TestMarket - Flash Sale Alert! TowerTop 2/10/25 Amp 12V Smart Car Battery Charger - Save 20% Off Now!

Flash Sale Alert! TowerTop 2/10/25 Amp 12V Smart Car Battery Charger - Save 20% Off Now!

May 20, 2024 11:48 am
Flash Sale Alert! TowerTop 2/10/25 Amp 12V Smart Car Battery Charger - Save 20% Off Now!
Brand Name: TowerTop
Category: Battery Chargers
Seller Name: TowerTop-US
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 6742
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Shop Now for the Lowest Prices on the TowerTop 2/10/25 Amp 12V Smart Car Battery Charger! Snag Your Discount and Save 20%! Fully Automatic Battery Maintainer with Engine Start, Auto Desulfator, Battery Repair, Winter Mode - Compatible with AGM, STD, Gel, Deep Cycle Batteries. Your Exclusive Discount Awaits - Act Fast and Grab Yours Before It's Gone!

Title: Great product
Content: The ease of operation and small size of charger. Works very well on charging battery
Title: Great Charger that I Recommend!
Content: I have had this charger for two years and it is my go to charger all the time. I do repairs on ATV's and SXS's. Almost every vehicle that comes in has battery problems. Recreation vehicles are used and then put away and then most of the time not touched until it's time to use them again. This charger has brought many of these batteries back to life that normally would need to be replaced. The recondition function does take quite a bit of time , but is well worth the results. The only down side is that the battery needs at least 3 volts for the charger to start working. If I have a battery under 3 volts, then I put an old manual charger on it for about 15 minutes. After that it will usually have enough voltage to let this charger start working. But that small inconvenience is worth what this charger can do. On a sad note, this charger recently blew up from my own fault. I was charging an ATV outside my shop while I was test riding another on my 22 acre property. Out of nowhere it started raining. I was to far away from the shop to get there quick enough to stop the charger from getting hit with the rain. I opened it up to dry it out and saw a burn mark on the plastic case where the water arced. I saw two burned resistors. I contacted Tower Top with the location of the burned resistors and asked them for the specs of the resistors so I could order replacements. They promptly answered back with just what I needed. Great Service from them! I have ordered the new resistors and hopefully that is all that was damaged and I can bring this unit back to life. In the mean time I have ordered the Pro Model which is above this model. It says it will work down to 1 volt in the battery. I am looking forward to the same great quality and service that I got out of the first charger. The only downside to this charger is the clamps. Sometimes the biting area is a little hard to make a connection in a confined area or on a smaller battery and the colored plastic clamp covers just clip onto the metal clamp and are not strong at all. They come off very easily. Just having the cable swing down while moving the unit and having them contact the floor, bench or anything can break off the tabs on the clamps plastic covers. This is the only area I can say needs improvement. But all the positives of this charger out weigh the weak plastic covers. I would highly recommend this charger. I will write a review of the Pro Model after I have some experience with it.
Title: Excellent Smart Car Battery Charger for the Garage
Content: I purchased this charger to replace my old charger that I had for 30 years. What a difference and upgrade to my tools for charging. Here are my observations. Pro: 1. [ Quick Charging] I love the 4-level adjustable current 2A/10A/25A/Auto setting. I can set the charger up to what I need whether I am charging a car battery, motorcycle battery, or tractor battery. 2. [ Fully-automatic Charging] The Auto setting is my favorite because I can setup and let it go. I would setup at the end of a night and let it go all night. It automatically shuts off and the battery is full charged. 3. [8-Stage Charging Program] The intelligent 8-stage charging works flawlessly in the auto setting. The best is the information it displays during the process. Works as stated. 4. [Engine Start & Winter Mode] I have used this mode twice. It provides 100Amps of charge. It helped my get my car started for work on a very cold morning. 5. [Overall performance] No complaints works as stated and meet my needs to dealing with all the batteries in the household. 6. [Price] Product is low price with high quality. Meets my expectations without breaking the bank. 7. [Durability] Case is well built and well mold to stand the dirt and grime of a typical garage. Cons: 1. [Case] A firm case would be nice for storage. Just using the box for storage. Could be an added item to improve the product. 2. [Screen] Screen is average quality for the product. Overall, I would rate this product as a 5 star. It meets my expectation of quaility, ease of use, value for the money and versatility. Excellent addition for normal household use.
Title: Nice product, minor issues
Content: I'm giving it 4 stars, because a few things bugged me about it. I bought this for my GF and her daughter. I did not do my normal research but this had a lot of high ratings so I bought it. Trying it out myself, some things surprised and aggravated me. It was extremely small and light, unlike other chargers I have. I assume this is because it's not a high amperage charger. The clips for attaching to the battery or other connection points are not copper. I'm no expert but pretty sure I've never seen a charger with non-copper clips/clamps. I assume the clamps are less conductive than copper, but is that a big deal here....probably not. The plastic protection on the clamps is so thick I could not clamp to the side-mount terminals on my truck battery. And yes, I know you should not connect directly to the battery, but I sometimes do. Had to connect elsewhere. I connected to my seldom-driven truck and the charger indicated the battery was at 60% charge. It charged for about a minute or two before I decided I needed to reposition the charger. When I reconnected the charger almost immediately, it indicated 100% charged, and would not start charging. I assume (like a lot of smart chargers) it was thrown off by the 2-minute surface charge (again, I am no expert). I could not get the charger to start charging again until I turned on the headlights to drain the battery a little, then reconnected the charger and all was fine. The charger showed this same peculiarity with other batteries. I should look at the instructions to determine if I need to do something different, but I've noticed when the charging is complete, the unit appears to shut off completely. Maybe it's a timing thing but when left charging all night, the charger appears dead the next morning; nothing on the display, which bothers me. It immediately shows 100% charged when you turn it back on. All in all, a great charger for my GF. It has the usual protections against reverse hookup and all that. The display continuously rolls through various status screens and is informative. Again, except for a little aggravation, I'd have given it 5 stars.
Title: This is a great product and easy to use
Content: fixed a BMW battery
Title: Removes lead sulfate from the plates and reconditions.
Content: Great charger with the reconditioning and sulfination features. I was going to get a charger that also checks the alternator but I believe I am further ahead with these other features.

