TestMarket - Save Big on Your Purchase - TIMBER RIDGE 5 Person SUV Tent with Movie Screen Weather Resistant Portable for Car SUV Van Camping, Includes Rainfly and Storage Bag, 10' W X 8' L X 7.1' H Green

Save Big on Your Purchase - TIMBER RIDGE 5 Person SUV Tent with Movie Screen Weather Resistant Portable for Car SUV Van Camping, Includes Rainfly and Storage Bag, 10' W X 8' L X 7.1' H Green

May 20, 2024 01:10 pm
Save Big on Your Purchase - TIMBER RIDGE 5 Person SUV Tent with Movie Screen Weather Resistant Portable for Car SUV Van Camping, Includes Rainfly and Storage Bag, 10' W X 8' L X 7.1' H Green
Category: Bed Tents
Rating: 4.50
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Price Drop Alert: Get the TIMBER RIDGE 5 Person SUV Tent with Movie Screen at an exclusive discounted price of 219.99$ (Original Price: 279.99$). Save 60$ on your purchase today! This Weather Resistant Portable tent is perfect for camping trips and comes with a Rainfly and Storage Bag. Act fast to secure your deal before it sells out!

Title: Camping Game Changer
Content: I was looking for a tent to add to my Tacoma truck. I looked at a lot of options that would attached to the roof. Non of those options opened up to the back of the bed. I built a bed platform in the bed of the truck and wanted something that would give us a little more room and privacy. This was the perfect addition. First, it is very well built and a very high quality tent. I love the fact that we can stand up in there. It makes it easy to change our close and move around. We can now slide out from the bed and not have to worry about shoes, dirt or rain. It is so spacious you can setup a bed inside the tent so the family can all camp together. We setup chairs and a table in there to hold our camping stuff. You could even put a pee bucket in there so you don't have to wonder to far from bed. It is easy to setup. The tunnel to the truck is not difficult to figure out. Every vehicle is different, so i suggest playing around with it and finding your own personal setup. You can detach it easily, zip up the tent, and take the truck out for the day. Just back up, attach and you are ready for the night. We love this tent and it has changed our camping experience. Worth every dollar.
Title: Good so far
Content: I have only so far test set this up on the back of my 2012 Subaru Outback. It seem good quality and fit well. Tip: clean the bottom of your bumper off, I drove up the wet dirt drive way and it was covered in mud and part of the bib tucks around the bumper. I would say that if you are experienced all ready with tents a person should be able to do this on there own. My family was helping but it was pretty quick once we figured it out. The only thing I'm concerned about is the two poles that cross on the top. There is a lot of tension and it is tough to get the rods in and out of the joints they go into. I am a 30 something something women and I'm not a weakling but I had to put a lot of effort into this area. I'm hoping that it will maybe loosen up some, or I can test out different ways to make it easier since I want to be able to be on my own using this thing. Other then that, it seems like it will be a nice addition to sleeping in the car, adding space and what I really wanted, a place to dry of the dog. The directions are not the greatest and setting up the bib part was confusing at first because it's a new concept, I think we watched a video to see what the deal was. And yes the tent will absolutely stand on its own so you can drive away and do stuff which is really nice (or just use the ten it's self) As a side note, seeing that this tent is new and there was only one review when I bought it, I checked out reviews for Timber Ridges other gear and it looks like it a quality reputable company as far as I saw. I will do an update after using it more if it seems necessary.
Title: In good weather this is a good option
Content: We set this tent up i about 30 minutes our first time in. It is easy to assemble once we figured out which poles were which. The tent itself is large enough for a family, and I found myself asking why I need this big a tent for just the two of us. I'm thinking that a smaller option is likely going to be our go-to for car-camping. This tent is sturdy once assembles, it packs well and will go back into its bag once it is broken down and rolled up. Remember to put the hardware into the bag separately form the tent. Don't try to roll the hardware into the tent or it will be difficult to get it into the bag. I tried and failed several times. The rain-fly is a convenience that ant tent should have and I'm sure it would come in handy if there were rain. There was none on our only outing with this tent. The height was great, and would accommodate much taller people. the tent had a bit of sway to it until it was anchored in. It felt much better once anchored, but I still wonder how it would fare in strong winds, as there was some sway in the light breeze during our trip. All in all this is a good option for a family and too much for just the two of us.
Title: Awesome tent, not perfect but close.
Content: UPDATE: Used this weekend for the first time and set up was much easier and take down was a cake. HOWEVER, my suspicion of the wind wreaking havoc was correct. This Tent is a sail in the wind, needs more tie downs. All in all, Not a perfect tent. But the best tent I have found so far that meets my criteria. Only done a dry set up in the driveway so cannot yet speak to the durability but it all looks well done so fingers crossed. For assembly and disassembly, I did this solo and it was not easy. Due to it's height, it is not stable until you have all 4 corners assembled. To help I rested one side on the tailgate first which made life a lot easier, otherwise it would have been a pain. Disassembly was easier knowing my trick, but without a tailgate could be pretty tedious. Seems like a lot of stress goes on the top rods and one bad wind while going up or coming down and I'd be worried a rod could snap. The car hookup, very easy. Once built, the tent is very spacious and TALL, I'm 6'4" and man was it nice. My biggest point of feedback would be make bigger windows. They seem unnecessarily small. Same with the vehicle door, could be wider. Outside of that it's a Very good tent. Just be very wary of the wind. This is a skyscraper of a tent and acts like a sail for the wind. I would be very uneasy in a high wind situation.
Title: So far so good!
Content: We've just spent 2 weeks camping in all kinds of weather. Torrential rain, wind and cold. As stated by other reviewers, the directions weren't very clear. We did manage okay but definitely took longer than stated. Would prefer the roof to be solid as a cold breeze always found it's way in. We love the height! It held up very well during the rain and wind. We'll be spending the next 2 months travelling with it and it gets easier to put up each time. Will update as our travels progress if there are any issues! Edit..... We were very pleased with this tent after 2 and a half months of travelling. One thing my husband figured out for when we detached, we marked the ground around the rear tires. When we backed up, I would guide him into the marks and it was so easy to reattach.
Title: Tent for suv’s
Content: Tent is perfect size but it’s just hard for the straps to find where to tied up, the 2 suction won’t stick good, and mostly it’s easy for the water to come inside from the back door.

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  • Polyester Taffeta
  • Imported
  • SEAMLESS CONNECTION: Our SUV tent securely connects to your trunk, offering extra sleeping and storage space without any gaps; stay dry even during rainy weather when accessing items from your car, a E-port allow you connection to power outlets to keep your devices charged.
  • SPACIOUS DESIGN: Sleeps up to 5 people comfortably, measuring 10' x 8' and provides over 7.1' of height, allowing you to stand easily; enjoy the convenience of 2 mesh storage bags inside for keeping the interior tidy
  • BONUS MOVIE SCREEN: Enhance your camping experience with the extra movie screen included; settle into the SUV tent and enjoy family movie nights with privacy and comfort
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Made with PU2000 waterproof coating and wearproof polyester taffeta cloth, this tent offers reliable protection from the elements; features 1 large door, a top mesh skylight, and 2 mesh windows for optimal ventilation and stargazing
  • COMPATIBILITY NOTE: This SUV tent is designed to fit a variety of vehicles, including CUVs, SUVs, Model Y, minivans, Jeep Wrangler Hard Top, or Pick-up Trucks with Bed Caps; please ensure your trunk dimensions (max heights: 59", max width: 69", max length: 57") match before purchasing; the tent can also function as a stand-alone unit when detached from the vehicle
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