TestMarket - Discover Exciting Discounts on Weize Lithium YTX30L-BS Motorcycle Battery - Save 10% Today!

Discover Exciting Discounts on Weize Lithium YTX30L-BS Motorcycle Battery - Save 10% Today!

May 20, 2024 09:23 am
Discover Exciting Discounts on Weize Lithium YTX30L-BS Motorcycle Battery - Save 10% Today!
Brand Name: WEIZE
Category: Batteries
Seller Name: Powermall
Rating: 4.30
Total Rating Count: 35363
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Seize the Opportunity to Upgrade Your Motorcycle Battery with the Weize Lithium YTX30L-BS at an Exclusive Discounted Price of 134.99$. Don't Miss Your Chance to Save 15$ on this High Performance 12V 10AH Battery. Hurry, Limited Stock Available! Shop Now and Enjoy Extra Savings Today.

Title: Cheap, fits and works.
Content: Hope lasts a year or 2 then well worth the low cost
Title: Working fine so far
Content: The battery on my motorcycle died after a few too many deep discharges and extended cranking. It wouldn't hold a charge no matter what I did, and even desulfating it didn't help. It had lived its life and was now in the great beyond. If you've ever tried to buy a motorcycle battery, you know that the size designations are not always as well laid out as they are for cars. A bunch of fitment guides gave me conflicting info, and even Amazon's parts guide didn't show me all of the available batteries. Such is life when you own an old bike. I cross-referenced the number on my old battery (Yuasa YB14L-B2) to this battery. The price for this AGM battery was lower than I could find for a replacement Yuasa SLA (sealed lead acid, IE wet) battery, and WAY lower than just about anything from a local parts store. I double-checked the dimensions, crossed my fingers, and ordered it. As soon as the battery arrived, I put a battery tender/maintainer on it. I didn't know when I'd be able to install it and I didn't want a dead battery when I finally got around to it. The battery registered as fully charged on my tender. A voltage check of the terminals showed 12.6V, which also correlates to 100% charge. So far so good. I installed the battery about a week later. Installation was easy and all the included hardware (metric machine screws and square nuts) worked fine. I greased the terminals to keep corrosion at bay, hit the key, and the bike cranked and eventually started. The starter spun with no problems at all. I've put a little less than 200 miles on the bike in the last week or so and the battery has worked fine. Both cold and hot starts have been effortless. I keep the battery on a tender for peace of mind but I don't think I need to unless I'm storing the bike for the winter. We'll see how long it lasts-- bike batteries lead short, brutal lives because of the vibration, but AGMs are supposed to combat this. Time will tell. As of right now, this battery has been a good choice.
Title: The YTX14AHL-BS fit my Gen 1 KLR-650 just fine
Content: Had to replace a Yuasa that was starting to not take a charge. Make sure you understand the "L" suffix on the battery, it means the positive and negative terminals are on the reverse sides compared to normal. The fit was tight, just like the other YTX14AHL that was in there. One issue I had is the little nuts that go inside the terminals will just fall out if there's any angle (such as the bike being on it's kickstand). I put a small slice of rubber fuel line/vaccum hose underneath the nut and it held it in place. (I just needed half of the hose, so it was U shaped) It starts up right away, no issues so far. Update: while I bought the YTX14AHL, I was offered to review the Weize Lithium YTX30L-BS as part of Amazon Vine. The YTX30L of course does not fit the KLR 650. It's much lighter and has a lot of power, I'm going to use it in my go kart. The terminals on the lithium one are brass, and build quality seems good.
Title: Poor Service - Update!
Content: I cannot review the battery completely. When the battery arrived, it was covered in liquid (acid I assume). The label came off and the bolt/nuts inside were corroded beyond use. I attempted to contact Weize multiple times using both email and phone calls and received no reply. To Amazon's credit, they did contact me to see if Weize was working with me. I cannot risk putting the battery in my bike so I will purchase from someone else. They may make a good product - can't say, but the customer service is poor. UPDATE: Weize contacted me after my review. They apparently did reply to my email. They are replacing the battery for me. I do appreciate them following up and will give a real review of the battery down the road. UPDATE: My battery showed up in perfect condition and fully charged. I appreciate Weize for following up and I will provide a performance review later.
Title: Very Reasonable on Price
Content: I liked the fact it is an AGM battery $15 dollars cheaper than I could get a lead acid battery. Checked volts when it came and it was fully charged and ready to go! Time will tell on the quality of it.
Title: 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, start stop perfect replacement
Content: My wife Pacifica auto start stop was not working, removed old battery installed this battery and working like a charm !! 100% recommend this battery if you Pacifica is having same issue. Thanks to the guy with previous review who had same issue with Pacifica.

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  • Product Dimensions: (L) 6.54 inch x (W) 4.96 inch x (H) 6.89 inch, Item Weight: 7.66 Pounds, M6 Terminal: - + ; 700 CCA. Charge temperature:-20℃~+45℃/Discharge temperature -20℃~+60℃ ; Size, cold cranking amps, terminal location, and battery type are vital pieces to getting the right unit. please measure your old battery and compare the dimensions with this battery, if the measurements are the same, positive and negative poles are consistent, CCA is no big difference, and it will fit your vehicle. Terminal: Left : Negative (-), Right: Positive (+).
  • BUILT TO LAST : Our 12V 10Ah LiFePO4 Batteries are designed for durability, with 500+ amps, 50,000+ starts, and 2,000 charge cycles. This means our battery will provide exceptional performance for longer periods compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Simply put, it's 2X more power, 10X more starts.
  • SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY : Made from 100% safe and non-toxic materials, our LiFePO4 battery is environmentally friendly and offers higher chemical stability. No sulfation, Requires no activation, no acid, no maintenance, and no water needed. It comes fully charged and ready to install. It will not overheat or catch on fire, even if punctured, making it a safe choice.
  • AUTOMATIC BMS AND MAINTENANCE-FREE : The built-in Battery Management System (BMS) protects your battery from Over Charge and Discharge, Over Current, and Short Circuiting, as well as Low and High temperatures for increased performance and longer life. The BMS will automatically cut off the battery and the voltage will drop below 1V. Only when the circuit is cut off, the battery will automatically reactivate after 1 second(No longer need a higher voltage input to activate).
  • We aim for quality followed up with quality customer service, Amazon doesn't deal with the return of battery-related products, so please get in touch with the seller directly. The Weize support team is on standby for YOU.
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