TestMarket - Limited-Time Specials: Olympos Turkish Beach Towel Set - Save 17% on 6-Piece Set!

Limited-Time Specials: Olympos Turkish Beach Towel Set - Save 17% on 6-Piece Set!

May 20, 2024 09:55 am
Limited-Time Specials: Olympos Turkish Beach Towel Set - Save 17% on 6-Piece Set!
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Title: Excellent towel - a few tips for washing
Content: Peshtemal towels have become my latest obsession. Amazon has so many brands, it's so difficult to choose what to buy and figure out what the difference between them, so I bought 3 different towels. 2 'diamond' patterned, 1 colorful striped pattern. A few things I noticed about this Hermes Gold Case towel in particular. 1. the 'white' parts, which is the stripe and the tassels are 'natural' beige, not white. I like that, it's definitely more organic looking. 2. the diamond pattern is slightly thicker than the normal striped weave. That would make it a bit more absorbent. This is a very slight difference, but it's also a bit softer because of it. I also bought a Gold Case striped towel, and the striped is about 1.5" longer. This means they used the same length thread, but accounts for the small thickness difference. 3. The packaging is very giftable. It comes rolled up, and tied with twine thread and a large organic paper label. Classy! I don't care what anyone says, Peshtemal towels are not nearly as absorbent as a washed terry towel, even after washing many times. The thinness of the fabric can tell you that. But sand doesn't stick to it like terry, it doesn't remotely weigh as much or take up as much space as terry for the same size, and it dries much faster. It's still not the fastest drying towel, linen towels are by far faster at wicking moisture and drying faster, because the thickest linen towel is still thinner than these. However, this is the perfect combo of portability, design, function, drying, and price. There's always a trade-off. After reading the reviews before buying, and seeing that the people unhappy with theirs complained about lack of absorbency, pilling and lint, I thought I'd give a few hints about washing these (and pretty much any towel) to get more life and use out of them. 1. Wash in cold water, dry in low to ultra low heat, and pull out when either damp or less dry. 2. Use Vinegar to wash in. 1 cup for full load, 1/2 a cup for 1/2 load, etc. AND NOTHING ELSE. Vinegar will remove oils, destroy odor, and remove any chemical residue, without removing dyes. Many fabrics are 'color set' at the factory with vinegar. 3. NO additives. NO detergent. NO bleach. NO fabric softener. NO dryer sheets. NOTHING. Just Vinegar. If you've used your towel to clean your car engine, or the tar on pavement, you will need detergent and spot treating before washing (and vinegar too). But for brand new towels, only vinegar. You will be amazed that no matter how bad the towel smelled before, the vinegar will take out the smell. Now water hardness may be an issue in your area. I have very hard alkali limescale water, so I tend to use the vinegar measures above, plus throw a handful of borax in for our hard water. If your water is acidic or neutral, you would use a bit less vinegar. The vinegar will cut the chemical treatment on the towel as well, and it's far more gentle, and natural, on the cotton than detergent. The dryer is what would cause pilling and lint. Don't fully dry the towel, pull it out before, and stretch it back a little bit. I noticed some lint, but actually very little. HOT dryers tend to wreck fabrics. While cotton is not a delicate fabric, it will shrink and pill if mishandled, especially in the first few washes. Unless you are in a huge hurry to get several loads done, it's always better for the fabric to dry on low than on high, and then pull out when damp, not dry, and hang til fully dry. I ran my towels through the washer/dryer twice, and they are gorgeous, new looking, fresh smelling and perfect. Try it and you'll see. Hope this helps!
Title: Absorbent, thin and compact when rolled or folded, beautiful colors
Content: I purchased the green tones set, and I absolutely love the colors, they’re just as advertised. Price: I did a bit of research around Amazon for similar products at a cheaper price, and these are cheaper per towel than any I’ve seen so far. To get 6 towels for under $65 wasn’t possible elsewhere. Space saving: check out the picture-that entire section was overwhelmed and literally stuffed with old beach towels. Whether I rolled or folded it didn’t matter: they were stuffed. Now check out how much space my closet shelf has back! I could fit another set and still have loads of room. I love it! Quality: No need to worry, if they are cheap for their type I am naive to it, but for me they’re amazing! They absorb quickly and easily and they’re soft to the touch and keep a wet toddler warm. Dry time: they dry quickly! The other night I went swimming at a family member’s pool and I had to hop out to help my children with something in the house. I dried off enough not to drip, hung it up on hooks outside, swam for another 30 minutes and it was dry enough to dry me off again. It may have actually been 20 minutes, I’m not sure. It was later in the day and the sun had begun to dip behind the horizon so it was warm but not roasting, I’m sure the temperature helped. Washing: I received no instructions on pre washing or soaking or anything, so I just used them straight out of the package and it was great! We swim a ton, so I usually let them hang dry and will wash them once every other week or sooner if they smell, and just have them hang dry. I have a nicer set for my bathroom and I had instructions to wash those normally, then run them on a cycle with no soap but a cup of vinegar. This makes my bathroom towels very soft and they don’t stink and clean well. I’m going to try that method with these and see if it keeps them soft and prevent pill build up too. All in all: BUY THESE! I have another set on my wishlist! My mother and in laws both have pools so we could always use more towels! :) If you buying these makes them run out though, don’t buy these until I get more ;)
Title: True Turkish Towels (not China)
Content: These are wonderful Turkish Towels. True Turkish Towels not from China. Soft, light weight, absorbent. LOVE these towels.
Title: Could be thicker
Content: I’ve used these for two 2 week long camping trips and they’ve been great. Absorbent enough and lightweight enough to dry quickly. I guess the trade off for being fast drying is that they’re very thin. Still quality, though. Just different.
Title: Best summer purchase I've made!
Content: We have 14 grandchildren and loads of sons, daughters and spouses. We live on a beautiful lake with a small private beach, electric pontoon, paddle boards and more. For years I've purchased beach towels in all colors, sizes and thicknesses. I thought I had it all together. But, after visiting a wonderful VRBO on St. John Island with family - I fell in love with these 100% Turkish towels. They are super absorbent and never get that "OMG too heavy" feeling. Better yet, these towels dry very quickly and get softer and softer with every wash and use! I'll never go back to the old fashioned terry beach towels. These turkish towels fold up (or roll up) very small and pack so lightly that they take up very little room in storage baskets, suitcases, backpacks or wherever! GREAT for grandkids to carry on their own. GREAT for parents and grandparents as they are large enough to cover us well. We love the colors!! So happy I decided to replace my heavy, old towels with these lightweight, yet super absorbent Turkish wonders!
Title: Nice big towels
Content: These are great, they take a couple washes to really soften up. They do shrink a lot though.

