TestMarket - 🐶🛏️ Save Big on gogobunny Waterproof Dog Bed Cover - Limited-Time Offer! (82x82 Inch)

🐶🛏️ Save Big on gogobunny Waterproof Dog Bed Cover - Limited-Time Offer! (82x82 Inch)

May 20, 2024 09:17 am
🐶🛏️ Save Big on gogobunny Waterproof Dog Bed Cover - Limited-Time Offer! (82x82 Inch)
Brand Name: gogobunny
Category: Bed Covers
Seller Name: GOGO Bunny
Rating: 4.50
Total Rating Count: 7663
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Title: A Game-Changer for Pet Owners Who Travel
Content: I've recently incorporated the Gogobunny Double-Sided Waterproof Dog Bed Cover into my motorhome setup and home, and I couldn't be more satisfied. As someone who frequently camps with my dog, this cover has been a breakthrough in safeguarding my living spaces from pet messes, particularly within my motorhome. My initial purchase was to protect the benches in my motorhome from my dog's fur and dirt. The waterproof quality of the cover has been exceptional, keeping the benches spotless and moisture-free. Additionally, its durability is noteworthy, standing up admirably to the demands of outdoor life. What distinguishes this cover is its maintenance ease. Dealing with pet fur can often be challenging, but with this cover, fur removal is a breeze. This feature has been a significant time-saver for me, especially valuable after long outdoor excursions with my dog. Encouraged by its performance on benches, I got a larger version for my motorhome bed, and it's been equally fantastic. It fits perfectly, extending the same high level of protection as the smaller version. The way it repels and simplifies the removal of my Golden Retriever's fur has made it essential in my home. Cleaning this cover is also incredibly easy. Whether it's a quick shake or a thorough wash, the process is uncomplicated, and the cover maintains its quality and functionality afterwards. Considering its outstanding performance, I'm looking to get another one for my house. This product is more than just a bed cover; it's an all-encompassing solution for pet owners prioritizing cleanliness and convenience, at home or while traveling. The Gogobunny Double-Sided Waterproof Dog Bed Cover is an essential item for any pet owner, especially those who are on the move. It skillfully combines protective attributes with easy maintenance, making pet ownership more delightful and significantly tidier. An easy five-star rating from me!
Title: Great blanket. Pretty color
Content: I bought this in yellow for a gift for my sister. She has small dogs that sit with her on her couch. It fit perfectly and she absolutely loves it. I was concerned about whether this would be a nice fabric and color but the color is very pretty and the fabric is not stiff. I gave it 4 stars for easy to clean and durability only because she hasn't had it long enough yet to know for sure how this will hold up over time. It doesn't appear to be an issue, though.
Title: Great to protect furniture
Content: I have bought 3 of these as bed and furniture covers. I have 2 large pitties and they can be extremely hard on the bed and couches. (Yes,yes...they are our fur babies and allowed on the furniture). The grey color blends well with my furniture. They are a nice weight, not to thin or thick. They are holding up well. No pulls or tears due to their nails. They are waterproof, any liquid just beads up and rolls off. The best part is that they are also laundering well. I would definitely recommend.
Title: Life saver but I wish it was more durable.
Content: We have 3 dogs and the grass in our backyard could use some help right now. So between those two factors we were basically having to vacuum dirt our of our bed every night. Definitely one of the last things you want to do before finally getting into bed at the end of the day. So when I came across this I thought maybe having it over the bed throughout the day would keep some of the dirt out of the bed. According to my husband it is the best thing I've ever bought! It truly works wonders. Our dogs go in and out of the house multiple times a day and are in and out of the bed all day also. We keep this cover on from the time we get up in the morning until we go to bed and all the dirt collects on top of it. I bought under mattress straps to attach the bottom of the cover (other side clips to the fitted sheet at the top.) so at the end of the day we just flip it down off the bed, all the dirt hits the floor instead of our sheets, and it's easy to flip back up over the bed in the morning. Our robot vacuum comes to get the dirt off the floor and no one has to vacuum the bed!!! Seriously, seriously a game changer for us. The water resistance is an amazing feature too! Dirt + rain = mud. This has saved our sheets from muddy paws many a times! And because it's absorbent the mud dries to loose vacuumable dirt rather than stuck on mud that needs to be scrubbed or full out washed. The water proofing also allows us to let our dogs get on the bed when they're wet, which they love! Our boy likes to rub his body all over to try and dry off and we'd never let him do it on the bed, for obvious reasons, but now he can run and rub and be crazy to his hearts content and we still have a dry bed underneath. Our great dane gets cold coming out of the shower so she likes to lay in bed under blankets after, still a perfectly dry bed for us! The only downsides are the lack of durability and the secondary color. I bought the yellow cover and the lighter side is such an awful hospital yellow. It looks like a puppy pad. Would never have that side up. But the darker side is the color I really wanted so all is well just no changing shades for us. Now back to durability, or lack there of. We do have a tear or two in the main area of the cover. They aren't all the way through, just one layer. But like I said, we have 3 big dogs and they put this thing to the test so I'm not too upset about the little tears. I am however disappointed that the lining around the edge is ripping off already. We have it clipped under the bed and it's ripping right where the dogs jump on to the bed so I'm sure that's why but still disappointing. I would definitely buy again but would also consider trying another brand that might be a bit more durable.
Title: Good product
Content: Looks good, good price, water resistant and my dogs nail don't snag on it.. and washable!
Title: Use in my camper
Content: Very happy with these. I now have two of them. I use them in my camper van over my bed to keep everything clean and dry from my sometimes wet and messy dogs. Have washed them with no problem. they dry fast which is an added plus. They look nice and do the job for which I purchased them. May buy a third one as they come in different sizes. The dogs like them., they are comfortable, very light weight and when folded up don't take much room which is helpful in a small space. I have other waterproof bed covers I've tried over the years but I like these the best. I am not using them them in the house so have no comment on this. For my camper bed I just leave them at the foot of the bed when I'm sleeping, or if its cold I just leave them as a top layer over my blankets.

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  • 【100% WATERPROOF】 - This dog blanket has a excellent waterproof outer layer and a TPU waterproof membrane on the inner layer, which can achieve double waterproof protection. You can let your pet move on the blanket at will without worrying that it will be wet or dirty.
  • 【FURNITURE PROTECTOR】- This pet blanket is suitable for all kinds of furniture, especially your sofa and bed. It can protect your furniture from scratches, bite marks and saliva from your pets.
  • 【USED INDOOR & OUTDOOR】- This pet blanket can be used both indoor and outdoor. For instance, it is convenient for you to fold and carry it when traveling. You can also use it for picnic because it is waterproof and won't be wet.
  • 【SPECIAL DESIGN】- This blanket has a novel plaid pattern, which is very elegant. Additionally, both sides can be used and have different colors for each.
  • 【EASY CARE】- This blanket are machine washable at around 86℉. It is recommended to use mild detergent rather than bleach. BUY NOW!!
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