TestMarket - Exclusive Promo - Depets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush, Dog Cat Bunny Pet Grooming Shedding Brush

Exclusive Promo - Depets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush, Dog Cat Bunny Pet Grooming Shedding Brush

Jan 15, 2024 01:16 am
Exclusive Promo - Depets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush, Dog Cat Bunny Pet Grooming Shedding Brush
Brand Name: Depets
Category: Brushes
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Snag Your Discount Today! Limited-Time Specials - Depets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush, the perfect grooming tool for your pet. Easily removes loose undercoat and massages for a healthy coat. Suitable for pets with long or short hair. Get it now at an incredible discount of 50% off. Old Price: $14.98. New Price: $7.43. Saving: $7.55. Don't miss your chance to save, grab yours before it's gone!

Title: Cat's Highlight of the Day
Content: Out of compromise though still with disgust, I find myself living with a cat because of my boyfriend (the feline beast's father). I cannot stand pet hair on my clothes, or on anything at all actually hence my annoyance with these silly creatures. My Dyson cleans the floor flawlessly, and I have a furniture brush that handles the hair on that though I found myself still pissed with the endless amount of hair I find everywhere. So I figured its time to hit the root of all this madness. My boyfriend already had a cheaply wooden brush, and he bought the silicone glove. The brush was ok, but it was annoying to clean and it handled poorly. The glove worked nice as well, but again cleaning the hair off this tool was also an annoyance. So I decided to get this brush because of the ease of self cleaning; push the button on top and it will dispense the build-up of cat hair. And I am happy to say cleaning the cat has never been easier. The handle on the brush is comfortable on the hands while providing ample grip. The metal bristles perform beautifully, and with every stroke of the brush I'm just amazed on how much loose hair this pest of a cat produces. Great product with awesome results. Now when the cat sees me grabbing the brush she immediately rolls on her back, and starts purring. Spoiled brat.
Title: Works Perfectly
Content: I got this for my cat that sheds nonstop and has tons of hairballs. I wasn't too sure if he would even let us use this product on him, but after the first brush, he was hooked. As soon I start to brush his coat, he instantly begins purring. It's also helped reduce the number of hairballs my cat gets. Aside from my cat liking it, it does a great job removing the loose fur from his coat. The best part of the product is the one-click cleaning button on the brush. Simply push and hold the button it with one hand, then slide the fur off with your other hand. No fur gets stuck in the bristles or anywhere on the brush.
Title: Works well
Content: The first few times I used it the hair did not simply fall off the brush when I pushed the button. I had to deploy the button and pull hair off manually. Perhaps it will with more use. Hair does pull off ok for the most part but it doesn't just fall away. It's a bit big for a small cat but does comb the coat well.
Content: I purchased 2. One for my cat and one for my dog. Most important, they both love to be brushed with them, so the brushes must be comfortable and soothing to their coats. I purchased 2 different colors so that I would know which belonged to which fur baby. They are so so easy to clean, just press the button and the hair pops out like a disk all together. The down side, my babies don't know colors, so when I grab a brush, they both come running to me to be groomed. This is a must have for fur babies comfort and owners convience. No more wasting time trying to remove hair from a brush. Awesome product. Great price !!!!
Title: Cat brush....easy hair removal
Content: The brush works great. So easy to clean ! You push the button and the hair slides right off. Our cat, Skeeter loves it ! He actually comes running when he sees it. He can't get enough. It does a great job too.
Title: Not for short haired dogs, but good quality.
Content: The ad should not state "Suitable for Pets with Long or Short Hair" as this is my only problem with the brush. See photo of my dog for reference to his short hair. He sheds a lot! Also are photos comparing this Depets slicker to my years old slicker brush. I first brushed with Depets and no hair was picked up. I then used my old brush and you'll see all the loose hair it brushed away. The problem is the spacing of the fewer bristles which may work better on medium to long-haired dogs. The soft round ends just glided over him. The quality of the brush: 5 Stars. On sale, exceptional price. Why I rated it 3 stars: I don't want to recommend it to anyone with short-haired dogs to waste money since it likely won't work as stated. 1. Workmanship: Vert good. Does not feel cheaply made. Comparable to brushes more expensive at my pet store. 2. Very comfortable to hold. 3. The plastic round ends: very soft to the touch without the bristle feel. **My dog likes his old bristled brush and I use it very softly so it doesn't hurt massaging while removing loose hair. I need a new one as bristles have bent over the years. 4. Press to Remove hair: The *main* reason I purchased it. Tested it repeatedly with no problem retracting. It works as stated. It could quickly help removing hair. Unfortunately, my Depets brush didn't have any hair to remove after using it!

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  • Clean Pets, Clean House. Depets cat & dog brush for shedding can easily remove loose hair, shedding mats, dander and dirt of your pet, which not only keep your pet clean, but also provide you with a clean and hygienic home environment.
  • Great Brush, Healthy Pets. The cat grooming brush with round beads can do massage for your pets and prevent scratching your pet's skin. The stainless steel needles of our dog brush are designed with a 60 degree bend to better reach the deeper layers of the skin and promote blood circulation.
  • One-click Cleaning Button. Cat brush with release button, you just have to simply push the button and the hair will be super simple removed from the cat hair brush. And our dog grooming brush is washable, which can be kept in clean.
  • Comfortable and Nonslip Handle. Our cat shedding brush is designed with a comfort-grip and nonslip handle, and this self cleaning cat brush also has a massage function for your hand and you won't get tired easily when you brush your pet.
  • Enjoyable Brushing Experience. Grooming your pet can enhance mutual communication between you and your pet. Our pet brush is suitable for all breeds and coat types. With Depets dog and cat shedding brush, your beloved pet will enjoy the time of grooming.
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