’t need all that. Bottom line: it works. I was expecting less at this point, after so many disappointments, but this thing is doing the job. NB: I’ve only had it for a month and a half, so I can’t speak to longevity. But it has the scrubbing power I need, and the battery life so far to keep up.
Title: Scrubbing by hand is faster and easier
Content: Although a nice idea in theory, it takes much longer to clean using the tools then to just do it by hand, also didn't feel like it was any better on my back. Still ended up going back over everything by hand so I sent this back.

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  • 🛒【COMFORTABLE & FAST CLEANING】 Do you have any of these problems? For example, difficult cleaning leads to tiredness, body aches, and many hours spent cleaning the room. This newly upgraded PELDA Electric Spin Scrubber makes cleaning more comfortable and efficient. Especially for people with reduced mobility who do not need to bend or kneel to clean. The Electric Spin Scrubber helps them to clean comfortably and efficiently.
  • ✨【REPLACEABLE BRUSH HEAD & CLEANING ANY AREA】 The shower spin scrubber is equipped with 6 replaceable brush heads. Large flat brush is used to clean toilets floors, tiles and cement grout, etc. Small flat brush is used to clean kitchen stoves, etc. Round brush is used to clean sinks, bathtubs, etc. Angled brush is used to clean car tires and crevices, etc. Sponge blankets are used for cleaning bedroom floors or absorbing water, etc. Sponge brush for cleaning window glass, sofa surfaces, etc.
  • 💖【FLEXIBILITY TO ADJUST & SAVE YOUR BACK AND KNEES】 The angle of the power scrubber head can be flexibly adjusted. The Electric Spin Scrubber can be adjusted to 90°, 135°, and 180°. The Shower Cleaning Brush is adjustable from 27-47 in. So you don't have to bend over or get down on your knees to scrub tubs and floors. All you have to do is hold it and it does all the work for you!
  • 🔋【LARGE CAPACITY BATTERY & CORDLESS SCRUBBER】The PELDA Electric Spin Scrubber brush head can reach up to 520RPM and less than 70 dB. The cordless cleaning brush is not restricted by area. The Electric Spin Scrubber equipped with a 4000mA large-capacity battery. This bathroom cleaning tool fast charging for 1.5 hours. The electric bathroom scrubber can work for 90 minutes. Tip: Please extend the charging time before first use.
  • 🛡️【SAFE PROTECTION & EASY TO USE】 All you have to do is push a button and the electric spin scrubber starts up quickly. The product has overcharge protection. You don't need to worry about the safety. The Electric Spin Scrubber makes a multifunctional gift for a family member or friend. They can change the way to clean.
  • 👩‍🔧【PERFECT AFTER SALES SERVICES】 PELDA's high-quality products and after-sales services are our commitment. If you have any problems, such as accidental damage caused by logistics and transportation or any problem during use, please contact us immediately. We will be there to help you!
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