TestMarket - Exclusive Offer: Save 29% on NRSVue Holy Bible with Apocrypha - Brown Leathersoft

Exclusive Offer: Save 29% on NRSVue Holy Bible with Apocrypha - Brown Leathersoft

Jun 11, 2024 09:23 pm
Exclusive Offer: Save 29% on NRSVue Holy Bible with Apocrypha - Brown Leathersoft
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Title: Good apart from glued ribbon
Content: Absolutely wonderful book but one of the ribbons was glued to the pages which ripped off a few words. Not a huge deal but it means I’ll have to google the verses when I get to them to read the missing words.
Title: Finally, a good one!
Content: Those of you that try to get different editions of the bible on the Kindle Paperwhite know about one flaw - there are certain bible editions that for unknown reasons will cause your Kindle to crash and reboot itself immediately, even upon just downloading it. Troubleshooting doesn't fix it - unregistering, reregistering, factory resets, reboots, all of that does nothing. Upgrading my first edition paperwhite to the new 2021 paperwhite curiously didn't fix it. Some examples: The CSB Reader's Bible and the NRSVue published in December 2021 by the National Council of Churches, and the NIV Study Bible. The NRSV is my favorite translation for many reasons. Firstly, the readability is balanced extremely well with accuracy. It's academically translated with no bias. Secondly, it includes the full Deuterocanonical and Aprocryphal volume, which really adds a lot to the transition of Old Testament to New. I've wanted the "updated edition" of the NRSV for quite some time, and I thought I'd finally gotten it with the edition published by the National Council of Churches in December. I'm sure it's very nice - if I could open the book without my kindle rebooting, or for that matter, download the book. I was forced to return the book for a refund because the only way to fix my kindle was to delete it from my library. I am very pleased to report to everybody that this edition works! It took all of 5 seconds to purchase it and download it, and it functions perfectly so I can actually read it. Now that I'm able to dig in to it, I can tell you that Zondervan did an outstanding job formatting it. I don't personally need to go straight to verses. In fact, I prefer not to have this feature because it just makes the links too cumbersome to deal with, especially in the longer books of the Old Testament. I do want to navigate by chapter though, and this book allows that. I am also happy with the font choice here, very easy on the eyes. The price is very reasonable. It's two dollars more than the National Council of Churches edition, but considering that it actually works, that's a small extra price to pay. As far as the actual translation goes, I'm happy with it. The actual changes can be found online so I won't go into that here, but I am happy with the changes that were made and pleased that it uses the best discovered transcripts to date. They also dip in to multiple editions of the Greek New Testament, which adds a lot of credibility to it. Overall, this translation is probably the best you're going to find and if you're looking for it on Kindle, this Zondervan edition is a safe bet and a sound purchase.
Title: Book has a nice feel and is of great quality
Content: This is larger than the personal size edition but still quite handy. The letters are much more easier to read since they are larger. The two color layout is pleasing to the eye. The translation is also great of course.
Title: A worthwhile purchase
Content: One hopes that purchase of a bible would always be worthwhile. But in this instance, I have numerous bibles of various translations, including a number of annotated bibles, and was looking for a well-made bible for devotional purposes that is small enough to tote around as needed. I was eager to purchase the new update to the NRSV, as the NRSV is the most-commonly used translation in my denomination. It's not necessarily my favorite of all time, but there is a lot about it that I appreciate. (There are a number of places in which I think the updated edition is an improvement over its predecessor, based on my limited reading thus far.) Originally I purchased Zondervan's personal size, but the 8.5 point font was a little too small for easy readability, even though I don't require reading glasses. The regular size is a little heavier, but it's worth it for the 10 point font. The font isn't my favorite, nor is the color scheme (burgundy headings), but that's subjective, and the main thing is that it is clear and well laid out. Since I have various annotated bibles and bible commentaries, I don't miss that in this edition only with simple footnotes. For an up-to-date bible for reading and devotion, I would recommend this.
Title: Great Translation, Great Kindle Edition
Content: There is a LOT of information out there about the NRSVUE, with most of the bigger changes from the NRSV throughly explained and delineated, so I won’t go into detail about that. I will say that the NRSVUE is clear and incredibly well-researched, with the stately language originally from the KJV still evident in many places. It’s not as easily understandable as the CEB or NIV, but then, the folks who worked on the NRSVUE project had somewhat different goals than those translators. From the RSV on down, this translation lineage has always represented the more scholarly arm of translations (I think I’ll still turn to the CEB for devotions and simply reading through the books, but the NRSVUE will be excellent for in-depth study). Now, to the Kindle edition of the NRSVUE from Zondervan: I think it looks great, both on my iPad and my Kindle, and I found it easy to navigate. I held off on buying the Kindle version of this Bible because of the mixed reviews of the National Council of Churches’ Kindle edition of the NRSVUE. As a previous reviewer said, the Zondervan version seems to be a definite improvement. It even has color maps! It’s hard to beat the price for the latest scholarship, the Apocrypha, and the convenience of having this Bible on your device.
Title: Nice bible
Content: This is a very nice bible with one glaring issue. The center cross reference falls in to the hump in the center of the bible so the references on the left page are hard to read because they are running at an angle to the center. For me personally this is a show stopper. At this price I put it back in the box and stuck it on my bookcase for emergencies. Minus one star for the slanted cross references.

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