TestMarket - Limited-Time Specials: ZWG Electric Body Brush - Save 30% Off!

Limited-Time Specials: ZWG Electric Body Brush - Save 30% Off!

Apr 07, 2024 01:28 am
Limited-Time Specials: ZWG Electric Body Brush - Save 30% Off!
Brand Name: zhiwangguan
Category: Body Brushes
Seller Name: LOUIS OCEAN
Rating: 4.00
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Secure Your Deal on the ZWG Electric Body Brush - now only 25.19£ (was 35.99£)! Limited stock available, don't miss out on this exclusive promo. Unlock your savings now and enjoy extra discounts today. With 3 spinning speeds and a long handle for a deep cleaning massage, this shower brush scrubber is selling out fast! Act fast before it's gone! Your exclusive discount awaits!

Title: A Game-Changer for Shower Routines: ZWG Electric Body Brush Review
Content: I recently tried the ZWG Electric Body Brush, and it has completely transformed my shower routine! This 5-in-1 body brush set is an ingenious device that offers a variety of features to suit different needs. The rechargeable factor is a huge plus, saving me from constantly replacing batteries. One of the standout aspects is the long handle, which allows me to effortlessly reach and scrub my back – a task that was previously a struggle. The brush comes with three spinning speeds, allowing me to adjust the intensity of the scrub according to my comfort and needs. The variety of brush heads included is another remarkable feature. Each head serves a different purpose, from gentle exfoliation to a more robust scrubbing experience. Switching between the heads is seamless, making this tool incredibly versatile. The scrubber has a profound impact on deep cleaning and massage. After each use, my skin feels thoroughly cleansed, smoother, and rejuvenated. The gentle massage action is also quite relaxing and has become something I look forward to. Durability-wise, the brush seems well-constructed and sturdy, giving me confidence that it will last a long time. Plus, its water-resistant design means I can use it directly in the shower without any worry. In summary, the ZWG Electric Body Brush is an outstanding product that offers convenience, efficiency, and a spa-like experience right in the comfort of my shower. It's a great investment for anyone looking to enhance their body care routine.
Title: easy to use, but a bit on the noisy side. good variety of different heads.
Content: overall, this is a good shower brush. the metallic coated parts on the device look kind of cheap, and like the finish will damage easily, but that doesn't really matter. it's easy to use with and without the handle, making it more versatile, and the different heads are varied and give a variety of different uses and sensations. the heads are easy to change over. the waterproof cover over the charging port seems effective, and is easy to remove and replace one downside is that, say, when using the massage head, you can't really put enough pressure behind it without it automatically stopping. as well as in the bath or shower, it's great if you tend to get itchy on an area of your back that is hard to reach. the one with the pumice block and surrounding bristles is pretty satisfying on itchiness that you can't reach. I like that it's rechargeable rather than using batteries, and I like the soft bristled brush for both the face, for gentle exfoliation, and on the body, with a body wash. it currently retails at just under £30, and I think that would seem a little high IF it didn't come with such a good selection of different heads to go with it. as it is, the price point seems about right. £25-30 seems about right. it's a decent product, with some good design features and accessories. aesthetically, I think the metallic effect part cheapens the appearance, but this isn't important in its function, which it does a good job at.
Title: Poor construction and i do not believe this is IPX7 rated at all.
Content: The media could not be loaded. Poor construction and i do not believe this is IPX7 rated at all. Let's start with the IP rating the X fair enough means it has not been tested against solids protection however the 7 means it can withstand submersion of up to 1 meter for 30 mins, looking at the charge port between the casing and the port you can clearly see the PCB board underneath... this is not a sealed unit so would not trust it near water... especially when it contains a lithium battery. This would only be suitable for the likes of bed baths in my opinion or to massage your back and exfoliate. The construction is also an issue, the handle seems firm enough however the arm connecting to the head has a whole lot of flec in it, i can see this being an issue if accidently dropped with the head attached as this is the weak point that will break. Not an issue but the weight of the item is also a possible issue for the elderly or inferm as this takes a bit of weilding with all the weit being in the head, the head contains all the moving parts, the handle and body are just hollow plastic. The good bits: The motor does have a fair bit of power to it so even with average pressure applied to it it will not bind up and stop. The device is USB-C rechargeable, always good to see in this day and age It is not what i would call loud, it is what you would expect from a normal motor. The set comes with a nice assortment of heads, the pumice stone is handy for hard skin areas. Final thoughts are that while this does look a good machine and can greatly assist in you skin health care i would not trust this anywhere near running water i.n shower, i do not trust an IP rating where a controller board (PCB) is visible and can be accessed by water so unfortunately due to this it is a 3 star product. if this has only been designed with pogo pin magnetic charger port it could have been water tight.
Title: A nice electric body brush
Content: I've been a user of the good old fashioned body loofah for many years and whilst I do enjoy scrubbing my skin off with them, this feels like it could be more beneficial if not more fun to use. Upon first glance at the box it came in I was skeptical as it looks quite cheap and basic. However, upon taking the thing out I was immediately impressed. Even more impressed by all the attachments and their quality. I can say that after a first few uses (on my body and face) I am a happy user. There's quite a fair bit of power, which is controlled by the touch button on the back and has 3 strengths. My only criticism for it would be that it's advertised as waterproof, but given the charging port at the back is covered only by a removable flap, I would not trust submerging this fully in water. It's good for the shower from the splashes though. Overall I would recommend this, especially for the face at least! I haven't even tried the foot scrub attachment either!

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  • 【5 in 1 Electric Body Brush】Body brush is equipped with 5 different functional brush heads, including silicone cleansing brush head, comfort shower brush head, mud brush head, deep cleaning brush head and exfoliating foot brush head, which can be used for facial cleaning, daily bath, back brushes, rotary massagers and foot scrubbers, leaving your skin exfoliated and smooth.
  • 【3 Spinning Speeds Body Brush】Electric body brush with 3 speed functions let you enjoy different levels of cleaning. Low speed for sensitive skin and daily bathing,High speed for deep cleaning and exfoliation.different speed design help you promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue.
  • 【Body Brushes for Shower】Well designed and equipped for all your bathing requirements, specially the elderly and infirm. Versatile, flexible and great to reach all those hard to reach places.
  • 【Waterproof Bath Brush】Waterproof Bath Brush , which is the perfect foot scrubber for shower. It's the ideal shower care product for relaxing, cleaning, massaging, and scrubbing your body inside the shower and bath.
  • 【Electric Body Brush】 Built in large battery, the body brush can be charged via USB cable. It has 3 speed modes with a 360°rotary spin, which is less labor-intensive than traditional bath brushes and effectively cleans dirt, leaving your skin exfoliated and smooth.
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