TestMarket - CozyLux Dog Bed - Up to 17% Off - Shop and Save Now!

CozyLux Dog Bed - Up to 17% Off - Shop and Save Now!

Jan 14, 2024 03:33 pm
CozyLux Dog Bed - Up to 17% Off - Shop and Save Now!
Brand Name: CozyLux
Category: Beds & Furniture
Seller Name: CozyLux
Rating: 4.60
Total Rating Count: 23
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Title: One of the best dog beds I’ve gotten!
Content: To get straight to the point this is a really good dog bed. I see it’s hard for some people to get the dog mattress in the sheets zipped up but for me it was very easy! My dog loves it and will fit perfectly in the crate I have bought. This is definitely worth a buy and my dog loves it! I see so many dishonest reviews but this is my honest opinion and it’s an amazing buy! Will definitely buy more for my other dogs in the future! (A plus on the waterproof thing incase of a tinkle accident!)
Title: Nice size and love the removable washable cover!
Content: Maggie Sue, absolutely loves her new bed! Our other dog, Jasper has a bed similar to hers, but prefers her bed now, lol and we paid about $70 for Jasper‘s bed.
Title: Great Low Profile Travel Bed
Content: Great low profile pet bed comes tightly packed in shipping box. After opening the large egg, crate, allow some time for the pad to expand and the folding to disappear. This bed came with a thin white poly liner to go over the pet bed before putting it into its final cover. I did feel the white pet bed was a tad too small for the mattress, which caused it to bow. I also felt that the two small cover would not allow the mattress to lay flat, but I kept it on anyway. The final cover is a dotted material on the bottom and a ship of material on top. I felt the zippers were well-made and easy to use, the pad itself was very easy to put together. The Sherpa material on top of the bed is very soft, I believe my dog will like it. My Rottweiler is 16 months old and loves to pull fluff out of every thing he can find, I chose this pet bed because it does not have any filling, just egg crate mattress. my dog has used this on a couple occasions now and both times I have come home to find him sleeping in the middle of the pad, no destruction done to the bed itself. This is a great dog bed if you are looking for something easy, minimalistic, comfortable. I believe it is made out of good quality and would feel comfortable ordering from this brand again.
Title: Has a water-resistant cover, attracts hair.
Content: Pros: It comes vacuum sealed, but expands nicely in 15 minutes or so. I LOVE that is has a water resistant cover that goes directly on the mattress and under the plush cover. I have two puppies and they definitely have accidents so if they happen to have one on this bed, I can throw the plush cover in the laundry and the mattress underneath is protected! Cons: The first time my dogs were on this it had hair on it. I suspect that will be constant. The cover is plush but it attracts hair like a magnet. In hindsight perhaps I should have gone with a lighter color so their white fur wasn't so visible! Overall, it's very soft, offers support and the addition of that water-resistant cover makes it a win.
Title: Aussie approved!
Content: My 50# aussie is pretty particular about his beds and he took right to this one! I love that there are no unpleasant or chemical odors coming from this foam. After opening up the egg crate foam part I did notice a rather large ridge down the center of the back of the foam. It was rather hard and stiff compared to the rest of the foam too. I let it expand for over 24 hours and realized that I was worried about nothing. As the foam expanded around the ridge it all evened out just fine. The foam grew to the stated size for certain! It was a bit of a struggle getting it zipped into both of its washable covers. But so worth the work when I saw how my pup ran right to it and laid down on it! He absolutely loves this bed - it is his new favorite - I'm so glad that he is on some extra cushion now as this boy runs and plays hard - love that those muscles and joints are getting some support while he sleeps.
Title: Love it. Dogs love it.
Content: As a professional dog trainer I have lots of dogs, and lots of dog beds. I was pleased when this one arrived because I was able to single-handedly get the inner mattress into the cover. Like most beds that come with a mattress of any thickness, it came vacuum sealed and once cut open, the plastic bags release the mattress which seems to come to life. I'm familiar with that situation, but if I hadn't been, this product came with thorough instructions on how to deal with the situation. I'm also familiar with trying to get a mattress into the cover which, with some dog beds, is a real pain. But, this model came with a double zipper cover and the inner cover was of a material that allowed the egg-crate foam bed to slide in with easy. Once zipped in the inner section, there's a second zipper to close the outer cover which is comfy and plush on top and a different material that touches the floor. My dogs checked out the bed as soon as I put it on the floor and it has been used consistently since I first introduced it.

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  • The supportive foam ensures that she receives the right balance of comfort and orthopedic support, promoting her overall well-being, especially for older dogs with joints and hip pain
  • Not chew proof but the well stitched Oxford fabric is tough enough to withstand the diging and chewing
  • the memory foam insert (egg crate style) is covered with a waterproof cover first and all that goes into the outer velvety cover. Great idea for when accidents happen.
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