TestMarket - Last Chance! Only $127.92 - Two-Way Articulating Borescope with Light for Automotive Aircraft Mechanics

Last Chance! Only $127.92 - Two-Way Articulating Borescope with Light for Automotive Aircraft Mechanics

Jan 15, 2024 11:51 am
Last Chance! Only $127.92 - Two-Way Articulating Borescope with Light for Automotive Aircraft Mechanics
Brand Name: DXZtoz
Category: Borescopes
Seller Name: DXZtoz
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Last Chance! Only $127.92 - Two-Way Articulating Borescope, DXZtoz Industrial Endoscope with 0.33in Articulated Snake Camera, Video Inspection Scope with Light for Automotive Aircraft Mechanics. Shop now for the lowest prices and enjoy extra savings today. Hurry! Limited stock available. Exclusive offers for you! Act fast and snag your discount of 36% off. Don't miss out on this limited-time promo. Grab your exclusive savings of $72.07 now. Go, seize the opportunity and discover exciting discounts! Today only! Claim yours now and secure your deal. Limited-time specials just for you. Act now and snag your discount today! Check out the deals and shop for the best deals. Your savings await! Up to 36% off the old price of $199.99. Save big on your purchase and don't miss your chance to save. New offers to score, hurry! Price drop alert! Grab yours before it's gone.

Title: Amazing Technology
Content: Let me start by saying, I am absolutely amazed with how far technology has come. This fully articulating endoscope is a wonderful example how how innovation and mass market manufacture come together. This device is an affordable, yet super high quality tool that saves me countless hours all around my shop and home. This product is very easy to use. It's 5.5 feet of endoscopic reach helps snake its way into the smallest of holes and crevices, and the 180 degree fully left-right articulating head allow it to TAKE TURNS all while unseen! Truly incredible engineering. No app to install on your phone to view the screen data, it comes with a beautiful, high quality color screen! It comes with a 32GB flash card which allows you to store hundreds of photos of your exploration. I have used this inside my small engine shop to peer into spark plug holes to see how scored my cylinders are, as well as in my home to check out wall cavities for damage from pinhole water leaks without cutting open wide swaths of drywall. It comes in a beautiful hard shell carry case, and is conveniently recharged using a USBC cable. This is truly a great product to have when you need it, and I am very happy with its build quality and value for the money! Excellent all around product.
Title: This is a very good and useful tool
Content: I have had 2 scopes in the past but this one is clearly way way better . The first thing I checked was the view it had before actually inserting it an a small opening . I was happy to find that is has a picture much like a camera , that is a wider view in that use . I find that can be very helpful if you have to first sort of finf your way and the actual entrance you want the probe to enter and see inside of .A good example woiuld be a project I am workinh on on my car . I am tryingto find an evaporator emmission leak . so I am laying under the rear of the car but I have to try to see over a crossmember of the frame and up around the gas tank where there are several com[ponents I have to try to look at to try to find what might be leaking vacuum . The camera is very helpful for this task . The resolution is great ,also the several available lighting levels, and the zoom options . Really great . The articulation of the head of the camera is probably the best feature of all . I used to think that a sort of fixed "fish eye " view by the camera lense was adequate . But I have found that the ability to aim the lense more specifically at different spots is a huge improvement . I am a professional handyman for a living . Sometimes I have to try to see inside drain lines looking for blockages or inside walls to help fish wires , as a couple of examples . I also work on my own vehicles . This scope is very helpful to see down deeper in the engine bay because cars are just a maze of hoses ,wires etc . I have also used it to get a good look inside a catalytic converter to see if the insides were in good shape . In summary this a very well performing camera which has very many uses that come up all the time if you are a guy who likes to work on a variety of projects .It makes things much easier and quicker to get completed . Money very well spent !
Title: Great tool to view tight spaces
Content: This does its job well. The Camera quality is excellent, the articulation of the endoscope makes it easy to adjust the camera so i can find what im looking for. Controls are very intuitive. Feels sturdy and rugged enough to take a couple drops. I highly recommend. As a landlord this comes in handy
Title: Great tool for tight spaces
Content: Excellent technology and easy to use. Picture quality is very good and camera is easily adjustable. Highly recommended for use with tight spaces.
Title: Works as described, easy to use, a good value for the price
Content: Two small issues to be aware of. First, the product comes with numerous warnings not to coil the snake more than once if you use the direction knob. The instructions actually (and amusingly) say that's "forbidden". Second, I can't figure out how to use the lock knob to lock the snake to the screen housing. The housing attachment without the lock is firm enough for careful use, but a working lock mechanism would be better.
Title: ESSENTIAL Tool for Every Homeowner/Homebuyer!
Content: Phenomenal image quality, lighting, and ease of use. I charged it and was immediately inspecting tight crevices and pipes around my old home that I always wanted more insights on. This tool quickly gave me what I was looking for and the articulating head made it quick to look around tight places as though I was actually seeing for myself. Really great control! The included case is also a very nice hardshell fabric with a nice handle and inside compartments to keep everything neat and tidy. Every time I buy new tools, my biggest struggle is figuring out where and how to store them, so this case is an essential bonus! Only problem was the arm is stiff (probably to protect the articulating mechanism) so you can't weave through corners, 90° elbows, or p traps. I haven't tried using fish tape on it yet, but I still think this tool is a must-have for the attentive homeowner to do basic inspection of any contractor's work or estimates. I have a 50ft sewer borescope and fish tape coming in the mail to get past the elbow joints. For inspiration, here's some things I'm planning or have already inspected with this scope: • woodstove and chimney for creosote or air leaks or any odd "repairs" from previous homeowners/contractors • clothes dryer exhaust pipe for lint and dust build-up which can cause house fires • french drain and plumbing for blockages or cracks which can cause water damage • tight spaces where I've filled holes with wood filler or putty to ensure they are properly sealed to prevent pests and drafts • HVAC vents and ductwork to check for dust build-up or pest activity which can make the furnace run less efficient • peek up into the attic and look around without getting a ladder and actually poking my head into an area where there could be pests or insulation dust Lastly, I'll just say that my favorite part about this tool is that it's so much quicker to whip out and take a quick look before getting out all the tools to do a job that you /think/ needs to be done. This tool lets you check the area to confirm if work even needs to be done in the first place. And if you confirm work does need to be done, then you can take a quick peek afterwards with this tool to see the difference and check your work. This is why this tool is absolutely essential! No more guessing or wasting time and money on services you didn't even need in the first place!

