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Snag Your Discount on AOSULI Small Bin Bags - Save 15% Now!
  • You will get 2 rolls white and 2 rolls pink drawstring bin liners.Each roll has 18 bags,72 bags in total.40cm x 45cm with a 5liter-6liter holding capacity.
  • The 5L-6L drawstring rubbish bags are probably for dog poo bags/nappy bags.They fit bathroom pedal bin or small bedroom bin or a small waste paper basket.
  • Good quality bin bags with drawstring ties.The bags have easy to pull grey tags at the top which are strong and fasten securely,and the drawstring ties makes it easier to open the bags and also tie them up when its full,the drawstring at the top also makes it handy to trap smells.
  • No unpleasant odor,easy to tear.There is an easy to tear perforation between each bag and quite decent strong side seams,so do be careful and make sure you are pulling at the perforations!Don't rip in the wrong place.
  • These are plastic trash bags,they don't break as long as you don't put anything sharp or heavy in them.The drawstring was quite strong.