TestMarket - 🚿 Unlock Savings: 18% Off Patented Anti Slip Shower Stickers 24 PCS with Premium Scraper

🚿 Unlock Savings: 18% Off Patented Anti Slip Shower Stickers 24 PCS with Premium Scraper

Apr 07, 2024 10:24 am
🚿 Unlock Savings: 18% Off Patented Anti Slip Shower Stickers 24 PCS with Premium Scraper
Brand Name: Secopad
Category: Bathtub Appliques
Seller Name: Secopad
Rating: 4.40
Total Rating Count: 17974
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Welcome to exclusive savings on our patented anti-slip shower stickers! Get 18% off the original price of $16.99 and grab yours for only $13.99. Save $3 on this essential safety product for your bathtub, shower, stairs, ladders, or boats. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer - act fast and shop now!

Title: Great product - Had for a year
Content: Bought the Secopad anti-slip shower stickers a year ago and installed. They came exactly as described, were easy to install with the included application tool - stuck great and are barely visible. I only used about half of them and was able to cover enough where my foot would always be on at least part of one. They feel good, give great grip, dirt and hair just naturally washes past them with the flow of the shower. And the best part is that a year later they are right where I put them - none have moved or come unstuck at all. Great product that delivers as described.
Title: Easy to apply — very gratifying!
Content: Great quality; you can make a "mistake" when applying and easily peel off for a quick reposition. Makes a world of a difference on any surface as your feet grip the decals nicely. My walk-in shower feels much safer now — no more slipping and sliding around. A great value too!
Title: Great for shower, not for bath
Content: I have to say this product is great! The design is great, it was very easy to install and stayed on well. HOWEVER- I bought these because we have a bathtub that is extremely slippery and I thought it would be helpful to my small boys who take baths almost every night. These are NOT for a household that has young children or takes frequent baths. These grips are very pokey to sensitive skin and create a very uncomfortable bath time. Great product for a shower, just not for what I need. Hopefully that can help someone who is in the same situation as I am. That being said, I was able to remove them fairly easily and they were only one for just over 24 hours.
Title: EXCENT!! I installed on my walk in bathtub !!
Content: Excellent product I installed it in my walk-in bathtub to keep from falling and I also installed it on my floor along with the other package I purchased I’ve purchased the shells along with the waves. It looks like I have clear ocean in my tub and floor. It’s lovely and it’s safe. I recommend this highly it comes with the tool to install and also if you have to move it which I had to do that one or two times shows you how to in the instructions how to lift it up and put it back it is an excellent product. I hope it less as long as the product I used in my other bathroom that lasted over 30 years. well worth the money.
Title: No more slipping baby!
Content: We have a little one who hates bath time, but loves being in the shower with us. She is walking now and was slipping in the tub so we got a plastic suction bottom, which was getting nasty and moldy (even with proper care). These are definitely the solution. We've had them in for a few weeks now and I'm really happy. The baby isn't slipping anymore and no more moldy plastic. One package covered half of our tub with minimal spacing ( I used one strip as a spacer between each one) I did have to put about 2.5 across at the widest part of out tub, which means I had to cut one. The sharp, cut corner of one of these is already peeling. With all that being said, I am happy enough with them that I did order a second set to finish the other half of the tub.
Title: Not thick or rough enough, tub still slippery
Content: I recently had my bathtub refinished and it became very slippery. I bought these anti-slip stickers because I liked the fact that they are clear. They were easy to place and have good adhesion. The problem is that they are not thick enough or not rough enough. I still feel like I can slip and fall in the shower. The company that refinished my tub told me not to remove the stickers so now I have to buy a different kind and add those too :-/

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  • ★Your bathtub / shower / stairs / ladders and boats should be a haven of security, not a slippery accident waiting to happen. To solve this potential dangerous situation, we supply new products to provide anti-skid surfaces. The nonslip bathtub stickers strips set works the same way a tub mat does only that it's easier to set up. It's also lighter and easier to maintain. These stickers work on all kinds of slippery surfaces for the whole family.
  • ★Design Principle. Each strips can easily stick to the surface of bathtub using special ecological glue. The upper surface comes with approximately hundreds tiny protrusions per piece to increase friction. At the same time, this design is meant to allow water to flow freely further reducing the chances of soapy water accumulating.
  • ★Advantages. These stickers are designed to stick firmly on smooth surfaces offering a strong adhesion and a great grip. This, further, provides you with a long-lasting slip and fall protection. The special glue used for these stickers can easily be removed without leaving any residue behind. And to top it all up, the stickers are non-toxic, fade-free, safe, and convenient to use.
  • ★The package comprises 24 pieces (0.8”x7.9”) of clear stickers alongside 1 high-quality silicone scraper. Ideally, the 24 stickers can occupy most of the surface of bathtub thereby reducing the risk of accidental slips. On top of that, you can even use these stickers on the stairs to make them much more secure.
  • ★Service. 1 YEAR NO REASON RETURN SERVICE. This ensures that you bath safely, and helps to prevent accidental slips and falls. If you are not 100% satisfied, send us a message and we will make a refund.
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