TestMarket - Don't Miss Your Chance to Save on Koala Babycare Nipple Covers! Limited-Time Promo!

Don't Miss Your Chance to Save on Koala Babycare Nipple Covers! Limited-Time Promo!

Jan 15, 2024 09:13 am
Don't Miss Your Chance to Save on Koala Babycare Nipple Covers! Limited-Time Promo!
Brand Name: Koala Babycare
Category: Breast Shells & Creams
Seller Name: Koala Babycare
Rating: 4.40
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Unlock Savings with the Original Silver Nipple Shields for Nursing Newborns. These Tri-Laminate Silver Covers are a Must-Have for Breastfeeding Essentials. Shop now and Protect and Soothe with a Maxi Size. Old Price: $39.75. New Price: $31.80. Save big on your purchase with a discount of $20.00. Hurry, this exclusive promo won't last long!

Title: About to give up breastfeeding due to nipple pain? TRY THIS FIRST!!
Content: I never write reviews, but the reviews for this product saved my breast-feeding journey so I have to pay it forward. I was iffy about breast-feeding and the chapped, sore, bleeding nipples were so painful in just the first week I was ready to quit. I had purchased every single nipple product on the market- butter, sprays, gel pads, etc. and all provided only temporary relief. I was hesitant to try these because they are a bit pricey, but let me tell you it is the best money I could have spent. I don’t know what kind of magic is in this metal, but it works. I’ve used them for 48 hours now and within the first 12 my nipples went completely back to normal. Zero pain, chapped/cracks went away, and no more pain. I leave them in my bra basically all day and night long including while sleeping which prevents chaffing. The cups also collect milk on the breast I’m not feeding with while nursing. I truly don’t know how these work, but they somehow do. Worth every penny.
Title: Highly recommend
Content: These are absolutely amazing! No pain or cracked nipples whatsoever.
Title: Get them now
Content: Idk why it took me so long to purchase them but ever since, I haven’t put them down. They’re amazing, they helped me heal and super easy to clean. I love them!
Title: Real Nipple Saver
Content: This was actually first item I purchased for this pregnancy. I always had struggled first month of breastfeeding with all of my children. The pain when baby latch on your sored and damaged nipple is most painful things. I even bled from my nipple with my first born and cried every time she latched on them. I have been breastfeeding for my newborn baby for two weeks now. She had a little problem with latching and pinched my nipples but using this silver cup since day one, I have only little damage on my nipple and almost pain free. I can not believe this tiny silver cups are saving my breastfeeding journey and I have to tell everyone about it! Please don't even think about it. You have to have it if you experienced this pain before or if you are first time mom to be. This is product is amazing.
Title: Worth the buy.
Content: I got a L size, and I’m usually a 34-36 DD. Size is pretty accurate and works well. My favorite thing about these is that they protect your nipples from traction against your clothing. You can see these through most shirts because of the shape. One nipple did end up cracking and bleeding, I was able to keep coconut oil on that nipple for a few days with these silverettes. I haven’t noticed any healing effects from the silver.
Title: Disappointed at how well these work
Content: Annoyed paying $30 for these tiny metal caps but man do they actually work. After 2 months of breastfeeding twins and my nipples never getting a break, these things healed me over night. Don’t wait - buy them. This will be my new go to gift for new moms.

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  • FOR THE PROTECTION AND HEALING OF SORE AND CRACKED NIPPLES: Nipple shields which soothe irritation and accelerate the healing process of cracked, painful nipples thanks to silver’s natural healing and soothing properties. Our silver nursing pads also protect the delicate nipple area from direct contact with clothing. With Koala Babycare silver nipple cups, you won't risk having to stop nursing your baby out of discomfort or pain
  • NO CREAMS OR LOTIONS NEEDED: Unlike with nipple cream, Koala Silver Cups won’t alter the taste or smell of breastmilk. This is vital in helping the baby latch on to the breast properly. Koala breast pads are completely odourless and can be removed just before breastfeeding
  • COMFORTABLE AND DISCREET TO WEAR: They fit all breast shapes perfectly and are available in two different sizes. Their anatomical design makes them invisible underneath clothes, and so comfortable you can hardly feel they are there. They protect the sensitive nipple area from direct contact with clothing and are worn discreetly and comfortably underneath your bra
  • MADE IN ITALY FROM QUALITY RAW MATERIAL: Koala Silver Nursing Cups are made of pure 999 silver and an inner layer of copper for maximum resistance. Nickel Free, 100% Made In Italy quality assurance and Eco-friendly: they can be reused throughout the entire breastfeeding period as well as during future pregnancies (as opposed to single use disposable nursing pads). Size: Regular ø 1.69 in - h 0.25 in; Maxi ø 1.73 in - h 0.47 in
  • EASY TO USE: Apply a drop of breast milk inside the nipple shield cups so they adhere well to your breasts. Place them on your nipples and then put on your bra. Breast milk promotes healing of sore, cracked nipples, and their anatomical design prevents them from moving around. Start using them a few days prior to the birth as a preventative measure
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