TestMarket - 🚽 CLEAR REAR Bidet Attachment Sprayer for Toilet - Limited-Time Promo!

🚽 CLEAR REAR Bidet Attachment Sprayer for Toilet - Limited-Time Promo!

May 16, 2024 12:56 pm
🚽 CLEAR REAR Bidet Attachment Sprayer for Toilet - Limited-Time Promo!
Brand Name: CLEAR REAR
Category: Bidet Attachments
Seller Name: Upper Echelon Products
Rating: 4.50
Total Rating Count: 14998
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Title: The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Bathroom Hygiene
Content: When it comes to upgrading your bathroom with a bidet, the CLEAR REAR Bidet Attachment stands out as an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their daily hygiene routine without breaking the bank or dealing with complicated installations. First and foremost, the water pressure range of this bidet is impressive. Whether you prefer a gentle rinse or a more robust stream, the CLEAR REAR offers complete control to accommodate your personal preference. This feature ensures a thorough and refreshing clean every time. One of the standout features of the CLEAR REAR Bidet is its self-cleaning nozzle, which promotes a hygienic experience by rinsing itself before and after each use. This adds a layer of convenience and hygiene that is crucial for any bidet attachment. Additionally, the inclusion of a women’s hygienic mode is a thoughtful touch, providing a gentler and specifically targeted cleaning option that enhances comfort and effectiveness for female users. Installation of the CLEAR REAR Bidet is a breeze. It really does take just about 5 minutes to set up, with clear instructions and no need for special tools or professional help. This ease of installation is a huge plus, making it accessible for renters and homeowners alike who might be hesitant about undertaking bathroom modifications. Comfort and design are also strong points of this bidet. It is designed to be non-intrusive and fits seamlessly with nearly every standard American toilet. Its sleek profile and functionality mean that it does not disrupt the aesthetic of your bathroom or the comfort of your toilet seat. In summary, the CLEAR REAR Bidet Attachment is a top contender in its category, offering robust features like adjustable water pressure, a self-cleaning nozzle, and women’s hygienic mode. Its ease of installation and comfortable, non-intrusive design make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to venture into the world of bidets. This product promises and delivers a refreshingly clean experience with every use, all without requiring significant time, effort, or investment. Whether you're a bidet novice or a seasoned enthusiast looking for a practical upgrade, the CLEAR REAR Bidet Attachment is definitely worth considering.
Title: Easy and Clean
Content: I've used maaaaaybe a roll of TP in the last two months since I've installed (super easy to do) bidet! It is easy to use and works very well!
Title: Easy installation and easy to use
Content: This product was easy to install and works as should! I’ve only had it for a few days but it is doing what it should. Only downfall is the way it perks up the back side of the seat it puts strain on the back of the toilet seat when sat on making it most likely to have to replace the toilet seat due to the way it bends and strains on the backside of the toilet seat where it’s connected to the toilet. Great product it just needs some type of rubber device that can be attached/glued to the bottom of the toilet seat to accommodate the bending of the back of the seat when you sit on it!!
Title: Want A Minty Fresh Feeling Down There?
Content: Clear Rear This unit definitely gives that minty fresh feeling. Lol. This bidet comes in an attractive sturdy box. Instructions, fittings and plumbing tape come in a zip lock bag. The instructions to install are pictures. Very little verbiage on the instruction card. And the operation instructions are a bit vague. When you are about to squirt water on your privates you kinda want to know a little bit more on the operation instructions so I referred to a YouTube video for more information. Installation took 7 minutes. Yes, I timed it. I’m the tool owner in the house, a single mom whose learned how to be handy around the house so using a channel lock wrench and a flathead screwdriver is not foreign to me. But if if you’re not handy with tools and don’t have the basic plumbing knowledge to install this unit, you may want to refer to someone who is handy with tools. Although the instructions are pictorial and the process is very easy. The only thing the instructions do not show is using the plumbing tape (blue and white roll included). Make sure you are using the plumbing tape on all metal threaded fittings. It’s not necessary to use plumbing tape on plastic threaded fittings. I also recommend to use this time to fully clean you’re toilet. All of it. Something about installing a new bidet on a dirty toilet seems counter intuitive. I mean, we are talking about cleaning the privates with this new gadget so having a total clean experience is good for the mental health too, right? Once installed, I wanted to use it and test it out. But I didn’t have to go! Doesn’t it suck to get something new and want to use it but can’t? So, I faked having to go and gave it a try. Hubby is thoroughly enjoying this entire experience by the way. He says he’s not going to use it. I bet he does. Ha! There are two dials - one for water pressure and one to direct the water to the area you want to clean. Be cautious about the pressure you use. Start low and adjust as needed to find that sweet spot for