TestMarket - New Offers to Score! Meoflaw Pillows for Sleeping (2-Pack) at Luxury Hotel Quality

New Offers to Score! Meoflaw Pillows for Sleeping (2-Pack) at Luxury Hotel Quality

Jan 15, 2024 08:04 am
New Offers to Score! Meoflaw Pillows for Sleeping (2-Pack) at Luxury Hotel Quality
Brand Name: Meoflaw
Category: Bed Pillows
Seller Name: Meoflaw direct
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 9006
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Seize the Opportunity to Sleep in Comfort with the Meoflaw Pillows for Sleeping (2-Pack)! These luxury hotel pillows are designed for side and back sleepers, making them perfect for Queen-size beds. Experience unrivaled comfort and support with this set of 2 pillows. Old Price: $39.99. New Price: $29.99. Save big on your purchase with a discount of $25.00. Discount percent: %. You'll be saving $10 while enjoying a restful night's sleep.

Title: Longest lasting pillow I’ve ever had
Content: I bought these pillows in 2020. 3 years of daily use later, I was quite depressed and spent upwards of 20 hours a day in bed for about six months. THEY STILL DIDN’T LOSE THEIR SHAPE. I have four of them that get regularly rotated, which helps, but still! They’re nice and supportive, but fluffy enough to still be comfortable. My only complaint about them is the thick black line along the sides. I have white sheets and you can absolutely see the line, and it’s not necessary. At least turn it white to match the rest of the pillow!
Title: The softest, best sleeping pillows I've yet to own.
Content: Having tried so many different pillow types, many that were billed as game changers that became flat and un-fluffable within a month or two, I'm very skeptical of claims where pillows are concerned. Buy sometimes price isn't indicative of quality. And that's the case with these. They arrived flat, packed with all the air sucked out them, like bags of freeze-dried coffee. They fluffed quickly though, and have turned out to be the plumpest pillows I've ever owned. Having used genuine down, various down alternatives, bamboo, copper, buckwheat, and who knows what was inside of some, this was my first memory foam pillow. Memory foam seems to be one of the fad products that companies think they can put into anything to make it sell, whether it's actually effective in that product or not. And I'm now pretty well convinced that using it in pillows was a very good idea. I don't know if it's entirely due to the pillows, but with these, I'm sleeping better than I have in years. I'm an all over sleeper, usually starting on my back, moving to one side or another an hour later, and eventually waking on my stomach, after tossing from side to side a few times during the night. I'm the type who can even work his way to his stomach when sleeping in a hammock or a recliner. I don't remember if I was ever able to make it through the night on my back when I was younger, but I almost did after a week or so with these pillows. I also have yet to wake up with a sore ear, due to sleeping on my side, unlike even the soft down pillows I've owned. The first night, it felt as if the back of my head almost sunk to the mattress. The pillows also didn't give me the support I'm used to for reading in bed. I feared I'd wasted 30 bucks. But then I was surprised at how long I stayed asleep that first night and even more amazed a week or so later when I awoke at 5am to discover I hadn't even turned once yet. I was still sleeping on my back! But with both pillows under my shoulders and head mind you, as I'd fallen asleep reading. For me that was quite surprising. And my nights have been some of the most restful I've had in years ever since. It's still hard to believe a pillow could make that much difference for someone who would still routinely fall into a deep sleep even on a hard concrete floor in his 20s and 30s. But, I'm confident these have made a significant difference. Another great thing is the complete absences of lumps or noticeable shifting of the filling. I don't use them without pillow cases, but they feel comfortable enough and well enough made to do so. It's only been a couple months, but if they're still this fluffy in a year as is claimed, I've found my new go-to pillows, or at least my pillow type, assuming the price hasn't inexplicably changed far exceeding reasonable rates of inflation in that time, as so many products on amazon do.
Title: Good product
Content: Pillow was comfortable and worth the purchase price.
Title: Pillow
Content: These pillows are light weight, they are fluffy and comfy. They are really soft and cool. It is good for a good nights rest. It supports my head and neck It feels like a luxury pillow. I definitely recommend
Title: Comfortable pillows!
Content: We had guests arriving and needed to order pillows. Very nice pillows and comfy
Title: Not firm or soft
Content: Fluffy until you lay your head on it then just flat , no head or neck support. Very dissatisfied with this product.

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  • Microfiber
  • [Pack of 2 queen size pillow]:20*29in;Cover:Premium microfiber;Filling:Poly Gel Fiber
  • [Double sided ultrasonic process]:Unique ultrasonic three-dimensional embossing, double-sided process and a blue piping that gives a posh look to the pillows and also enhances durability.
  • [Perfect balance between soft & support]:60% 2.5D high quality fiber + 40% 7D high quality fiber create the no-shift construction.Provides sufficient support while ensuring softness.
  • [Easy home care]:Bed pillows come with vacuum sealed,the premium filling makes pillows rebound in 5 seconds.Pillows are light and easy care, and can be cleaned frequently,just machine wash at 30°C.
  • [What we provide]:This pillow is suitable for side stomach & back sleeper,especially for side sleeper.
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