TestMarket - Snag Your Discount Today - External Blu Ray DVD Drive 3D, USB 3.0 Bluray Disc Burner Reader Burner Slim BD CD DVD RW ROM for PC Mac Windows 7 8 10 XP Linxus (Black) - Up to 29% Off

Snag Your Discount Today - External Blu Ray DVD Drive 3D, USB 3.0 Bluray Disc Burner Reader Burner Slim BD CD DVD RW ROM for PC Mac Windows 7 8 10 XP Linxus (Black) - Up to 29% Off

Apr 07, 2024 02:04 am
Snag Your Discount Today - External Blu Ray DVD Drive 3D, USB 3.0 Bluray Disc Burner Reader Burner Slim BD CD DVD RW ROM for PC Mac Windows 7 8 10 XP Linxus (Black) - Up to 29% Off
Brand Name: PiAEK
Category: Blu-ray Drives
Seller Name: wamthularity
Rating: 4.10
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Discover Exciting Discounts on this External Blu Ray DVD Drive 3D, USB 3.0 Bluray Disc Burner Reader Burner Slim BD CD DVD RW ROM for PC Mac Windows 7 8 10 XP Linxus (Black). Act Now and Save Big with 29% Off the Old Price of 79.00£ - Now Available for a Limited Time at 55.97£. Your Exclusive Discount Awaits!