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  • TRUE TURKISH CRAFTSMANSHIP & QUALITY: Indulge in the authentic luxury of the Olympos Turkish beach towel set of 6, meticulously MADE IN TURKIYE. Crafted from 100% natural cotton, these bath towels stand as a testament to genuine quality and durability, ensuring they remain soft and absorbent for years to come.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The Turkish bath towels are pre-washed for enhanced softness and absorbency. They can be machine washed up to 100 F and tumble dried on low/medium heat or line dried. Avoid bleach for care. Optimal longevity of travel towel is achieved through line drying.
  • OEKO-TEX CERTIFIED ECO-FRIENDLINESS: Proudly certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, these pool towels are not only eco-friendly but also free of harmful chemicals. With every use, you contribute to a sustainable lifestyle while enjoying the softness and absorbency that only Turkish cotton can offer.
  • NO MORE DAMP DISCOMFORT: Our Turkish beach towels redefine convenience with their quick-dry feature. In mere minutes, these Turkish towels dry completely, leaving no room for moisture or unpleasant odors. Use a towel that dries before your swimsuit and easily shakes off the sand with a simple gesture.
  • EXTENDED HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: Unlike others, we believe in the longevity and quality of our quick dry towels for travel, offering an extended satisfaction guarantee of 60 days. Wash after wash, these quick dry beach towels for travel improve in softness and absorbency, ensuring a lasting indulgence.
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