TestMarket - Sale Now On! Momcozy Wearable Breast Pump S12 Pro - Hurry! Limited-Time Discount of 34% Off

Sale Now On! Momcozy Wearable Breast Pump S12 Pro - Hurry! Limited-Time Discount of 34% Off

Jan 14, 2024 03:18 pm
Sale Now On! Momcozy Wearable Breast Pump S12 Pro - Hurry! Limited-Time Discount of 34% Off
Brand Name: momcozy
Category: Breast Pumps
Seller Name: Shenglindengshi
Rating: 3.90
Total Rating Count: 2060
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Hurry, don't miss out on this exclusive promotion! Grab the Momcozy Wearable Breast Pump S12 Pro now for the lowest price of 111.99£ (Old Price: 169.99£). Save a whopping 58£ and enjoy the freedom of hands-free pumping with its comfortable double-sealed flange. Act now and score this amazing deal before it sells out. Shop now and unlock your savings!

Title: Absolutely Fantastic
Content: 7 years ago I used the hospital grade double pump and it was time consuming and felt like I was wired to a machine permanently and my milk supply was always up and down. Second time around I opted for this one as price was great and the idea of it being wireless and no cables motivated me. Been using for 6 months. My milk supply is great, I can go about house while discretely pumping , it does make a noise . However it still feels private. I get great milk output by this and the suction is great. They give you a diagram to help you select the correct size for you. Definitely recommend this , compared to the excessively high prices for other big top brands. This is absolutely great. It charges quickly and one charge usually gets me through 5 (30 minute) sessions. It will last longer if you do shorter pump sessions of 10-15 minutes. However as I said it charges up fairly quick and you can monitor to see if you need to connect up. The quality of the parts is great. I have yet to have to order any replacement parts and most of it you can order on Amazon. One thing to note is the one pump isn't as strong as the other. I saw previous reviews about this as well. All I do is change them up with each session. But never been an issue. I still get great supply at each session. I have expressed to bottle for my baby from birth . It helped bring my milk supply while trying to establish a latch. The thicker milk from start was no issue. I use to open and use a syringe to gather all the colostrum.
Title: Good pump
Content: Good pump. Pros: comfortable and easy to use. Easily fits in my nursing bra. Warns you with a flashing light when it's running out of battery. Cons: a little loud so if you're expressing at night your partner might not love it. Only come with one size flange so you may have to buy others. If you need to pause for any reason, even though the pumping stops, the timer keeps going so it will seem like you've pumped longer than you have (this is an easily overcome issue though). All round I am really happy with it. It has made my breastfeeding journey much easier!
Title: Don't bother
Content: I did research on this product and took the risk after reading reviews on the product stopping working, there were so many mixed reviews I thought I'd give it a go and hopefully I'd have no problems. That was unfortunate as one of the pumps just stopped suctioning, I checked everything and it looks like it's a fault with the battery pump itself. Which was a common issue I read in the reviews. Also it's super fiddly with allot of components to steralise and put back together after every use. I'm in uk and momcozy is us brand so communication is poor. Contact amazon if you don't hear back from momcozy. Wouldn't recommend this product.. there are far better products for the same price if not a little more. The medela hands free is the way to go.
Title: Not great suction
Content: Love the hands free. Easy to clean. Easy to use. Not great suction. Mine lasted 6 months and has now suddenly stopped working. I assume they make them last that long as most people don’t use them past 6 months. Sadly now I have to buy new ones. I will be buying different ones I think.
Title: As honest as I can be
Content: The product itself is really good. It doesn’t hurt to use and is super comfortable and easy to just use and do other things like pop out or potter round the home. It’s affordable and does the job just as well if not better than your more pricier pumps. Overall, I’m genuinely satisfied and happy with my purchase
Title: Mix of pros and cons, I like them but don’t love it
Content: Edited to add I no longer use these, they were fine initially but they’ve become too unreliable at getting enough milk off. My cheaper ones do a better job and are more stable in my nursing bras. Pros: More convenient than a wired pump Price point is more palatable than Elvie. I prefer to express as it’s more efficient than feeding and I know what my baby is getting. Doesn’t pour out if you lean forward. Seals seem pretty robust. Battery life is good. Two independent pumps makes it easy to simultaneously feed on one side and pump the other. Portable, easier to stick to a pumping schedule. Cons: Motors stick out the top of the bra so keeping them in position can be irritating, probably easier with a smaller chest. Doesn’t always empty my breasts. Milk collects in the flange area. It operates better if you sit still and lean forward which isn’t great for your back and kind of defeats the point of being wireless. Have to buy flanges separately. Occasionally doesn’t connect to boob properly so needs reapplying. Irritating if you don’t notice until the end of a session. Pretty bulky when you need to pick your baby up. Pain in the behind to disassemble and reassemble for washing/sterilising. I previously bought a cheaper version and there isn’t much difference between the two. I expect the cheaper version won’t last as long but it sits more snugly in my bra than this one.

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  • Freely Move About - Momcozy hands-free breast pump is a small, discreet unit that sits entirely inside your bra. It is lightweight and requires no wires or outlets to work, totally freely for pumping anytime anywhere, even when driving, traveling, etc.
  • Maximum Comfort - New concept of the double-sealed flange made from suction-sealed materials makes spills a thing of the past. It is designed to give moms that “barely-there” all-around comfort fit, and a spa-level pumping experience.
  • Effortless Pumping - Upgraded 3 modes (stimulation+expression+mixed) that naturally mimic your little one's feeding, and 9 levels designed to provide more flexibility. Customize your pump so it always starts with your preferred settings for an efficient pumping session.
  • Faster Charging - Get back to pumping in no time with its 1.5-hour quick full charging. One charge can be used for 140 minutes/5~6 sessions. Large 6 oz capacity for worry-free pumping. Made of BPA-free food-grade silicone, safe for you, and also for your baby.
  • Clearer Full-Screen Design - The sleek smart display lets you keep track of the pumping time and battery level clearly and easily. The added function of a one-click pause allows you to control the pumping rhythm at any time.
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