Title: Does the job and seems to do it well.
Content: The build quality of this external drive is way better than I expected - a solid metal top and bottom with a plastic inner shell should enable the drive to last. This drive is perfect for ripping standard dvd and bluray disks. It won't recognise UHD disks but then again it doesn't claim to be able to. Personally, I'm very happy with the item and it does exactly what I need it to do. However, I think something is fishy about the drive - it claims to be an LG drive but inside it is clearly not. I suspect its a cheaper drive that has been flashed with LG firmware (just a theory on my part as i have no conclusive proof either way) but honestly, I don't personally care as it works well and for the circa £60 I paid for it I think it's very good value for money.
Title: Great for the price. (Additional software required)
Content: I always prefer to buy an internal drive, (a blu ray player/writer that sits inside the computer), mainly due to build quality, stability and use of use. But on this occasion, I was not able to do this, as the computer case I was working on cannot take an internal drive, no space for one, hence the purchase of this item, an external usb drive. Firstly, it's worth mentioning, for anyone completely new to this particular area of computing, unless you already have suitable and adequate software installed, to enable blu ray playback on your computer, you will definitely need to source some and get it installed, otherwise blu rays will simply not function! Be careful what you download or purchase as not all are equal and some may seem 'free' but are either initially trial versions, say last for 30 days or so, then you will need to buy, and others may not actually contain the files necessary to play blu rays straight away, without paying for 'addons'! Also worth checking, before buying anything, are you buying just an annual license or a lifetime one? Some software only offer the annual, single computer license, so you would need to pay an additional sum at the end of the first 12 months, in order to renew the license! Do be careful here! In my own personal opinion, I prefer to buy and use Cyberlink PowerDvd 22 Pro, (suitable for all versions of Windows operating system). It's not cheap, but is by far the best as well as being easy to understand and use. I would recommend buying direct from Cyberlink online and be sure to order the backup dvd at the same time, it just means that they will send you a physical dvd disc in the post, containing the same software as you pay for and download and install, peace of mind really, should you ever need to re-install it again. Virtually all other sellers only offer a code, given to you after purchasing, which you redeem online to download and install the software, so no physical disc of thumb drive! There is plenty of other blu ray software players available, one called 'Leawo' has been getting plenty of positive feedback recently, it's totally free to download and install and is a permanent license too, the only thing missing from the free version is the ability to copy (burn) blu rays etc, that side requires buying the pro/full version, but if simply playing blu rays is all you are after, it works very well and is quite a small piece of software to download and install. The only issue I had with the 'Leawo' software was not being able to move from one episode to another, on a blu ray disc that has a full season of a particular show on it, despite reading through their online user manual and trying everything! Should be, right click anywhere on your screen during playback, from the pop up menu that appears, scroll down and select, 'chapters' and then next choose the desired chapter, nope, doesn't work as expected! All that happens is the disc moves forward like fast forward, definitely not the next chapter! Although slightly frustrating, this is only an issue with discs that contain several individual episodes on, if you were simply watching a blu ray movie, then it works brilliantly! This external usb blu ray drive is great for the price point it's being sold at, feels pretty good too. You just need to remember that by being reasonably slim and fairly small form factor, you do need to be careful using it, in particular, opening and closing the disc tray and to support the tray from below when inserting a disc! I would say it's not the fastest to load the disc, from the point of closing the tray and anything appearing on screen, but something that doesn't bother me at all. The main issue I have, not with this particular blu ray drive, but most external usb drives, is the ridiculously short length of the usb cables supplied! Given that you are expected to connect this to the rear of your case, so it's using the main motherboard connections, you would have thought they could have supplied longer leads! Fortunately for me, I'm a bit of a cable addict, so easily rectified, but just a word of caution, you may find the supplied cables far too short to place your external drive suitably! I also made the decision, based on previous experiences, to buy a multi voltage mains adapter, from Amazon, which came with a variety of removable tips and a selector switch to alter the voltage required. I have plugged this external usb blu ray drive into the mains, using the correct tip (simply compare to the one supplied with your drive) and changed the voltage to 5V, this way the drive is guaranteed to receive adequate and regulated, continuous power, independent of the computer. Then I have used my own, far better quality and much longer, usb cable to connect to the computer, it's been working perfectly fine! Hope this helps someone out, best of luck.
Title: A great plug and play drive for making backups
Content: I’m going to be honest; I was a bit dubious about buying an unknown brand for an external blu ray drive. However, I needed something for making digital backups of blu rays and DVDs. Admittedly, it isn’t the quickest at ripping (I’m getting 9x for Blu Ray and 2x for DVD), but it has been chewing through whatever I’ve thrown at it. I will point out that I haven’t used it to play anything directly or to burn DVD/blu ray copies, as I do not need to, so cannot comment on this. There are recommendations for software to be able to do so, but I anticipate that there are better options to be able to do this. You also do not need to install anything to use this drive, it is plug and play.
Title: The company sent a perfect working replacement.
Content: Edit - Unfortunately I got unlucky with the bluray player the first time and got a faulty one. The developer contacted me and apologised for this and sent me a replacement. This one works perfectly fine, plays the movies and shows all the way through with no issues. I was quite disappointed when I recieved the original product but this working replacement saved me looking for another one and I will buy from this company in the future. Good product, fantastic customer service. Highly recommend if you're looking for a good bluray player. Original review I did like this for the first two days but ever since it will randomly eject the disc. This can happen 3 times in a half hour show sometimes, highly irritating. I have tested the disc on my main bluray player hooked up to my TV and it works fine there.
Title: The Worst Product I've Ever Bought From Amazon.
Content: It reads and burns CD's at a snails pace. It only reads Blu-Rays; it doesn't play them if your computer doesn't have the sufficient software to play them (which often cost upwards of £50 to download). It will also on occasion pause in the middle of viewing a DVD, causing it pause and force quit the viewer window. After about 5 months of rather light use, mine stopped working entirely. It is now lying in the bottom of my bin in a million pieces, where it rightfully belongs. I had a great pleasure smashing this unreliable piece of junk to bits. I hope whoever designed and manufactured this abysmal product dies a slow and painful death. Love and kisses.
Title: Was sceptical but works 100%
Content: Bluray player works finewith my pc which is ancient. I had to find the right application to play the blurays as some of the free apps dont work. I ended up using "leawo bluray player" - the free version has ads but will show the bluray player working fine and if you want to upgrade to the ad-less version you can. The fact it has a free app that lets you check before paying is great. I was reluctent seeing some of the reviews on here but reading them thought they were issues due to people not knowing how to use a PC and it seems I was right. Well worth the money, very light, does not overheat and mine has not scratched a single bluray yet. Highly recommend.

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  • The Blu Ray DVD player plays CD discs at up to 24x, DVD discs at up to 8x and Bluray discs at up to 6x. The external Blu ray drive supports standard 8.5G 4.7G 700M CD DVD burning functions. Download "Cyberlink BD & 3D Advisor" test software, install it on your computer, do the tests. You will get a result if your computer supports Blu Ray or 3D playback
  • USB 3.0 technology ensures more stable and faster data transfer, and is also compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.0. Please plug in the charging cable when playing Blu-ray discs with 5V 1A or 2.1A
  • No external driver needed and powered by USB cable. Just connect the Blu ray DVD player to your computer and it will be detected automatically.
  • Support 3D Blu-ray discs. Compatible with WIN XP, VISATA 7, WIN8, WIN10, MAC OS. Blu-ray Player Software Recommendation: Wiondows (PowerDVD / AnyDVD), Mac OS (MAC Blu ray Player) [Player software is not included)
  • Ultra-thin, lightweight portable CD DVD player, convenient to use and carry, whether at home or traveling
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