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  • 【Quick Charger】Up to 25A quick charger, 4-Level adjustable current 2A/10A/25A/AUTO can meet your different needs. This 12V smart car battery charger, with 84% high efficiency (industry average: 75%), ideal for STD, AGM, Gel, Wet, MF, EFB, Deep Cycle batteries.
  • 【Fully-automatic Charging】Auto-identify and charging, auto-stop at 100% charging, auto-start in 30 seconds while you forget to press start, auto-restart to trickle maintain when the battery voltage drops. This battery charger can remember your previous settings, with no worry about AC power failure when connecting for a long time.
  • 【8-Stage Charging Program】Intelligent 8-Stage Charging include: Desulfation, Soft Start, Bulk Charge, Absorption, Analysis, Recondition, Float, and Pulse Maintenance. MCU controller monitor the whole charging progress, add charging precision, optimize battery power, and extend battery life.
  • 【Engine Start & Winter Mode】Engine start delivers 100A current helps activating your car battery to start your vehicle in 100 seconds. Winter Mode, +0.2v on the basis of the original charging voltage, better boosts your battery activity and charges more thoroughly in low-temperature situations.
  • 【Battery Repair】Advanced Recondition mode uses slow pulse reconditioner technology to detect battery sulfation and acid stratification to restore lost battery performance, help to repair old/idle batteries and extend battery life. If your battery cannot be charged, you can try "Recondition" mode to repair your battery, pls Note: It can not repair a totally dead battery.
  • 【Multi Safety Protection & ETL Certification】This battery charger offer multi protection against Spark,Reverse Polarity,Over Charge/Discharge,Over Voltage,Over Current,Overload,Overheat,Current Backflow,Short Circuit. Reliable cooling systems improve working performance. ETL certification makes it safe to use.
  • 【18-Month Warranty】18-month warranty for all TowerTop products. We have strong confidence in our products, hassle-free return or refund for any product quality issue. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply to you in 24 hours and give you a satisfactory solution.
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