TestMarket - Today Only! Get 10% Off on WEIZE 12V 50Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery - Limited-Time Promo

Today Only! Get 10% Off on WEIZE 12V 50Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery - Limited-Time Promo

Jan 14, 2024 05:53 pm
Today Only! Get 10% Off on WEIZE 12V 50Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery - Limited-Time Promo
Brand Name: WEIZE
Category: Batteries
Seller Name: Hykolity
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 1151
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Seize the opportunity to grab the hottest deal of the day! Shop now for the lowest prices on the WEIZE 12V 50Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery. With 8000 deep cycles and a built-in BMS, this Group 24 battery is perfect for RVs, solar panels, marine applications, overland/van setups, and off-grid systems. Don't miss out on this exclusive promotion to unlock your savings now! Get the battery for only $129.59 (old price: $143.99) and save $14.4. Hurry, sale ends tonight!

Title: Best possible battery for the price. Switched from AGM, big difference. Lighter, no power dropoff.
Content: I got the 100ah. Squeaks in to a group 27 box. In terms of quality for price this is the one. A youtuber cut one open and found that they use the cells usually found in more expensive batteries. If you're considering the switch from lead acid, I think it's worth it. But there are a few differences from lead acid that you need to know. Voltage dropoff works different than lead acid, which is why there's no dropoff in power when you're using it w a trolling motor. A drop of .1v=10% total capacity for mosty of the run time. The battery BMS automatically cuts off power at 10.8v which is about 8% of total capacity. What you think you know about battery voltage from using lead acid doesn't apply here. The only advantage AGM or regular deep cycle have over lifepo4 is their ability to rebound a bit after sitting for a while. But for power and weight alone, I'd never go back. Having consistent max thrust is pretty fantastic.
Title: Follow Instructions when they are given!
Content: We purchased two of these 100 AH batteries through Amazon from Powermall. We were making the upgrade for our RV from AGM to LiFePo4. While one battery arrived perfectly fine, and took a charge immediately, the other one arrived bricked and stayed that way. It registered 11.7 volts but would not accept a charge nor would it discharge. We followed all the guidance in the instructions for trying to revive the battery, but nothing worked. Using the Amazon website to send a message to Powermall about our troubles with the battery, they immediately issued a return label for the battery. We sent the battery back using the return label - they then asked if wanted a refund or a replacement. We chose replacement and had a new battery in no time at all. The replacement battery took a charge and is now installed with the other battery in our RV - functioning perfectly. At no extra cost at all, just a little bit of time and a trip to the FedEx center. This rating is for Powermall more than the battery. The batteries have been in use for less than a month, but they are working exactly as expected. If there are any updates, I will post them here. Advice for purchasing LiFePO4 batteries: Upon receiving the battery, use a LiFePO4 charger (not LA charger) to charge before use. Do not put into service for a least an hour after removing from charger. If planning parallel installation, balance the battery bank for 24 hrs prior to putting into service. Watch for swelling during the first day or so after putting into service. Follow the seller's instructions if you have a problem with the battery, it was a painless experience for us. Life is never perfect, accept this and move on.
Title: Descent battery, light with good capacity.
Content: Bought this for small projects. It has the same capacity as a Red Top Optima battery, but at 1/3rd the weight and double the useful capacity. The BMS got tested and worked well when a charge controller failed and tried driving the battery to 18 volts, so I was thankful for that.
Title: Amazing bang for your buck.
Content: I got a screaming deal on this battery and it meets my needs. I can't speak to longevity or durability since those would be judged by how long and well it works and hopefully by the time it's used up, I will have forgotten where it came from. I can say it's built well and seems to be a quality product. It discharges and charges well, as a battery should.
Title: Worked fantastic right out of box in 5th Wheel RV
Content: This battery replaced two deep cycle lead acid units. The lead acid were name brand and lasted 4 year until one almost caught fire! I yanked them out and went with this 100 amp-hour 12v. Pros: Half the weight of a lead acid full 100 amp capacity is useable (lead acid batts can only use 50% or so before having issues) Voltage remains constant throughout capacity charge controller is automatic and built-in Terminals seem right size for this application has carry strap included very fast charge recovery (easily twice as fast as a lead acid) Safe LIFePo4 chemestry vs lithium-Ion Cons: I ahvent found much to complain about here, but if you are replacing a lead acid you might need to adjust the charging source or use a dedicated charge controller as these like a bit higher voltage to charge than some sources provide (up to 14.4 volts) I would love to see a blutooth option to see the battery controller info After replacing two parallel lead acid batts, the slides all operate a littel faster due to the great ability of this batery to keep voltage higher under load. We also have a 1500-watt inverter to run the full size refrigerator, and it handles the new battery great! You do get a lower maximum continuous amp rating of 100 amps vs up to 300 with lead acid, so this battery type is not a good choice for starting larger engines. I will certainly buy again!
Title: 13 months now
Content: Great battery. Do your research. Not for starting. Only use lifop4 Charger.

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  • 10 YEAR WARRANTY from Weize, a leading battery brand on Amazon
  • BUILT TO LAST with 2,000+ cycles at 100% depth of discharge, outlasting lead-acid batteries 5+ times
  • AUTOMATIC BMS protects battery from overcharge, discharge, short circuiting for safety and performance
  • LIGHTWEIGHT at 1/2 the weight of lead-acid batteries, versatile for fish finders, solar, scooters, and more
  • SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY lithium iron phosphate chemistry, no risk of fire or leakage
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