comfort. The 2nd dial has 3 settings: (1) normal which jets a stream of water to the butt. This is for both men and women. It’s a perfect steady stream too. I was wondering how the manufacturer knew how to get the aim just right. (2) the 2nd setting is the “female” setting. This jets a spray type stream aimed towards the female parts. And it’s spot on too. Think of a kitchen sink faucet that has a steady stream and a spray setting. Similar to that just not as wide of a spray to the female area. (3) The 3rd setting is suppose to be a self cleaning setting to clean the jets. This doesn’t clean the toilet so you still have to clean your toilet. Wish it did that. :) Note: I can’t believe I’m actually writing a bidet review but this is important to note: the water in the line that jets to the privates is room temperature. At first. However, if you allow it continue jet streaming water on your privates it WILL get colder. And colder. And colder. Afterwards I felt numb down there it was so cold. So be mindful of this in case you’re enjoying the experience a little too much. Lol Note: This also warrants mentioning - you may want to close your legs a little before turning on the jet stream to clean you. It will squirt out the toilet onto whatever is in front of you if you don’t. In the YouTube video I watched, the person used a large pot lid held in place before testing out the jets. When he didn’t the water squirted right out of the toilet onto the floor. So don’t let your kids play with the bidet!! As for the reduced toilet paper the listing promotes, I’m still not sure how that works because one does need to dry off down there. So there will be toilet paper use. Although, I suppose if one wants to use a dry washcloth to dry the area that would eliminate toilet paper use. So it’s up to you. For now 5 stars because this is still new to use and we aren’t sure where this experience will go. If anything changes we will update the review. Update: 03/26/2023 Breaking News! The husband is using the bidet!! lol. How do I know? My bathroom detective skills have been in high gear since we installed the bidet. We are a family of 2 adults plus pets. Typically, we use 4-5 rolls of TP per week. Actually, the husband uses most of that as he goes #2 more often in a day than I do. Plus I have to wipe both areas vs his one. So a 3 roll per week drop in TP use is significant. Significant enough for me to ask him outright if he is using it. His ego won’t allow him to say yes. Instead he responded with “Ive used it a few times.” I personally love it. I feel clean and comfortable down there. Being a female I am able to use both bidet features and it’s not bad. The only downside for me is the first AM visit since it’s still winter here. The water is so cold!! I cringe right before I turn the knobs. On the positive side, that cold hosed down experience first thing in the morning does wake me up. I’m consuming less coffee. And I imagine during the hottest summer months that cold water might be a welcome experience. We have a few months yet to experience that. Spending $50 on a toilet gadget may seem a bit steep for some. I thought so. But I’m here to say it’s worth it if it makes you feel better. In fact, we had Amazon send his parents one but didn’t tell them about it. Can you imagine what they thought when they opened the box? lol. It’s been a week and we still haven’t heard about it. We find this amusing.
Title: Works good.
Content: First, there is no temp control on this one. It is very easy to install and works like it should. There is a sort of pressure control on it and you can redirect the water with a valve for self cleaning. (the device or you) Installed in about 5 minutes without many tools. It has been in use for a couple of months now with only one complaint from a friend who has 48" (estimated) hips. It seems she is a bit wider than the control arm and has a problem accessing the water control knobs. Other than user interface issues for widebodies, it's a great little unit and an upgrade for your bathroom. It would be nice if there was one available with a wider stance for certain classic models, but this one works well for many folks. There is a garage fan company called Big Ass Fans. If only they made bidets.
Title: Cheap and Good
Content: Easy to installed, work perfectly highly recommended

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  • DUAL NOZZLE DESIGN: This bidet toilet attachment boasts a dual nozzle system for complete cleansing. Switch between rear and feminine modes of our Clear Rear bidet attachment for toilet for a thorough clean
  • ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE: The bidet attachment for toilet features customizable water pressure controls. Choose between a gentle mist or a stronger stream with this bidet toilet attachment for personalized, effective cleaning
  • EASY DIY BIDET INSTALLATION: Our bidet toilet seat attachment can be fitted in 15 minutes with no expert help required. Each bidet toilet seat package comes with all necessary components for installation with no hassle
  • A HYGIENE SOLUTION THAT'S GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: The toilet bidet seat attachment reduces toilet paper consumption, offering a more sustainable and earth-friendly approach. Try our bidet & bidet parts for an effective, eco-conscious clean
  • SELF-CLEANING FEATURE: The toilet bidet attachment comes equipped with self-cleaning nozzles. The nozzles retract back into the bidet attachment for toilets when not in use, ensuring continuous hygiene
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