TestMarket - Exclusive Promo: EYPINS Tesla USB Hub Charger for 2021-2023 Tesla Model 3/Y - Limited Time Offer!

Exclusive Promo: EYPINS Tesla USB Hub Charger for 2021-2023 Tesla Model 3/Y - Limited Time Offer!

Apr 07, 2024 05:06 am
Exclusive Promo: EYPINS Tesla USB Hub Charger for 2021-2023 Tesla Model 3/Y - Limited Time Offer!
Brand Name: EYPINS
Category: Battery Charging Units
Seller Name: eYpins-UK
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Limited-Time Promo: Don't Miss Out on the EYPINS Tesla USB Hub Charger compatible with 2021-2023 Tesla Model 3/Y. Grab yours before it's gone! Enjoy Extra Savings Today with a 23% discount, now only £19.99 (was £25.99). Save £6 on this automotive centre console adapter. Hurry, Limited Stock available!

Title: Handy device that give you multiple charging points
Content: The EYPINS USB Charger is a good quality, easy to fit docking station. It forms a nice neat fit with the original Tesla cover and looks great. It has two retractable USB-C cables built in and a USB-A and USB-C port available too. It's great for charging multiple devices and the price point is fair and reasonable.
Title: Makes USB charging easier in the front, a good aesthetic match
Content: The two USB-C ports in the front bucket of the Model Y’s centre console are so discreet that it did take me a while to work out they were there. They’re a smart piece of design, but arguably they’re hidden and quite hard to use. This hub makes the charging more prominent, and much more accessible. Functionally, it works absolutely fine. Each of the charging cables and ports on the one I received worked fine. You’re sharing the power from two USB-C sources, seemingly charging two ports each as far as I can tell, so you won’t get maximum charge out of three or more USB-C devices at the same time- but it’s really seamless and you can just plug in whatever you need without thinking about it. The extension cable runs long enough to reach the wireless charging pad, so if someone in the car has a non-QI-enabled phone, they can still plonk their phone on the charging pad and charge it through the wire. Because the dock is in the centre of the console, there’s no really neat place to put a device when it’s charging. The aesthetic when the cover is closed is really well done. The grey colour of the plastic is a spot-on match for the official Tesla interior plastics and it really does look seamless. Anyone familiar with Tesla interiors will spot an extra black stripe in the design but otherwise it’ll go completely unnoticed. The device also takes up relatively little of the front bucket space too, so there’s still plenty of front space available, for me to keep my spare drinks cup in and so on. The aesthetic when opened is a little bit less ‘Tesla-ish’, with the USB-A port, extensible cables and slight orange highlights not matching anything else in the car. But it’s reasonably subtle, and it’s completely forgivable because of how practical it turns out to be. Fitting the dock is nice and easy. The instructions are simple, and while the photos are a bit on the small side, they are reasonably clear and it’s very easy to do. As upgrades for a Model Y go, this one is definitely one to consider if you find yourself doing a lot of USB charging while driving, to make the most out of the front ports.
Title: Erster Eindruck gut
Content: Wesentlich aufgeräumter als die Kabel die sonst unten voll in den Raum stehen. Ich hatte sorge das Kabel oder Buchse irgendwann mal abbricht

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  • 【SUITABILITY OF TESLA MODELS】 EYPINS USB hub is specially designed for Tesla 3 and Y 2021-2023. Perfect embedded installation to match the color and curvature of the original car. And integrated into the bodywork. We offer you a better user experience.
  • 【PLUG AND PLAY】 EYPINS retractable hub docking station is easy to use. Conducive to plug-in charging and expansion functions, no more messy cables, increase the overall aesthetics. LED ambient light ring enhances the interior atmosphere. Made of Durable ABS Material, with excellent wear resistance, high impact strength, surface hardness & oil resistance, this accessory is Shock-absorbing, anti-collision, anti- scratch & easy to clean.
  • 【25W PD CHARGING】 4 ports are available. For example: Type-C port 1 (25W PD fast charging is supported), Type-C port 2 (Support data transmission and 7.5W charging function, 3A), Type-C port 3 (25W PD fast charging is supported), USB port A (Support 7.5W charging function, 3A). It is applicable smartphone, iPad, gamepad, Laptop, Macbook, digital camera, etc.
  • 【SUPPORTS MULTIPLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES】 EYPINS Tesla model 3 usb hub can charging your Bluetooth earphones , phone, tablet. it just fit For 2021/2022/2023 Tesla Model 3 /Model Y,Please check the center console before you get it.If your central console does not support data transmission,so the hub does not support data transmission.
  • 【HIGHER SECURITY】Independent intelligent chip, car grade circuitry, overload circuit protection, you don't need to worry about safety issues. Intelligent power distribution makes heat dissipation more reasonable.
  • 【EXTRA SERVICE】 In case of the existing two Type-C retractable cables. An additional two-metre Apple cable is given to provide you with more choices. With 12-Months Replacement Warranty.
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