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🐞 Haakaa Ladybug Milk Collector Breast Shells - Save 15% Today!
  • NURSING PAD ALTERNATIVE: Haakaa's Ladybug offers the ultimate alternative to traditional nursing pads! Providing a secure, comfortable, and discreet fit in various bras, it ensures stability and comfort throughout daily activities and breastfeeding sessions, without the risk of being knocked or shifted.
  • PASSIVE COLLECTION WITHOUT BOOSTING SUPPLY: This passive milk catcher is designed to save every precious drop of leakage and let-down. It's the perfect solution for moms who leak but want to conserve milk without stimulating their supply.
  • PERFECT FOR DAY AND NIGHT USE: Wear on the opposite side while breastfeeding or on each breast to collect leakage whenever let-down occurs – even during sleeping.
  • PROTECTS SORE NIPPLES: Our patented Ladybug design, made with ultra-soft silicone, provides gentle protection for tender nipples, preventing irritation and fostering healing between breastfeeding sessions.
  • EASY POURING & CLEANING: Featuring a convenient pour opening and secure plug, transferring milk is effortless. Its one-piece design not only prevents nasty buildup but also ensures hassle-free cleaning.