TestMarket - Limited Time Offer! Weize Platinum AGM Battery BCI Group 48-12v 70ah H6 Size 48 Automotive Battery, 120RC, 760CCA, 36 Months Warranty - Only $123.17!

Limited Time Offer! Weize Platinum AGM Battery BCI Group 48-12v 70ah H6 Size 48 Automotive Battery, 120RC, 760CCA, 36 Months Warranty - Only $123.17!

May 20, 2024 10:35 am
Limited Time Offer! Weize Platinum AGM Battery BCI Group 48-12v 70ah H6 Size 48 Automotive Battery, 120RC, 760CCA, 36 Months Warranty - Only $123.17!
Brand Name: WEIZE
Category: Batteries
Seller Name: Hykolity
Rating: 4.60
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Title: Well priced battery
Content: Needed a new battery for 2019 VW Jetta; would not start without a jump. Saw this battery on Amazon with very good reviews and a low discounted price, and decided to buy one and change the battery myself. Watched video on how to DIY. Battery was received in a couple of days in a well packaged, styrofoam protected box. Battery was new and a perfect fit for the old Jetta battery; did need a bit of an effort to push or slide the battery into the battery holder, but after it went in, bracket and screw fit perfectly. Now, the car starts with any problems. Don’t know how long the battery will last but so far so good.
Title: 94R car battery
Content: I love the battery. Size fits well in place of my original (2016 Charger). After week one working well. I did contact seller though as battery was delivered by UPS and by time I got home I discovered they had left it standing on its end (despite clear up arrow markings on box). I notified seller as I put battery on my Optima charger overnight but it wouldn't go passed 75%. Seller stated that battery should be OK so long as was left in correct upright position overnight which it was. Time will tell I guess. Price was definitely excellent though as opposed to comparable others available on market. This battery was direct fit with vent hole for tubing in vehicle to vent gasses. Giving 4 stars only because too early to determine longevity. Weight seems comparable to my original.
Title: Great replacement battery.
Content: Physically this AGM battery is not as large as the standard lead-acid liquid battery it replaced in my Volvo XC70, but it has more cold cranking power and the same AH as the car's original battery from Volvo. So - smaller size, less weight, but more powerful. It came charged to 12.7V, which is 60% of it's full charge according to my battery charger. It had plenty of power to start the car and I'm sure it will be fully charged in a few days of errands. It came very well boxed and arrived two days early. It was a great buy at $155, but I missed a sale at $124 by one day. I'm not complaining, but check CamelCamelCamel to see how often it goes on sale and if you can wait. It has been going on sale every few weeks for a long while. It had a lifting handle that made installation easy, So start to finish it took 15 minutes to replace my old battery, which I will take to a local shop for disposal. I'm very happy with the battery and recommend this company and battery. Edit: I mentioned to the seller that I had missed the sale by one day and they gave me a $15 refund. They did not have to do that. This is a good seller. +++
Title: Great replacement for a 2020 Kia Telluride
Content: Fit perfectly and had same/ slightly better specs than the OEM kia battery, Best price online and in town. So far the battery is working great, came packed super well in a box with foam cover and looks to be well made and quality parts and finish. Fit perfectly in battery slot and the kia battery cover fit it perfectly. My car auto engine start and stop to save gas also started working again after 2 years of not working after changing the battery. A+++
Title: Good product
Content: Fix and works Fine..
Title: One of the Best Battery, Similar to OEM BMW Bosch Battery
Content: Weize Platinum AGM Battery BCI Group 49-12v is FOR MY 2006 BMW 750li. I had duracell and AC DELCO before the Weize. Duracell and AC delco were placed on my 10 amp battery charger plus trickel charger. These 2 took 2 days to be fully charged when they were delivered to me as a new. Oviously, these battery were set on the merchant's shelves for 6 months or more to deplete cell energy. Duracell and AC DElco each went bad after 3 years of usage in my BMW. They only hold 40 percent charge now, even after connected to a new fresh battery and charged the new battery to transfer cell energy to revive, but failed. Weize was delivered and I placed it on an 10 amp trickel charger. The battery was fully charged in 5 min. This tells me that Weize is selling new fresh batteries not like others who are selling 6-12 month shelf left over batteries. I have no complain about this battery. Price was very low and I was skeptical about it at first, but I was wrong. I will buy another one for my daughter's car. Thanks WEIZE, I'm your fan now!

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  • With a 70AH capacity and 760 cold cranking amps (CCA). Provides reliable performance and long service life, Up to 2 times the cycle life of conventional batteries. If your car's original battery is an AGM type, you must continue using an AGM battery, as your car will not accept a "downgrade" to a flooded battery. Nominal Voltage:12V. Charging Voltage:14.4~15.0V. Acceptable Charging Current:0~21A. Operating Temperature Range: -22°F~158°F. Terminal: Tapered terminal (Left: negative(-) ,Right : positive (+) ). D mensions: 6.89" x 10.94" x 7.48".
  • Heat / Cold Resistance: The materials used in the construction of AGM batteries (such as glass fiber mats and specialized separators) have better heat resistance. This allows AGM batteries to maintain their performance and capacity even in the hottest climates, They are also more resistant to extreme temperatures, making them ideal for hot or cold regions.
  • Low Self-Discharge: AGM batteries have lower self-discharge rates compared to flooded batteries. Self-discharge refers to the loss of capacity that batteries experience over time when not in use. In hot climates, when the battery may need to be stored for extended periods or not frequently used, AGM batteries can better maintain charge, providing higher voltage output and easier engine start-up in any climate.
  • Enhanced Safety: AGM batteries have a lower risk of acid leaks and spills compared to flooded batteries. This is because the acid is absorbed and held within the glass fiber mats, reducing the risk of corrosion or damage to surrounding components,this makes AGM batteries more durable and long-lasting, is also two to three times longer than flooded batteries. AGM batteries also have a lower risk of explosion and are safer to handle, making them ideal for high-performance vehicles.
  • Versatility: AGM batteries are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including luxury cars, high-performance vehicles, and stop-start vehicles. They can handle higher electrical accessory loads and are able to provide reliable power for advanced fuel-saving technologies like stop/start and regenerative braking. AGM batteries are also suitable for off-road vehicles and marine applications due to their vibration resistance and sealed construction.
  • 3-year warranty:We aim for quality followed up with quality customer service. Size, cold cranking amps,terminal location,and battery type are key pieces to getting the right unit. please measure your old battery and compare the dimensions with this battery,if the measurements are the same,positive and negative poles are consistent,CCA is no big difference,and it will fit your vehicle.
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