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  • 🏆【Powerful Feature - Camera Can Be Turned】Have you ever struggled to wiggle getting turns / pass obstacles / look back with a non-articulated scope? Now just whirl DXZtoz latest 180°two-way Articulation Borescope camera control wheel can easily done all of them!! Gives you ability to reach the positions where you WANT to see inside a complicated system that can’t before.
  • 🚘【Professional Two-Way 180°Steering Lens】Features two side 34mm shorter bending ratio which can be flexibly rotated in a smaller space. 8.5mm tiny snake camera catches 2.0MP clear details, 8X zoom in function, armed with 8 high intensity LED lights with 4 adjustable brightness for different dark situations inspection. Best focal distance: 2-15cm.
  • 🚀【Affordable】+ 【Reliable 4.3’’ IPS Monitor】Adopting 2nd high-performance CMOS sensor received the diagnose condition showed on true color 4.3’’ IPS screen. 📵 NO App Required! The articulating endoscope will do 90% of what most mechanics and pros would need for short insertion, close up viewing of engine cylinder, valves, piston, spark plugs, diesel, electrical work inside wall, ac pipe, machine fix, etc.
  • 🚤【Waterproof Rigid Gooseneck Probe】The newest articulation videoscope is IP67 waterproof and oil resistant allows for wet plumbing/oil applications. The metal gooseneck cord has a well-designed balance which is malleable enough and hold it's shape, can be easily snaked into whatever space you want to view.
  • 🏠【Helpful Accessories】+ 【Sturdy Protective Case】Comes with handy accessories: hook, magnet tip, side mirror, it literally turned what would have been a 4 hour job into 15 mins. Rechargeable 3000mAh lithium battery for 4h long working time. Well-pack and easy-carry.
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