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Discover Exciting Discounts on White Lama - Save 31% Today!

May 20, 2024 05:47 am
Discover Exciting Discounts on White Lama - Save 31% Today!
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Title: Five Stars
Content: great novel
Title: great quality.
Content: Superb service, great quality.
Title: humanoids
Content: good one
Title: A great adventure with the handicap of overperformance
Content: I dove into this book with high expectations and maybe that was my mistake. I am a huge fan of Jodorowsky and love how he can cram hundreds of ideas into a single story but i think it is also his weakness as a plot can often become disjointed and characters' behaviour erratic. This was the case for The White Lama unfortunately. Don't get me wrong, still a great read with amazing, dense and detailed art by Bess (that clearly poured his hart out on this one as he is a huge Tibet lover) but there were two main flaws in my opinion. The setting up of the caracters was way too long. Over 100 pages of introductions and backstory that the reader needs to plow through without really knowing the "WHYs" of it and without a clear direction. Then things get very exiting after that as our main character really starts his adventure but then two thirds into the book the main character does something so out of character that it made me stop caring or believing in him, essentially breaking the flow and story (at least for me) to then pick up the pieces several pages later as it enters the last and closing act. Ultimately it was a fun read with flawless art but the storytelling could have been so much better. Again Jodorowsky, being the visionary that he is, often tries to cram too much into his work (see The Metabarons for example) and occasionally this backfires.
Title: Excellent.
Content: More than I could have hoped for, Excellent.
Title: Jodorowsky/Bess Brilliance
Content: The White Lama (Le Lama Blanc) is the second collaboration between Jodorowsky and George Bess, serialised in 6 episodes between 1988 and 1993 with Les Humanoïdes Associés. We are very lucky to have this current edition in English in such well-made handsome hardback (as per usual for Humanoids Publishing). We are also lucky for the more salient reason that The White Lama is yet another fine effort on the part of Jodorowsky. Can this man do no wrong? In George Bess he has found yet another genius artist to work with (a fellow "spiritual warrior" in good company with Moebius, Milo Manara, Zoran Janjetov, Juan Gimenez to name but few) who's own infatuation with Tibet (Bess travelled there "accidentally" in the early 1980s) makes him the perfect partner in this tale. His love for the sweeping landscapes, religious articles, processions, and village life of the Tibetans shines through every page. Technically, I would compare George Bess to Moebius, from whom I think he takes much influence. What sets Bess apart from Moebius is his propensity towards detail and composition - the way he will fill every square inch with well observed paraphernalia, fine shadows, detritus, cracks, peoples, machinery, jungle, clouds et cetera, is at times slightly vertiginous or claustrophobic, though that said I am a huge admirer of Bess (figuratively speaking - I am not "huge" in any empirical sense). Bess must have been very happy to have been handed this wonderful story by Jodorowsky; a tale of a white child raised by Tibetans following the untimely death of his travelling parents, who would go on after many trials and tribulations to be a spiritual leader of the Tibetans and lead them in the resistance to the Chinese occupation. As you might expect from Jodorowsky, the story is violent and beautiful, magical, spiritual, lascivious, ambiguous, humorous, epic, and elusive. It is never made explicit (it seems rather to have been incidental), for example, why the lama of this tale is white. Good and evil are never exclusive terms; they borrow from one another and one leads to the other in Jodorowsky's world. What can I say? If you know and like (or love) Jodorowsky, you have come to the right place. As a side note, I am very excited by the forthcoming release of another Bess & Jodorowsky collaboration, The Son of a Gun (Juan Solo), which is set for release later this year (Nov, 2014). Sadly, their other works together (Les Jumeaux Magiques, & Anibal Cinq) have yet to be translated into English. If anyone has read these in the original French, please do provide your comments below. I would love to know more about them. Nota bene: The White Lama contains graphic violence. Also, if you are looking for a book on llamas, you have come to the wrong place. Honestly, I'm not aware of any comics which feature llamas very prominently.

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